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Dai Ko Myo – What Does It Symbolize and Why Is It Important?

Dai Ko Myo (Dye-Ko-My-O), known as the Master symbol, is one of the most sacred symbols in the Usui Reiki healing process. The term Dai Ko Myo translates to bright shining light, referring to the symbols role in activating positive energy.

Dai Ko Myo is called the master symbol because it has the highest vibration amongst all Reiki symbols. It has the power to heal a person’s aura, chakras, and even the soul. The Dai Ko Myo symbol helps achieve great wisdom, enlightenment, positive energy, and self- transformation. In order to master the Dai Ko Myo, the first three levels of Reiki healing need to be perfected.

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In this article, we will be exploring the origins of the Dai Ko Myo symbol, its characteristics, and uses in the process of Reiki healing.

Origins of Dai Ko Myo

dai kyo mo symbol

Dai Ko Myo is one of the four symbols created by Mikao Usui, the Japanese practitioner of alternative healing. Although Mikao Usui was the first to discover Dai Ko Myo, many versions of the symbol have sprung up across the globe.

dumo reiki symbol
Tibetan Version of Dai Ko Myo – Dumo Symbol

The Tibetan version of the Dai Ko Myo, the Dumo, is one of the most renowned symbols in Reiki healing. It has a higher vibration and power than the one discovered by Mikao Usui. The Dumo is being incorporated alongside the Dai Ko Myo in Reiki healing traditions across the world.

Characteristics of the Dai Ko Myo

  • Dai Ko Myo has a series of characters that are arranged in an orderly line from top to bottom.
  • The Tibetan version, or the Dumo, resembles the number six with a spiral in its midst.

Uses of Dai Ko Myo

The Dai Ko Myo is a powerful symbol in the Usui Reiki healing process. It’s considered to have the following uses.

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  • Improves Self- Awareness: Dai Ko Myo helps form a stronger relationship with the self, by stimulating self-reflection and self-awareness.  When meditating upon the Dai Ko Myo, there is a heightened level of consciousness leading to a clarity of thought, feelings, and emotions.
  • Immunity Improvement: Dai Ko Myo helps regulate and channel energy flow within the body. Through this process, energy reaches all corners of the body and improves the immune system. Dai Ko Myo also aids in preventing diseases by shielding the body from negative energy. 
  • Acts as A Stimulant: Dai Ko Myo stimulates the power and energy of other symbols to make them heal quicker and efficiently.  Dai Ko Myo is especially effective during the distance healing practice, where energy is transferred to a far-off place.
  • Strengthens Medicines: Dai Ko Myo strengthens the healing effect of other medicines consumed by the practitioner or patient. It helps the medicines function to their full capacity and works alongside them to prevent side effects.
  • Aids in Stressful Situations: Dai Kyo Myo is often visualized or drawn during stressful situations and difficult times. The symbol helps get rid of negative or harmful energy and purifies the atmosphere to keep the mind calm and relaxed.
  • Helps in Realization of The Divine: Dai Kyo Myo taps into the divinity present within the soul. By doing so, it strengthens the connection with the spiritual self and with other members of society. 
  • Instigates Harmony and Balance: The Dai Kyo Mo works on both levels of the mind and body to establish balance and harmony.
  • Increases the Power of Intuition: Dai Kyo Myo hones the power of intuition and instinct among Reiki practitioners. Several Reiki practitioners find it easier to make the right decisions after mastering the Dai Kyo Myo symbol.  
  • Heals Karma: The Dai Kyo Myo, used alongside the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, can help heal Karma that is embedded within the soul. 
  •  Used in Reiki Teaching: The Dai Ko Myo is used by Reiki Masters to teach and provide practical experience to their students.  When a Reiki Master teaches a student about the Dai Ko Myo, it is transferred to the crown chakra of the student. 
  • Improves Relationships: The Dai Ko Myo helps couples to get rid of their inner turmoil and connect with each other. When the Dai Ko Myo is visualized or mediated, it is therapeutic for both the partners, especially for those who are going through difficult times.
dai kyo mo symbol

In Brief

The Dai Ko Myo is a versatile symbol that has been adapted and used by several healing practices.  As an emblem of mental and spiritual healing, the Dai Ko Myo is considered by some to be the most necessary of all Reiki symbols. 

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