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Dreams About Natural Disaster – Meaning and Interpretation

Natural disasters are catastrophic events with atmospheric, geological, and hydrological origins. They are extreme and sudden, and often cause property damage, fatalities, and social-environmental disruption. Research shows that over the past decade, natural disasters have been increasing in recurrence and severity. 300 natural disasters occur in a year around the world affecting millions of people.

These same nature’s uncontrollable forces often weave their way into people’s dreams creating extremely vivid nightmares that will quite forcefully rattle you out of your sleep and remain with you for some time in your waking life. Such dreams usually resonate deeply with your psyche and could also serve as a warning. Let’s take a look at what it means when you dream about natural disasters.

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Natural Disaster Dream – Overview

Bushfire natural disaster

When we dream of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, hurricanes, and tornados, can represent our state of mind in our waking realities. Generally, such dreams signify some form of upheaval in our lives. It can be an indicator of great change and transformation occurring in your day-to-day life.

These dreams can also indicate aspects of your emotions. For instance, dreaming about dark clouds can be indicative of your mood or turmoil, while rain represents the release of tension. Thunderstorms are a reflection of the storm in your heart while the sun is indicative of joy and optimism.

However, sometimes these dreams can be inspired by current events. If you have been watching the news about a natural disaster that’s currently occurring, then it wouldn’t be surprising that you end up dreaming about this event. In such instances, your subconscious is simply reliving events from your waking reality and the dream may not have any deeper implications.

Sometimes, such dreams serve as precognitive dreams – meaning that they foretell some impending doom. Many reports seeing dreams of natural disasters prior to the actual event.

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Dreams About Natural Disasters


Dreams About Hurricanes

The effects of hurricanes include an intense tropical storm that is accompanied by torrential rain and devastatingly strong winds. For those who live in areas that frequently get hurricanes, a dream about one could simply mean that you are afraid that one may be close in coming or will affect you greatly.

However, in general, dreams about hurricanes mean that you have experienced a messy situation that has the potential to destroy what you hold dear, and/or you are experiencing great emotional upheaval. You, therefore, need to slow down and calm your nerves before resolving the situation.

Dreams About Tornadoes

Tornadoes are arguably the most dangerous storms on earth. They present themselves as a spiraling column of air with violent rotation and are known to destroy everything in their path. With this knowledge, dreaming about a tornado can be extremely frightening. They represent an internal or external destructive force that will bring with it fear, emotional turmoil, loss, and destruction.

Tornado dreams serve as a forewarning or a response to an event that will threaten everything you know or plan for. On the positive side, they could mean that you will face a strong circumstance that you can’t control, and one which will rock you, but it will also change your life for the better.

Dreams About Tsunamis

Tsunami dreams represent the emotions hidden in the subconscious forcing their way up into the conscious. Just like strong waves rise out of the sea engulfing those around, repressed emotions, painful pasts, and childhood traumas rise bringing with them an overwhelming amount of grief.

Dreams about tsunamis tend to be recurrent and painful. If you find yourself suffering from this, the only solution is to address the repressed feelings and calm your subconscious.

Dreams About Earthquakes


Dreams about earthquakes come with three different but closely related meanings.

Firstly, they could be a result of a situation the waking life that has shaken your life without leaving room for control.

Secondly, they could be forewarning you of an event that will bring you great instability, or that you are set to receive bad news. 

Thirdly, just like real earthquakes begin at a fault line (rapture surface), dreams about them could be alerting you to a fault that if not corrected or filled, will bring catastrophic consequences.

Dreams About Floods

A flood can be described as an enormous amount of water that is flowing beyond the normal limits and especially if it’s flowing over dry land, and into people’s houses and cities. Since the force of floods is usually out of control, it’s indicative of emotions that are so out of control that they can potentially destroy you.

If you dream that your house is flooded, the house is said to represent your psyche while the water represents the overflowing emotions. The meaning can also vary depending on the specific room your dream is centered on. For instance, if it’s in the kitchen, it means that you have a lot of grief and sorrow in your heart, and if it’s in your living room it means that the emotional turmoil involves your friends and family. 

Additionally, floods in the bedroom indicate strong emotional turmoil concerning your romantic relationship, while floods in the bathroom indicate that you are carrying a lot of sadness that you are having problems releasing. On the positive side, walking through a storm means that you are finally navigating difficult emotions.

Dreaming About Volcanos

Volcanos are known to erupt with vigor causing an overflow of hot larva that burns and destructs. When you dream of one, it’s an indication that you have pent-up anger that is about to erupt. It could also mean that someone close to you has lost their cool and the hot overflow will affect you.

Dreaming About Cosmological Events

Events like comets and meteor showers in dreams are signs of a new dawn. They appear to tell you that your soul has transformed and that the stars have aligned for your benefit.

Dreaming About the End of The World

Dreams about the end of the world are a way of your subconscious processing the end of something in your life. It could be the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, or the death of a loved one. On the flip side, it could also mean the end of an era to pave way for a new better one.

Wildfire Dream Meaning

The meaning of wildfire dreams is twofold. It could indicate wild uncontrolled anger. But it can also indicate a cleansing process. Just like the fire burns everything to the ground paving way for new life, a metaphoric fire can burn the essence of your being creating way for a better, stronger you.

Dreams About Avalanches


Avalanches are big masses of ice and snow that sometimes break and fall causing a scene that is beautiful to watch from afar, but one that you would not dare come close to. They represent emotions that are well concealed from an exterior perspective while they are silently hurting you on the inside. These dreams come to warn you that if not dealt with, these emotions have the capability to break you down and destroy you.

Dreams About Droughts

Drought is the absence of water, an element that is essential for our survival. Drought dreams are indicative of something important lacking in your life. The most common thirst indicated by these dreams is the thirst for physical, emotional, and spiritual rejuvenation.

In Brief

Dreams revolving around natural disasters are a way for your subconscious to try and decode heavy emotions that you have not been able to process. If you find yourself getting these dreams, you may need to create time and space to address these emotions before they overwhelm you.

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