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A List of the Greatest Viking Kings

Vikings were known for being fearless and powerful warriors. Many of them went down in history as truly polarizing figures. While on one hand they are ...

Top 20 Surprising Facts About Vikings

Vikings are perhaps some of history’s most fascinating groups of people. It is not uncommon when reading about Vikings to come across articles that ...

Oldest Civilizations in the World

According to cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead, the earliest sign of a civilization that has been found so far is a 15,000 old, fractured femur that had ...

Interesting Facts About the Aztecs

The history of the Aztecs is a history of a glorious development of a group of people into a bustling civilization. The Aztec Empire encompassed Mesoamerica ...

Babylonian Gods – A Comprehensive List

The pantheon of Babylonian gods is a pantheon of shared deities. It is quite hard to identify an original Babylonian god, other than perhaps Marduk or Nabu. ...

List of Women Warriors in Folklore and History

Throughout history, countless women have been robbed of the acknowledgement for the roles they played in many historical events. Just by reading an ...

Devas in Hinduism – A Guide

Devas are celestial beings that appear in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism. They are described as complex beings, with varied powers and roles. There ...

Indra God – Symbolism and Role

A powerful deity in Vedic literature, Indra is the king of the gods and the most important deity in Vedic Hinduism. Associated with water-related natural ...

Baptism – Symbols and Symbolism

Baptism is recognized as one of the earliest and most prevalent of Christian rites. Although the idea did not originate with Christianity, it has been ...

Brazilian Flag – History, Meaning and Symbolism

You know it as the beautiful South American country nestled in between the Amazon rainforest and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Federative ...

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