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Dreams about Hugging – Meaning and Symbolism

Slumberland reveals so many interesting and strange images and experiences. Some of these are exhilarating and enlightening while others can be horrifying, coming from the stuff of nightmares.  

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Dreams about hugging people are more common than you may think, but their meaning depends on the various elements of the dream as well as its context. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common scenarios of dreams about hugging and the meanings behind them.  

General Meaning about Hugging in a Dream 

symbolism and meaning of dreaming about hugging

Since the onset of Covid-19, many people have reported an increase in having more dreams about hugging people. A recent scientific study in Vienna concluded that the social distancing mandates triggered such dreams.

Dreams about hugging can have both positive and negative interpretations. For instance, this kind of dream could mean that you crave human contact at a deep, subconscious level. This will would most likely have something to do with how much time you’ve been spending alone.  

Another possible interpretation suggests that you have an overwhelming sense of insecurity; you feel estranged from your community or from those you love. It could also suggest that you are profoundly misunderstood by others. It could also mean that you’re simply looking for support while going through a tough time.  

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The Type of Hug 

The type of hug in the dream can change its meaning, making it either positive or negative. For example, an intense, passionate hug could mean you have a strong emotional connection with someone. This will be especially true if you know the person. If you found this hug to be pleasant, your subconscious mind could be looking for a conscious expression of your feelings.  

Feelings about Hugging 

In any dream where the hug disturbed you, either because of its execution or the person involved, it can denote one of the following things: 

  • Hypocrisy – the person hugging you may be dishonest or may not be who you thought they were 
  • Feelings of insecurity, a lack of sincerity, or an act of betrayal  

When you don’t feel anything at all in a dream hug, especially with a loved one or someone you once loved, it can indicate either deep levels of sorrow or indifference in waking consciousness. If it’s a current relationship where you have a dream of hugging and your feelings are despondent, it may reflect problems in the relationship. 

Dreams about Hugging – Common Scenarios 

Here are some of the most common hugging dream scenarios and the symbolism behind them.  

1. Dreaming of Hugging a Person You Know 

happily hugging someone

Hugging a person, you know in a dream could mean you want to support that person or you need that person to support you. This can also represent your strong affection for this person. However, if they have wronged you in your waking life the dream could represent your readiness to forgive and move on.  

2. Dreaming of Hugging Family or Friends 

The interpretation of hugging family or friends in a dream will rely on how you feel about them, if they’re still alive, the quality of their health, and what your relationship with them is like. For instance, if they’re very sick or ill in real life, your subconscious mind may want to communicate with them. This is especially true if death is near.  

Romantic hugs from a friend or family member reflect a low moral character. If you’re in love with this person you’re hugging in the dream, and it bothers you upon waking, it’s likely you’re in denial of or refuse to accept your immorality. 

A friendly hug from a friend or family member can portend a recent fight or misunderstanding. If this was pleasant in the dream, the hug may symbolize your damaged ego. If the hug felt wrong in some way, you may feel this person betrayed you. 

3. Dreaming of Hugging Your Father 

Receiving a hug from your father in a dream could be a sign that you’ve accepted yourself as you are or that you’ve achieved the recognition you’ve worked so hard for. Hugging a father figure in your dream often connects to your values regarding recognition, pride, reputation, status, financial stability, and self-respect. 

4. Dreaming of a Female Family Member 

Seeking a hug from a female family member, like an aunt, mother, or grandmother, can indicate your inner craving for protection and love. If she won’t give or reciprocate a hug, it could indicate a sense of disappointment. 

5. Dreaming of Hugging an Ex-Lover 

hugging a partner

It’s not infrequent for people to dream of an ex-spouse or an old romance. This could be a release of excess grief you have over the failed relationship. A dream of hugging an ex can also symbolize integration and acceptance of what happened between the two of you.  

On the other hand, hugging your ex in a dream may not have anything to do with the relationship at all. It could represent some aspect of yourself and what this person symbolizes. It could be a mirror of the kind of person you were during that time, and you may want to embrace it again. 

6. Dreaming of Your Enemy or a Pet  

Embracing an enemy in a dream shows you’re ready to work through your issues by confronting them head-on. It could also mean that you’re adopting an aspect of something that this person represents. 

If you see yourself hugging your pet or an animal in the dream, it reflects your inner compassion. On the other hand, it can also indicate your need to escape from a difficult situation you may currently be in.  

7. Dreaming of Hugging a Stranger 

Hugging strangers in a dream comes with a myriad of meanings depending on the course of events that took place. If it was a man, it could mean that you feel the need to connect with a masculine figure to achieve your goals. But if it was a woman, it may reflect your need for soothing, comfort, or a deep desire for feminine connections. 

If you felt comfortable hugging the stranger, it could be a sign that your worries may soon be coming to an end. In the case that the hug was passionate, your unconscious mind may be picking up on an important change soon to come in the future. 

8. Dreaming of Hugging Someone Who Died 

To see yourself hugging someone who has died in a dream, could be a sign that you will soon receive bad news. While this is more of an ancient interpretation, it could also indicate forgiveness of that person in the wake of their passing. However, it will depend on how you knew this person, what your relationship was like and what this person represents. 

Dreaming of hugging a deceased friend or family member could have various other meanings. First, it could be a way for your psyche to deal with and accept their passing. It can also help resolve issues such as guilt surrounding the relationship or other suppressed feelings.  

In the event the hug was strange, awkward, or negative, it’s a sign of forgotten or repressed emotions. Your psyche is acknowledging these and discharging them so you can peacefully leave them in the past. 

If you go to embrace the deceased but don’t receive a hug or get one that’s rigid, it represents poor mental health. If this happens with a family member, it can signify a fear of sickness or loss. 

9. Dreaming of Seeing People Hug  

To dream of other people hugging one another is a sign of family ties getting stronger. It can also represent prosperity at work or if your business if you own one.  

This dream scenario could also be a sign that you’re feeling lonely and craving companionship. If you’ve just got out of a relationship, this could be triggering your subconscious mind to show you such dreams.  

In Brief 

If you have a dream about hugging, it could be one of the most fulfilling dreams you’ve ever had. On the other hand, it could make you aware of something you need to change in your waking life. If you’re going through a rough time, it’s likely that you’re craving love, kindness, and security which could trigger this type of dream.  

Whatever the case may be, something in your subconscious is looking to “embrace” something or it’s notifying you of how you are “embracing” certain characteristics.  

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