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October Birth Flowers: Marigold and Cosmos

October is a beautiful month, filled with the colors of fall and the crispness of the air. It’s also a special month for those who are celebrating their ...

September Birth Flowers: Aster and Morning Glory

September is a time of transition, as summer fades into fall and the colors of the landscape begin to change. It's also a month that is symbolized by two ...

August Birth Flowers: Gladiolus and Poppy

Summer may be winding down, but the beauty of nature continues to thrive with the arrival of August. And what better way to celebrate the month of August ...

June Birth Flowers: Rose and Honeysuckle

As they peak in the sixth month of the year, it’s no surprise that the rose and the honeysuckle are the official birth flowers of June. Both blooms have ...

February Birth Flowers – Everything You Need to Know

Here comes the month of love with its elation, dainty blooms, and the very dependable February babies. While most flowers aren't available in February, ...

Lavender – Meaning and Symbolism

Lavender is a household name across cultures. It’s almost impossible to visit any store or shopping mart and fail to encounter lavender in some form. While ...

April Birth Flowers – Daisy and Sweet Pea

Daisy and sweet peas are two popular birth flowers for the month of April. Daisy is a bright and cheerful flower. It’s often depicted in art and literature ...

December Birth Flowers – Holly and Narcissus

Holly and narcissus are both birth flowers for the month of December. Holly is an evergreen shrub that is often used as a decorative element during the ...

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? (And What the Bible Says)

Every 31st of October comes with plenty of excitement as the stores line up with costumes and candy sales go up to their potential maximum. The annual ...

What Do Grasshoppers Symbolize? This Might Surprise You!

Grasshoppers are known for their beautiful colors and characteristics. They’re among the oldest insects, dating back to around 250 million years ago. These ...

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