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Zeus Children: 34 of His Most Mighty Offspring

In Greek mythology, Zeus was the most powerful god, considered as the King of all gods, who controlled  the sky, weather, law and fate. Zeus had a ...

17 Powerful Ancient Greek Symbols and What They Mean

The Ancient Greek civilization was one of the most important in history, that lasted from around 800 BC to 146 BC. It has given the world some of the most ...

Stheno: The Forgotten Gorgon Sister

In Greek mythology, Stheno is one of the monstrous Gorgon sisters. While she’s nowhere near as famous as her sister Medusa, Stheno is an interesting ...

Paris of Troy: Love, War, and Tragic Destiny

Paris, Prince of Troy, is one of the most notorious characters of Greek mythology. Paris is best known as the prince of Troy who sparked the Trojan War by ...

Argonauts: The Band of Valiant Greek Heroes

The Argonauts were a group of brave and valiant heroes in Greek mythology, who received their name from their ship “Argo”, built by Argus. This ...

Pygmalion: Greek Sculptor of Galatea

Pygmalion, the renowned king and sculptor of Cyprus, gained fame for his unique romance: he fell deeply in love with a statue of his own creation. This ...

The Titans: Primordial Powers of Greek Mythology

Before the Olympians, there were the Titans. Powerful rulers of the universe, the Titans were eventually overthrown and many were imprisoned in Tartarus. ...

Zethus: Founder and Ruler of Thebes

Zethus was one of the twin sons of Zeus and Antiope, known for his role in the second founding of the city of Thebes. Together with his brother Amphion, ...

Polyphemus: One-Eyed Giant of the Odyssey

Polyphemus was a one-eyed giant belonging to the Cyclopes family in Greek mythology. He was a large and magnificent being, with an eye in the middle of his ...

Endymion: The Mortal Who Captured a Goddess’s Heart

Endymion was a Greek mortal who was so beautiful that he captured the heart of the moon goddess Selene. Apart from his relationship with Selene, Endymion is ...

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