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Maundy Thursday – A Christian Holiday

Christianity, a religion that bases itself on the teachings of Jesus Christ, has the most participants with a whopping estimate of two billion followers.  ...

What’s Your Spirit Animal? – A Guide to Find It

Life isn’t always easy. Nowadays, once you become an adult, you are often thrown into situations you may not know how to handle. There’s also the fact that ...

The Virtues of Confucianism

The world as we know it has many different aspects. Humans have built societies, countries, and religions. All of this is a result of developing and ...

10 Most Evil People in History

History is important for humanity because it helps us look back to see what happened, what went wrong, and what was successful. Usually, people use history ...

Life Lessons from Greek Mythology – 10 Best Myth

Literature and history are filled with myths, and stories about the origins and adventures of the gods, goddesses, and other mythological beings. Some of ...

Traditions To Expect at a Mexican Wedding

Mexican weddings are huge family affairs that are often reunions and can have up to 200 guests. You don’t need to be related to the couple to be considered ...

9 Most Popular Scottish Wedding Traditions

Weddings are the celebration of a union between two people. Each culture has its different variations of it and the customs they tend to practice when one ...

What Are the World’s Largest Religions?

  Humans, throughout history, have always huddled in groups. It’s natural since we’re social beings. Over time, we created entire societies that have ...

4 Common Religions in Japan Explained

All around the world, there are different groups of people that have different beliefs. As such, each country has prominent organized religions that coexist ...

List of Religions in China – What You Need to Know

With so many people in the world, it’s only natural for us to divide into different groups, with each group based on different religious beliefs and desires. ...

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