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Dreams About Flies – Decoding the Buzz

Flies are creatures no one wants to encounter, whether awake or asleep. While flies are often swatted away in disgust and regarded as annoying buzzing creatures, their appearance in dreams does not always bode negativity as they can also pertain to persistence or even good fortune.

When trying to discern what these dreams may mean, it’s important to always consider the dreamer – who they are, and what they are going through, as well as the details of the dream.

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Flies in dream meaning

What Do Fly Dreams Mean?


Flies may be very annoying creatures – no matter how much one swats them away, they still come back and continue being irritating as ever. In the same way, flies in a dream may represent the people or things in your life that irritate you. These may be family members, friends, or other people in your life who keep bugging you in your personal space. Something or someone in your life is causing irritation and annoyance, and this may be your subconscious mind’s way of telling you to identify and address this.


Dreaming about flies frequently may reveal to us about the envy we have towards others. However, this type of dream can also indicate the envy that others have towards us.

If the fly lands on your face or mouth in the dream, it may signify new people who are about to enter your life and will be jealous of you. This jealousy towards may lead these people to make bad decisions, which may harm you.


Flies are associated with fear because of the apprehension these insects induce. Thus, in dreams, they could serve as a fear that bothers the dreamer. Small flies may also symbolize a more specific fear, like fear of intimacy.

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This dream could indicate that the dreamer should start discussing this issue with relevant people, such as their partner, to lessen their burden.


Flies may symbolize the worries that persist and bother you. These anxieties are often pushed to the back of your mind, but as you dream, it manifests as a persistent insect that bothers youincessantly. It is essential to face these worries before they become more intense.


Flies are not just disgusting; they are also bothersome and very persistent. Thus, they have become symbols of perseverance and adaptation.

This persistence may get to the point of being aggravating, so it may also help remind us  to check if our persistence has turned into aggravation or nagging.

Analyzing the Details

Apart from what flies represent, the details of your dream can also add to the interpretation. For example, what was the fly doing in your dream? What was your response to the fly? These are important details to consider.

Flies and Their Actions in Your Dream

Flies dream meaning

Fly in the ear

To have a fly in one’s ear while dreaming probably symbolizes the arrival of some news. The dreamer may hear about bad news they would never have wanted to know. They may also learn something about a loved one that will leave them speechless.

Fly attacking or biting

A fly that bites may stand for people eager to take revenge on the dreamer or wish to do harm. In this case, the fly may stand for the danger you are about to encounter. Meanwhile, a biting fly may also mean the dreamer’s revenge on envious and harmful people.

Fly entering the mouth

There are things better left unsaid or kept to oneself, and dreams about a fly entering the dreamer’s mouth may probably remind them of that. Often, words left unfiltered have the possibility of reaching people who may impact careers and lives – for instance, bosses. The dreamer needs to be careful about what they say and to whom they say it so as not to affect their career.

Fly buzzing

In the dream you may hear the insistent buzzing noises but not see the flies. For dreams like this, it may indicate that you need to take care of your mental and physical health. It is time to eat healthier food, get a workout routine, or take a break from all the mental burden that you may have had.

Flies and the Dreamer’s Response

Killing the fly

When the dreamer finds themselves killing a fly in a dream, it may be a sign that they may overcome their challenges in life, especially when one considers how hard it is to catch, more so kill, these little pests. For this, the dreamer’s skills are necessary to solve the challenges they will face.

Dreams About Flies

Catching flies

If the dreamer is catching flies in their dream, it implies that someone in their life is trying to put the blame on them. For instance, their company or workplace is going under and looking for a scapegoat. The dreamer might need to be wary to avoid taking the blame.

Swallowing the fly

As weird as this might sound, swallowing a fly in a dream may be a symbol of fortune or better times. It may mean a better financial situation. This may indicate that you are about to gain more profit or get a raise.

Type of Flies

Dead flies

When the dream shows a big dead fly, it might indicate that the dreamer is about to overcome a grave issue in their life. It may also mean peace after a confusing situation. However, dead flies may also represent conflict and problems within the family.

Swarm of flies

A swarm of flies often does not mean well in both real life and dreams. These may serve as a warning for an impending disaster or chaos that the dreamer should be wary about. It may also signify that there are many sick people or enemies in their life.

Gigantic fly

Dreaming about giant flies may signify the dreamer’s tendency to exaggerate their problems. They might often panic about everything and are less likely to listen to others and thus make the same mistakes. It may also mean that the dreamer may be dramatic.

Wine fly

A wine fly in a person’s dreams bears good news for the dreamer. It symbolizes the turning of the tide for someone who has persevered for so long and is yet to achieve success or progress.

Small flies

Small flies may symbolize weak and insignificant enemies that the dreamer thinks about. However, these enemies are not worth the dreamer’s time and may be ignored.

Green fly

It may be surprising to see green flies when they are often portrayed as black. Green flies symbolize economic or financial troubles. It may be a sign to start cutting costs and face their financial woes before it worsens.

Flies and Location

Flies in the house

When you dream of flies in your house, this may signify a problem within your household that you will need to resolve. It may also mean that something negative will happen to you or the people close to you. On the other hand, it may also mean that someone will interfere with your life, invading your personal space.

Flies in the food

As disgusting as this may be, dreaming about flies in your food represents a disturbing concern. Another way to look at it would be that dreams like these warn you about a health concern you are unaware of. Also, flies in food may signify laziness.

Flies in the trash

Dreaming about flies in the trash may seem like an obvious scenario, but it shouldn’t be ignored. It might mean that you should focus on your health and see if there are health concerns that you should be aware of.  It may also warn you that you should cut ties with toxic people in your life who could bother and shake your plans.


Dreams about flies may mean many things at once, which may be quite confusing for the dreamer. However, it’s best to always consider your context – your experiences, feelings, and the details of the dream. Only by understanding where you come from and what situation you are in can the dream be interpreted appropriately.

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