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The Mystery of Testa di Moro: Death, Lust, and Chocolate

If you go to Naples or any place in Sicily, you're likely to come across a delicious chocolate dessert called Testa di Moro, which is often shaped like a ...

Valentines Quotes That Will Melt Their Heart

Valentine’s Day is a special time to show him how much your partner means to you. Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or you’ve been married for ...

Inspiration and Ideas for Protection Tattoos

Drawings that can be applied to the body have piqued human interest since the beginning of humanity. According to various sources, some of the earliest ...

67 Quotes about Christmas to Get You Excited for the Holidays

Many people love Christmas and look forward to the excitement it brings. The magic of Christmas awakens a childlike joy in each of us, regardless of age. ...

A Dream Within a Dream – Symbolism and Common Scenarios

If you’ve ever woken up to find that you’re still dreaming, it’s because you’ve had a dream within a dream. This can be a strange experience and leave you ...

Dreaming of a Dead Person – 20 Scenarios and Possible Interpretations

A dream in which a deceased loved one appears can be healing, worrying, or even frightening. It's one of the most memorable dreams we have, although this ...

Dreaming About Cats – What Could It Mean?

Dreaming of cats is fairly common. In fact, according to some sources, cats are one of the most common animals to appear in dreams.   Dreaming ...

The Meaning of the Twin Flame Symbol

Twin flames are symbols that constantly show up on tattoos, logos, and other forms of art, and if you look carefully, you are bound to find them hidden ...

70 Romantic Quotes About True Love and the Stages of Love

The land of love is capricious. Although the sweetness of its fruit is something we most look forward to and hope for in life, its climate is unstable and ...

31 Mexican Superstitions and What They Mean

Today in the rural areas of Mexico you can see a fusion of religious customs which are preserved through religious festivals and superstitions.   ...

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