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Ikebana – The Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement

It’s safe to say that Japanese culture has made its way around the globe. From manga and anime to origami to their delicious gastronomy, there’s a lot of ...

The Sigil of Baphomet – Symbolism and Meaning

Throughout history, religions have been using a variety of symbols and imagery to represent both good and evil. Today, the Sigil of Baphomet is one of the ...

9 Healing Crystals to Soothe Your Emotions

Nowadays, most people live high-stress lives, and usually have little time to destress and relax. So naturally, it’s completely normal to feel anxious or ...

Palm Sunday – Origins, Symbolism, and Importance

One of the most popular Christian holidays is Palm Sunday. This holiday happens once a year on a Sunday, and it commemorates the final appearance of Jesus ...

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) – Symbolism and Customs

Judaism is a religion that has around twenty-five million members and is the oldest organized religion in the world. Like many religions, Judaism divides ...

What is the Jewish Holiday Purim?

Nowadays, Judaism has around twenty-five million practicians divided into three branches. These branches are Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, and ...

Maundy Thursday – A Christian Holiday

Christianity, a religion that bases itself on the teachings of Jesus Christ, has the most participants with a whopping estimate of two billion ...

What’s Your Spirit Animal? – A Guide to Find It

Life isn’t always easy. Nowadays, once you become an adult, you are often thrown into situations you may not know how to handle. There’s also the fact that ...

The Virtues of Confucianism

The world as we know it has many different aspects. Humans have built societies, countries, and religions. All of this is a result of developing and ...

10 Most Evil People in History

History is important for humanity because it helps us look back to see what happened, what went wrong, and what was successful. Usually, people use history ...

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