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Dreaming about Hands – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams about hands can have various meanings, depending on the context of the dream as well as all the elements in it. Often, such dreams have something to do with your personal and professional relationships, but they can also mean something completely different.  

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If you’ve dreamed about yours or someone else’s hands, you may be curious about the meaning behind it. In this article, we’ll take a look at the general meanings of dreams about hands, some specific scenarios, and how you can interpret yours.  

Dreams about Hands – General Interpretations

symbolism and meaning of dreams about hands

Dreams are intensely emotional processes that peak into the deep-seated information and awareness that have been suppressed in the unconscious mind. Different cultures across the globe have varying interpretations of the same montage in the same dream.  

One can attribute the dissecting of dreams and cultivating their meanings to Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who pioneered associating repressed feelings with their resurgence in dreams.  

Seeing hands in your dream can be aligned under so many different contexts. Seeing hands in vivid clarity may symbolize power and authority, or perhaps finding a creative flair. A clenched fist in a dream may indicate problems with repressed anger, while folded hands can signify an urge to conceal yourself away from the world by putting your guards high up.  

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In a plethora of religious texts, the right hand is attributed to the one with which God molded man, whilst with the left hand, he would annihilate his enemies. Thus, the left and the right hand hold opposing definitions-together, they make up the universe’s balance. 

According to dream lore, dreaming about hands can have both positive and negative meanings. People who interpret dreams associate dreaming about hands as something that might bring you joy and success or something that is ominous and indicates a dark future.  

However, your dreams about hands cannot just be typecast, so multiple scenarios reflect the positivity that will appear in your life.   

Dreaming about Hands – Some Common Scenarios 

beautiful hands

Here’s a quick look at some common dream scenarios involving hands, and the meanings behind them.  

1. Dreaming about Admiring Your Hands 

Dreaming about admiring your own hands, if you’re a woman, can be a premonition for a host of suitors coming your way in their bid to woo you. Your own admiration of your hands can be reflected in your suitors towards you.  

2. Dreaming about an Attractive Hand  

An admirable structure or appearance of the hand also indicates upcoming positives in your conscious life. Whether it be the touch of honor, creativity, grace, or the fame and fortune that will come along your way, an attractive appearance of the hand shows that your path is most likely strewn with several rewards you have toiled so hard for all your life.  

It could either be strong or muscular hands that indicate success or long, svelte, and beautiful hands that are markers of creativity.  

3. Dreaming of Large Hands  

If you are dreaming about large hands, it might also indicate that you or someone close to you is soon going to experience great success. This dream could motivate you to work harder in life and achieve the true taste of success. If children’s hands appear in your dreams, it means that you will obtain the happier prospects and tremendous satisfaction that life promises.  

4. Dreaming about an Outstretched Hand 

Often, the dream might involve a hand that is outstretched and trying to reach out for something. This indicates the fear of losing people, things, memories, and everything you hold dear, allowing them to slip away gradually.   

5. Dreaming about Ugly Hands  

Like the admirable and attractive structures and appearance of hands are associated with positive interpretations, the gruesome sights of hands in your dream could indelibly indicate a negative occurrence in your conscious life.   

6. Dreaming about Deformed Hands  

deformed hand

Dreams about deformed and unaesthetic hands are quite ominous and typically have negative interpretations. They often indicate that something negative that will happen soon in your life. This dream could also be a sign that you may soon suffer from a physical ailment.  

7. Dreaming about Hands Covered in Blood  

Hands covered in blood are a chilling dream that can be interpreted as being subject to unfair blame and isolation. It could also mean that you or a loved one is being treated unfairly.  

8. Dreaming of Hairy Hands  

As insignificant as it may seem, dreaming of hairy hands can in fact be a warning not to trust the people around you. It could mean that there are people who do not wish to see you succeed. It could also be a sign for you to stop taking people for granted.  

9. Dreaming of Dirty Hands  

Dirty hands or hand imprints plastered around the room indicate impending chaos about to wreak havoc in your waking life and dismantle peace. It could also have nothing to do with you but could mean that someone close to is or will soon be going through a difficult time.   

10. Dreaming of Holding Hands with Someone 

If you dream of holding hands with a stranger could mean that you’re having some emotional or physical issues to deal with and that you need support. If you’re holding the hand of your enemy, it implies that you have the desire to let go of old grudges and bury the hatchet once and for all.   

11. Dreaming about the Left Hand  

raising left hand

Dreaming about the left hand signifies overcoming obstacles and problems in your waking life. It could also mean that you tend to trust the people around you, perhaps more than you should.  

Being held in someone’s hands or being caressed is a mark of receiving assurance and assistance during difficult times. There is most likely a person you can rely on to take care of your emotional and financial distresses when the situation arises.  

Holding hands with a deceased person is disconcerting and it alludes to prolonged suffering, pain, and exploitation by deceitful people.   

12. Dreaming of Amputated, Dismembered, or Injured Hands 

The gruesome picture of a dismembered hand is a sign of helplessness and lack of control to alter the course of unfortunate events. 

Injuring your own hands can be interpreted as losing something very precious, material, or emotional. It could be an object of great financial or emotional value, or a person through death or a loss.  

An amputated hand signifies a painful split, especially in terms of a significant other. Minor disagreements could have the potential to turn into tearful breakups.  

13. Dreaming of Insects Crawling Up Your Hands 

The grisly vision of insects crawling up hands represents stumbling upon or amassing a great deal of wealth. However, some tiring work may need to be done before you have access to this wealth.  

14. Dreaming of Shaking Hands  

shaking hands

Shaking hands with a celebrity or a notable personality is a sign of a transition to becoming a social butterfly. And shaking hands with someone shorter can be read as being revered, looked up to, and adored.  

Shaking someone’s hand in a dream generally indicates a sense of comfort and reliability, mutual bonhomie that will blossom into financial, physical, and emotional assistance. While shaking hands with a fictional character in a dream can have interesting results in real life as you may end up meeting a person of a very eccentric or artistic mold.  

In Brief 

As mentioned earlier, dreaming about hands can have various positive and negative meanings and there are hundreds of ways you can interpret it. To make it easier, write down your dream in a dream diary as soon as you wake up before the details fade away. The more details you remember, the easier it will be to analyze your dream and the more accurately you’ll be able to interpret it.   

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