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Whale Dream – Scenarios and Interpretations

A dream of whales is connected to feelings and emotions and conveys several meanings pertaining to your family life and relationships with people. In ...

Dream of a Crocodile? Here’s What It May Mean

Crocodiles are large, carnivorous reptiles, usually associated with tropical areas. They instil terror into the hearts of people who encounter them mainly ...

Mattress Dreams – Scenarios and Possible Interpretations

After a tiring day, getting a hug from your mattress is quite a temptation. The sense of secured comfort is undeniable. Mattresses have been part of our ...

What Is Intuition and How Do You Develop It?

Have you ever been in a situation that doesn’t seem right? For instance, you walk into a room and all of the sudden a looming feeling begins yanking at your ...

Dreamt of An Axe? Here’s What It Could Mean

The axe is one of humanity’s oldest weapons, with stone-age hand axes dating back around 1.5 million years! As such, there is something primitive, brutal, ...

11 Types of Dreams

There are many types of dreams that a person can have, whether it’s while sleeping or waking. In this article, let’s take a look at 11 types of dreams. ...

Dreams About Broken Glass – Possible Meanings

Dreams are typically a reflection of your daily life. As such, dreaming about a broken glass may indicate that there is something broken in your life, and ...

Dreaming about a Wedding – What Does It Mean?

If your wedding is around the corner, dreaming about a wedding is extremely common. This is mostly because when you’re busy planning your wedding, your ...

Dreaming About Trees – Interpretations and Common Scenarios

Trees, although believed to be positive symbols, can hold underlying negative meanings. They can represent many things such as desire, knowledge, growth, ...

Dreams about High School – Symbolism and Meaning 

For many people, high school is or was an awkward time in life. Even long after you leave, reminiscing about those days can always take you back to how ...

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