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Dreams of Spiders – Symbolism and Meaning

Our dreams often tend to be based on common themes, especially those that our subconscious mind picks up. Symbols that we feel strongly about in our waking life often make their way into our dreams, and for many people, this can be spiders.

Spiders are often seen as frightening creatures with their bizarre appearance, and dreams involving spiders can be nightmarish for most. If you’ve seen a dream about spiders, the reason could be that your subconscious mind is trying to alert you to impending danger in your waking life.

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Spider dreams can be interpreted in various ways, based on many factors. Here’s a look at some of the most common spider dreams and the meanings behind them.

Dreaming of spiders meaning

Symbolic Representation of Spiders

In general, spiders represent darkness, secrets, and mysteries. However, on the flip side, they’re also a symbol of strength and productivity. Spiders are regarded as symbols of creativity and creation due to their ability to weave highly intricate nests. This skill has also made them a symbol of novelty and knowledge.

The appearance of spiders in our dreams is believed to symbolize the dark or evil side of our minds. However, not everything about these creatures is negative. They also represent positive qualities such as calmness, patience, determination, innovation, tolerance, and resilience.

Interpretations of Spider Dreams

Spider dreams can have both positive and negative interpretations based on the number of spiders you see, where they are, and what they’re doing in the dream.

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For example, if the spider is poisonous, it’s likely that the dream could have a negative meaning. However, a harmless spider could indicate that good things are coming your way.

Dreaming Of Spiders Crawling Everywhere 

Spiders are believed to represent feminine energy as the creators of their highly detailed and intricate webs. Being surrounded by spiders in your dream could mean that female forces have surrounded you and are trying to disturb your mental peace and happiness.

If you see spiders crawling everywhere in your dream, it could imply that a relationship with a woman is not going smoothly in your waking life.

The woman in the relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be a spouse or girlfriend. It can be your mother, aunt, sister, or even your boss. Perhaps you’re having problems in your relationship and misunderstandings may have created a rift between the two of you.

Therefore, the spider in the dream can also indicate that you are emotionally unstable and in a disturbed state of mind.

Dreaming of Spider Bites

If you dream of getting bitten by a spider or witness spider bites on your body, it could mean that a sad event from the past has resurfaced, and you’re still lamenting over it. It’s possible that you’re having trouble letting go of the past and you’re going through some mental anguish in your waking life. 

Seeing a spider bite in a dream can also mean that someone has deceived you and you’re unable to move on. The pain inflicted upon you due to the betrayal has left you in a tormented state of mind.

Dreaming of Killing a Giant Spider

Killing a gigantic spider in your dream may signify that you have successfully overcome all the obstacles that blocked your path and kept you from achieving your goals. It’s a positive sign that you have the determination to overcome any hurdle that you might face in your life.

The dream could represent that you may have the strength and courage to come out of adverse situations and lead a successful life. 

Dreaming of Eating Spider

Eating a spider is a terrible dream that is literally the stuff of nightmares. However, its interpretation is highly positive.

This type of dream signifies your ability to control adverse situations and the power to overcome difficulties in your waking life. Spiders entering your mouth can represent your confidence, determination, positivity, courage, and strong will.

Dream of a Spider Weaving a Web

spider in web

In a dream where you see a spider weaving an intricate web, the implication is that you are soon going to be rewarded for all your hard work and the sacrifices you have made in the past. This dream can be considered a good omen as it may mean that you’re going to receive praises, awards, and prizes.

A spider spinning its web can also indicate that your home will soon be in a state of peace and tranquillity. 

Dreaming of a Red Spider

Seeing a red spider in a dream can denote your love and passion for your work. It can also indicate the intense love that you have for the people in your waking life.

A red spider can also be a sign that it’s time to pay attention to your surroundings and take action when necessary. You may have to protect yourself, your belongings, or someone important to you. 

Dream of a Spider Hanging in Front of You

If you see a spider hovering over you in your dream or dangling in front of your face,  it could imply that something or someone is constantly on your mind, nagging you. You may be in a state of great mental discomfort. It could also indicate that you’re struggling from low self-confidence and feel insecure about yourself.

A hanging spider could also be a reminder of important work that you may have left unattended. You may not be paying enough attention towards completing an important task. If this is true for you, it might be time to get to work on that particular task and complete it.

Dreaming of a Spider Running Away From You

If the spider in your dream is running away from you, it could indicate that you’re running away from a problem or stressful situation in your waking life. It might be best to face that uncomfortable situation you’ve been avoiding. The dream also suggests that you’re running away from maintaining relations with deceptive peers.

Dreaming of Being Attacked by a Tarantula

Big tarantula in hand

Dreaming of being attacked by a tarantula can have a negative interpretation, since tarantulas are much bigger and more toxic than ordinary spiders. The dream could mean that someone is backstabbing you or conspiring to harm your reputation. It can also signify the dominance of female relations in your life.

Dreaming of a Baby Spider

A baby spider in a dream is often regarded as the harbinger of good news. It could indicate the beginning of your love life, new friendships, or exciting job opportunities. It could also signify important decisions that you have made or will be making in your waking life such as getting married or starting a family.

Wrapping Up

Spiders are undoubtedly scary with their eight legs and myriads of eyes. However, spider dreams can be useful as they can make you aware of betrayals, stressful situations, or challenges that you may have to face in the future. It could be your subconscious mind telling you of something that needs addressing in your waking life.

When trying to interpret your spider dream, it’s important to remember what exactly happened in the dream. Try to avoid overlooking tiny details as this will make it easier for you to clearly interpret the dream. 

If you find that your spider dream has a negative interpretation, don’t lose hope. You have been warned, so you will still have enough time to set things right before it’s too late.

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