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Dreaming of Hair Falling – Symbolism & Meaning

Of all dreams people have, hair loss or hair falling is one of the most common types. The interpretation of this dream will heavily rely on how a person feels about their hair according to cultural, personal, and spiritual beliefs.

Basically, if you value your hair in waking life, your hair then symbolizes something valuable. However, if you find your hair to be bothersome and you wish to change it, then it may mean a deep desire to break free. When interpreting such dreams, it’s important to consider the details of the dream.

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Interpretations of falling hair dreams

Why Do We Dream About Falling Hair?

Several studies suggest that such dreams occur when you suppress worry or a concern over something in waking reality. In the case of hair, you may be suppressing worries about your hair. If you take medications that cause hair loss, undergo chemotherapy, have pattern baldness, or experience alopecia, these can influence dreams about losing hair.

In addition to this, dreams featuring hair falling are often harbingers of negativity in regard to aging or coming to terms with the acceptance of aging. It can indicate vulnerabilities or feelings of insecurity and inferiority. The following are possible interpretations depending on your feelings in the dream:

  • Fear of aging
  • Fear of death
  • Feeling less attractive, virile, or sensual
  • Health worries
  • Inferiority
  • Overwork
  • Loss of control, respect, power, or deterioration of social standing
  • Major life transition
  • Recent loss of a loved one
  • Sense of betrayal from toxic people
  • Being surrounded by toxic people
  • Overwhelmed with responsibilities

Someone Else’s Hair Is Falling Out

Dreaming of another’s hair falling out will depend on what the person represents to you, particularly if you know the person. You could also have a fear of this person dying. If you see a girl losing hair, it’s a sign that you will know exactly what people are doing against you.

Dreaming of anyone’s hair falling indicates boredom with life, ill spiritual or physical health, or the psychological deterioration of a loved one.

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These interpretations further depend on the gender, age and type of person having the dream:

  • Young Girl Losing Hair – A sad fate awaits, or she will marry rich in the future, but her husband will be cruel and insensitive, or too old.
  • Older Woman Balding – If you’ve always felt less attractive than your friends, it’s coming out in your dream. It can indicate a lack of strength and confidence to pursue goals, or it represents betrayal by someone close.
  • Man Losing Hair – It could mean the loss of a dear friend.
  • Man Becoming Bald – This dream could be about acquiring respect from many people in your old age.
  • Man Dreaming of Another’s Bald Head – There could be some serious complications related to work or business.

The Amount of Hair

The amount of hair lost in the dream is another important detail to consider. For instance, having only a little hair on your head may mean that you worry too much about what others think of you. If you lose short hair, it’s a reflection of all the problems you face every day. Profuse amounts of lost hair denote a change in your financial situation.

Location of Hair Loss

The spot on the head where the hair falls from is also a crucial factor for interpretation. If it was on the front, someone you trust ridicules and criticizes you behind your back.

When on the back of the head, it represents a coming financial crisis. Income will decline and this has the potential to cause you ill health and poor mental wellbeing.

In the event hair loss came from the right side of the head, it means stress and anxiety plague you. But, on the left side, it can mean a breakup in the near future. This is often more applicable to women than men.

Dream of Loose Strands of Hair

loosing hair

When you see your own strands of hair falling out, it signifies complications related to your domestic situation. However, the color of hair is also important.

  • Darker colors imply failures and troubles in your professional life. Lighter hair indicates attending unpleasant and awkward meetings with people you probably don’t like.
  • Red hair equates to trouble, danger and a loss of money, or the revelation of a dark secret. It can also indicate that your feelings aren’t reciprocated by a person you love.
  • White hair denotes wisdom, knowledge and luck in your personal or professional life. However, it can also suggest that you should use caution with investments.
  • Gray hair indicates the capacity to rid yourself of old problem. However, on the flip side, it may mean that someone’s going to remind you about owed money.
  • If lush, dark hair grows back, you will be able to end problems that have been blocking your success.

Dream of Clumps or Chunks of Hair Falling Out

Clumps or chunks of hair falling out in a dream symbolize the toxic people and energies surrounding you. The clumps represent the act of clearing everything hampering your growth and achievements.

If you are already worried about losing hair, it can come out in a dream as losing clumps. It can also relate to uncertainty about where life is taking you. It’s signaling you to trust yourself and listen to your intuition.

Clumps of hair can also mean you’re in search of a partner who is reliable, charismatic and fits with your lifestyle. Alternatively, it can be your subconscious telling you to let go of the person standing between you and your growth.

Dream of Hairstyling and Care

When you’re brushing your hair and it falls out, you gave away your authority and allow others to map your life out for you. It literally symbolizes brushing off your own opinions and suggestions.

However, if you were using a comb, it can be a sign of renewal. You could be experiencing a healing process or that you’re looking at a problem from a new perspective.

Dream of Damaged Hair

Clumps of hair falling

If you get a perm or hair color in your dream and it goes wrong, this could hint at some people in your life not being what they purport to be.

When you have damaged hair and it falls out, you lack energy and strength in life. It can also mean that you feed yourself negative thoughts and feelings all day long and you aren’t strong enough to snap yourself out of it.

Dream of Having a Haircut

The interpretation of haircuts may vary depending on the person giving the cut and how you feel in the dream. Basically, it represents a restructuring of ideas, beliefs and plans, or a loss of vitality and strength. However, if you were happy, you will soon be able to detach yourself from a toxic person or other negative influence.

Haircut dreams can also indicate criticism from others for things you haven’t done or it can symbolize new beginnings. Another interpretation is that you lost or will lose something of value. But, if you were doing the cutting, it can indicate that you place too many expectations onto others.

Dream of Having Your Head Shaved Head

Having your head shaved in the dream is a warning to watch out for those who shower you with flattery. If another person shaves your head without your consent, it means others impose their wishes, desires, thoughts and opinions upon you. It can also indicate someone taking fiscal advantage of you.

In Brief

Dreams of hair falling cover a wide array of interpretations, meanings, and symbolism. The subconscious plays out our concerns, worries and distresses we feel in waking reality. Often these thoughts are ones we don’t conceptualize, admit to, or think about.

Whatever the reason, the things we stuff away from our consciousness while going through our day will often reveal themselves in dreamland. Hair loss in a dream is one such method for us to deal with these unpleasant feelings.

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