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Dreaming about Hair – Meaning and Symbolism

Contrary to popular belief, dreaming about hair is quite common and can have various positive and negative meanings.  

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Such dreams can be tricky to interpret, but if you pay attention to their context and the details, you’ll be able to unravel their meanings as accurately as possible.  

In this article, we’ll take a look at various dream scenarios about hair and the meanings behind them.  

Dreams about Hair – General Interpretations 

rainbow colored hair

According to neurologists, dreams are a mirror of the deep-seated emotions that we don’t have access to or are not aware of in our normal conscious state. Sometimes, the information is too painful to come to terms with and is reflexively put on the back burner.  

People find their dreams so tangible and less ethereal because, in a state of slumber, there is only one reality that exists – we do not have a reality to compare it to as opposed to when we are hallucinating. The universe is a simulated one. 

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During Rapid Eye Movement (REM), the brain receives no external, additional information and thus prepares to utilize the time by consolidating pre-existing memories and conjuring new sequences of information.  

Dreams are not just a form of exercising your memory. Psychoanalysts also believe that dreams are a succession of classifying information. Virtual reality is born. Dreaming about hair can be interpreted as a harbinger of good luck or a foreboding of something ominous. 

While seeing white hair is considered lucky, seeing your own long, dark, and thick hair if you are a woman insinuates that you are proceeding in the correct direction and that a promising reward of reverence or wealth awaits you. 

symbolism and meaning of dreaming about hair

Positive and Negative Interpretations of Hair Dreams   

Different cultures have different interpretations of even the same vision. Many factors are taken into account when dissecting the dream and trying to extract meaning from it. The owner of the hair in the dream, length, styling, shade, and the activity to which the hair is an accessory are some of the many scenarios that have markedly varied readings. 

Even putting religious and spiritual symbolism aside, we do tend to associate hair with power and identity.  

Hair does influence how we perceive ourselves and others. When we want to experience a drastic change in our lives, redoing our hair in different ways manifests the zeal for transformation. Hair has always transcended being a mere accessory of beauty- it adds an element of charisma to the identity. 

Dreaming about Hair – Common Scenarios  

curly long hair

1. Dreaming about Short Hair  

Dreaming about short hair indicates that you will soon be over the difficulties that you are going through in your waking life. It could also mean that your business may undergo a huge loss, so you may want to be aware of and pay attention to it.   

2. Dreaming about Black or White Hair  

Dreaming of black hair is symbolic of jubilant energy that you possess but are not aware of. When an elderly person dreams of hair turning white with age, it’s a sign of prolonged life and stable health.  

3. Dreaming of Combing Your Hair  

Dreaming of combing your hair to untangle the knots implies that certain issues in your waking life will soon be resolved. To see yourself combing your hair in a dream could also mean that you are currently worrying or will soon be worrying over something in your waking life.  

4. Dreaming of a Mouthful of Hair  

This is one of the strangest dream scenarios involving hair, but it has an entirely positive meaning. Seeing hair come out of your mouth in a dream is auspicious, as it’s likely that you will receive good news and a confirmation of your good health condition as well.  

5. Dreaming of Long Hair  

Dreaming about long, lustrous, and flowy hair signifies freedom and an unrestrained stream of thoughts. It confirms that you are in the correct place in life and doing as you should be. Long hair is read as a sign of beauty, power, and freedom and to have it grow fast is something that many wish for.  

If this is the content of your dream, it symbolizes the harmonization of masculine and feminine energies and a possibility of a novel relationship. It can also mean that you will soon be able to relish the taste of liberation.  

6. Dreaming about Bleaching Your Hair 

People often decide to bleach their hair to bring about a change in their appearance, which is usually a ramification of the changes they have already introduced in their personalities. Dreaming about the seam signifies that significant changes are on the way to transforming your life for the better.   

7. Dreaming about Washing Hair 

To see yourself or someone else washing their hair in a dream translates to a literal ‘washing away’ of problems that have been standing in your way as obstructions. If you are a man having the dream, it indicates an upward journey towards success in your life. Wet hair is also synonymous with attempted purification or a spiritual cleanse. 

Adding products like dry shampoo, hair cream, or hairspray may indicate a likely encounter with an unpleasant situation. For men, using a super-strong hair gel may insinuate that others will turn to you for advice or counseling. Brushing through your hair to remove the knots also points to the fact that you can recognize the hostile elements in your life and are trying to get rid of them.  

8. Dreaming of Disheveled Hair 

disheveled hair

One would usually associate disheveled hair with losing control or finding themselves in a mess- but it can have more to do with getting a grip on your life and a pointer to new beginnings.   

9. Dreaming of a Wig 

To have a dream where the hair is in the form of a wig is a premonition for the presence of false well-wishers around you who do not want you to soar to higher ground. The same applies to hair extensions; it denotes the presence of pretense around you. 

10. Dreaming of Hair Removal 

Hair removal is deemed a necessity for many women – a symbol of elevated beauty, vanity, and purity. Procedures like waxing and plucking are undoubtedly painful. They could signify the necessity to get a grip on things, or you have been spending too much time indulging in people-pleasing behavior, even at the cost of your convenience. 

11. Dreaming of Insects Crawling in Your Hair 

Having the unconventional dream of insects crawling up in your hair is quite an unnerving scenario. It can be interpreted as too much attention being given to something that does not deserve it, and your behavior must be reevaluated so that a change in pattern is obtained.  

12. Dreaming of Hair Growing in Unusual Places 

Hair growing in unusual places like the back of your palms or feet can signify indebtedness to someone in the future that will not be easy to come out of. Dreams of hair in common places like armpits and abdomen are likely indicators of a few setbacks to come along your way. 

13. Dreaming of Hair in Food 

Dreaming of finding a stray strand of hair in food can indicate trouble in decision-making that ends up becoming erroneous. There may be a few sacrifices that have to be made and penance for things that have happened long back.   

14. Dreaming about Blonde Hair  

Blonde hair (similar to shades of yellow – a color associated with mirth) signifies a collaboration with an event that will bring about a lot of joy. It is a message for things taking a turn for the better. When you dream of a person with blonde hair, it may suggest that you are undergoing a healing phase and spiritual revelation.  

If you are something with blonde hair in real life, it further indicates that things that trigger anxieties will drastically dwindle. Dying your hair blonde in real life requires patience, technique, expertise, and several bleaching sessions.  

15. Dreaming of Brown Hair  

brown hair

We are used to the simile of ‘as boring as brown’ – but having brown hair has an underlying emblematic value that accords hardworking, sustainable, pure, and organic qualities. Dreaming about people with brown hair can mean a sense of security, the creation of a safe space to let your guards down and feel comfortable.  

 The need to stay refined and artificial can be done away with and staying true to origins evokes a sense of familiarity. Elegance, organization, and meticulousness are the hallmarks of the sequence featuring brown hair. 

16. Dreaming of Getting a Hair Cut 

Dreams of getting a haircut may suggest romantic ventures and receiving unmitigated adulation from the opposite sex. Entrepreneurs having the vision of getting it is also synonymous with their business flourishing in real life. Employees who dream about a haircut can expect to get a raise and a promotion at work. 

When you see a dream of you giving anyone else a haircut, you can view it as a sign that you will reach new milestones in life shortly and hit a different benchmark of satiety. Cutting your hair or seeing severed locks is a possible indication of relieving yourself of burdens and stress. 

17. Dreaming about Styling Hair 

A dream of braiding the hair, whether a simple plait, a French plait, a fish plait, a Dutch braid, or a waterfall braid- is symbolic of a continuous journey full of perseverance. It is also a message that the complex areas of your life will be fixed soon.   

Styling your hair high or low, casual or poised, or adding different styling products are all revealing in their own terms. If you are seen using a hairdryer, it can have to do with an effort to eradicate the negative energy lingering around you. 

18. Dreaming about Losing Hair 

hair strands on a brush

Clumps of hair loosening out of the follicles induce a lot of stress, and the spirit takes a blow. When this is the content of a dream, it is not better. It may be a wake-up call for you to hold the reins of your own life and sort matters out.  

Going bald can have deep underlying meanings that delve into questions of self-worth and insecurity. Losing your hair and balding suggest self-esteem that has hit rock bottom, and in real life, there is probably nothing more damaging than that. 

Wrapping up 

Dreams are essentially a montage of memory segments laced together- sometimes they fit harmoniously, but a lot of the time, they are bizarre. No matter how usual something as regular as hair seems in real life, dream sequences can alter its lucidity that can notably perturb the dreamers.  

It’s essential to recall the specific details of the components of the dream as they can have markedly different interpretations. After familiarizing yourself with the premonitions, you can exercise vigilance and rationality in terms of a negative reading and keep a watchful eye around yourself.  

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