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21 Crystals for Love to Invite It into Your Life

Crystals are not just beautiful art pieces but hold to power to heal you with the energy of the Earth when used the right way. It is believed that they emit powerful vibrations and positive energy that helps you to achieve your dreams with a peaceful mind and a reinvigorated body. When your chakras are used for manifesting, the vibrations meet the frequency of the crystal and gives a positive effect on your life.  

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When you are looking for love, there are crystals that are believed to come to your rescue. Just visualize the loving relationship that you are seeking while manifesting and these crystals will do the rest to connect you to the right people. 

Rose Quartz 

Madagascar Rose Quartz Bracelet
Madagascar Rose Quartz Bracelet by Earthly Abundance Gems. See it here.

Also known as the most important love stone, the rose quartz is known to help in building not only trust between the couple but also true love. It does this by activating the heart chakra and is filled with feminine energy. This crystal is linked with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and the god Adonis

This heart chakra stone will help you manifest all things love from healing old wounds to attracting a new love full of trust, tolerance, and unconditional love not only for others but for yourself. 


natural amethyst pendant
Natural Amethyst Pendant by Irina B Jewelry. See it here.

This beautiful crystal in hues of purple is all you need to lend a helping hand in dealing with any pain caused by a breakup and to meet the partner of your dreams. Amethyst is known to bring peace and healing with its spiritual powers and plays important in nurturing self-worth. It is the best healing crystal to find peace of mind and helps to forget bad memories. 

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Green Aventurine 

Double Aventurine Bracelet
Double Aventurine Bracelet by Yii Studio. See it here.

Aventurine will not only bring you to look and prosperity but is also helpful in activating the heart chakra by connecting to it. When seeking a new relationship, look no further than the green aventurine as it also has a great energy of success and acts as the ultimate good-luck stone.  

It fills you up with the zest to face life and the energy needed to turn dreams into reality and thrive in any relationship. It also has the additional power to calm the heart chakra to make you compassionate and ready to face all highs and lows that come with a new relationship and is ideal for later phases in a relationship or to rekindle a long-term relationship. 

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli Necklace
Lapis Lazuli Necklace by Kri Sat Designs. See it here.

The power of this stunning crystal to improve and build your communication skills is second to none. Lapis lazuli allows you to be true to yourself and face the world and your relationship as your most authentic self by encouraging you to be fearless and share your truth with the world. 

By doing so, the crystal promotes positivity and well-being especially since you will feel heard and understood. In your pursuit of love, this crystal will be a guide to remove any ambiguities and the perfect support. 


Moss Agate Pendant
Moss Agate Pendant by Silvershineboutique. See it here.

Regardless of its color, all the different shades of this crystal play an important role in your love life and your healing. While a moss agate naturally heals your heart chakra, the blue lace agate guides you through your journey to find harmonious love.  

The brown agate on the other hand stands for comfort and grounding. And a fire agate, as its name suggests, is all about burning love and smoldering passion and also for those looking for some physical pleasure in their relationships. 


Garnet Drop Earrings
Garnet Earrings by Yania Jewelry NYC. See it here.

This crystal helps in forging bonds as beautiful as it is. It is said to be a pure passionate healer that connects to your root chakra and lends not only stability and courage but also safety to your skin. It helps you overcome any form of depression by giving you courage and hope. 

Garnet is also known to be a great crystal for relationships as it is a stone of boundless sexuality that stirs your chi and instills in you the clarity and confidence in what you are looking for. It also helps us from falling into the claws of uncertainty and jealousy. It is one of the best crystals to amplify the law of attraction and manifestation. 


Moonstone Planet Star Pendant
Moonstone Planet Star Pendant by Oh Moon Jewellery. See it here.

Moonstone represents balance and calmness that comes from its extensive feminine energy. It is known to bring luck in love and reminds you to be calm since even in the darkest hour there will be a silver lining and even a flicker of light to be found. This is also a great stone to reunite with your lover whether it is physically, spiritually, or emotionally. It also brings calmness to any stressful relationship. 


Rhodochrosite Stud Earrings
Rhodochrosite Stud Earrings by The Global Stone. See them here.

Sometimes it is easy to lose the sense of self in a relationship. Rhodochrosite is a great help in sorting out your emotions and feelings. In addition to this, it also encourages you to start putting your needs a priority. It is a crystal that attracts love due to it being associated with soothing lunar energy. 

It’s a layered crystal, and each layer is laced with vibrations that lead you straight to love. It encourages you to unravel and sort through your layers. Identify those emotions and issues holding you back and work on them. It works well to open your heart all while also prioritizing your needs. 


Gold Ruby Pendant Necklace
Ruby Pendant by Best Jewelry Set. See it here

This deep-red crystal is all things love. While ruby builds sensuality, it also provides you with confidence and self-power and keeps you grounded.  It’s the best reminder that you are your best self, and your time and energy should take priority, especially for those who tend to lose themselves in a relationship.  

Ruby was used as an amulet to ward off death and sickness in the olden times. It also ensures that your love life is hit by some spiciness and passion. This crystal is known to attract loyal and deep commitments. 

Pink Tourmaline 

Pink Tourmaline Bracelet
Pink Tourmaline Bracelet by Little One Crystal 1. See it here.

This crystal is an aphrodisiac stone that attracts love and abundance. It is a comforting crystal that cleanses your heart chakra. It ensures that you are in a safe space when it comes to matters of the heart.  

Pink tourmaline causes wounds of the heart to heal and opens the heart chakra to make you more compassionate. it also acts as a calming agent in times of distress. It allows you to find your flow in this immense universe and puts you on a journey that will lead you to true love


Rare Malachite Cabochon
Rare Malachite Cabochon by Batuta Gems. See it here.

Malachite is also known as a life-sustaining stone and its characteristic colorful swirls is a reminder of the beauty in nature. It connects to the heart chakra and acts as a magnet for love and also helps you to become more trusting and purposeful. It’s also related to positivity and helps you to be more understanding. 


minimalist gold gemstone choker
Rhodonite Choker Necklace by Candela Joies. See it here.

This rosy crystal helps you to harness forgiveness. It enables you to use your inner strength and self-confidence to forgive and move on without being stuck in vicious cycles. When it comes to love, it is true that most times you look at your partner with rose-tinted glasses, but this is not love in reality. It’s believed to resolve any emotional trauma and is almost a first-aid stone in times of emotional turmoil and anxiety and also when you are trapped in feelings of anguish and envy. 

There’s a lot more to rhodonite that can even cause pain and confusion and sometimes all you can do is forgive. This crystal gives you the power to do just that. This crystal is also known for its powers in dealing with heartache. It is the stone that will wake you up to reality when you are in denial of your relationship. 


Gold Citrine Pendant Necklace
Gold Citrine Pendant by Best Jewelry Set. See it here.

Citrine reminds you of bright sunshine is a great stone that constantly reminds you that love can be a joyous place. It helps you reignite the spark you think you lost and also lets you bask on the warmth of joy that love can bring. It is known to give that sparkle in your love life that you deserve. 


Kunzite Pendant
Kunzite Pendant by The Silver Artz. See it here.  

Also called the woman’s stone, kunzite too is a heart chakra-based crystal. It is known to grow deep love, wisdom, and inner peace within you. It helps build strong and loving relationships. Especially when you have built walls around yourself and don’t trust anyone, it comes to the rescue to break down these walls and restore your trust. 


Black Obsidian Earrings
Black Obsidian Earrings by Soul And Little Rose. See them here.

This crystal is a protector of your heart. Though obsidian may look ominous to some due to its color, it is an important stone when it comes to feeling worthy of love regardless of your circumstances. It helps you be more open with your feelings and thoughts while feeling safe. It acts as a protection against any negativity, envy, or spite directed towards you and will keep you safe through everything you go through. 


Natural Carnelian Ring
Carnelian Gemstone Ring by Joy Personalized. See it here.

This is yet another important crystal that invokes feelings of passion and the zest to love life and people around you. This crystal is all about joy, courage and endurance which are the essence of any loving relationship.  

Carnelian encourages you to take risks and try things without fear. It ensures that you remain anchored even in the most passionate of loves and don’t end up losing any compassion. Due to its nature, this crystal is known to be talisman for love. 


Chrysocolla Pendant
Chrysocolla Pendant by Pierresetmonde. See it here.

This lovely crystal connects to both the heart and the throat and is known to help build social and communication skills. Chrysocolla ensures that love flows directly from your heart to your tongue so that you can express yourself beautifully and without any misunderstandings.  

It is also known to attract those people into your life who are the right fit for you especially if you believe yourself to be around the wrong people all the time.   


Jade Octopus Pendant
Canadian Nephrite Jade Pendant by Jade Mine Canada. See it here.

This crystal encourages a love where two people develop and grow together. A jade lets you build trust and supports healthy relationships. It is sometimes known as a crystal of love. It is green, the color of the heart chakra.  

Jade aids in the creation of new relationships and in improving trust in old relationships. It attracts the quintessential love and is also soothes you emotion when you may be feeling anxious about your relationship. 


Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Diamond Tennis Bracelet by VLCo Jewelry. See it here.

This is one of the most common crystals that is the symbol of purity. It is known to enhance the love between couples due to which it is popular as the stone for engagement rings. It acts as an amplifier of energy and enhances feelings of love within you. Diamond deepens the connection and chemistry in a relationship. 


Zambian Emerald Bracelet
Zambian Emerald Bracelet by Earthly Abundance Gems. See it here.

This striking crystal with its green color will connect to your heart chakra and will fill you with love and compassion. Emerald is a powerful stone in attracting new love towards you. It relights the fire in you and stimulates romance around you. Emeralds are also known to be a great magnet for good fortune as well as abundance. It eliminates all negativity and also keeps your consciousness at its best state. 


Orange Sunstone Ring
Orange Sunstone Ring by Kite Jewels. See it here.

For those looking for some more physical passion and to spice up your love life with some sensuality, sunstone is the best choice.  

This crystal also protects you from those who waste all your time and suck up all your energy and make sure you are not exhausted and frustrated. It ensures that your sensual energy flourished rather than staying dormant.  

It is said to hold the invigorating bright energy of the sun that will make your love life full of light. 

What do the Colors in the Crystals Symbolize? 

colorful crystals

Most crystals come in an array of colors just like how there are many types of love and relationships. Different shades of these crystals will bring to you the different things you want when it comes to love such as pure love, passion, seduction and sensuality. 

  • Pink crystals like the Rose Quartz, Rose Calcite, Mangano and Rhodonite are the best when it comes to matters of the heart. It emanates soft energies that opens your heart to tenderness and compassion. 
  • Red crystals like Garnet, Ruby and red Jasper have the fiery nature just like their attractive color. It helps you to not only evoke but also maintain the passion and excitement that was present in the beginning of your relationship throughout. 
  • Green crystals such as the Aventurine, Jade, and Green Calcite have balancing energies with the heart chakras and brings harmony into all relationships with their soothing and nurturing effect. 
  • Orange crystals like Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Peace Moonstone and so on are associated with love and relationships and ensures that you have a fulfilling love life. 
  • Blue crystals like Celestite, blue Calcite, and Peruvian Blue Opal enables you to love deeply and sincerely as it also acts as a heart-opening stone and attracts harmony, romance, compassion and love. 

Bonus: How to Use Love Crystals 

crystals for jewelry

The first step to use these crystals to the best of their abilities is to set you intentions and manifest to the universe by meditating. This needs to be done with mindfulness and to boost your energy make sure to visualize exactly what you want. 

1. Build an Altar 

One way to manifest and visualize all your energy into what you want is by building an altar for these precious crystals and make sure you have a purposeful prayer and channel your energy to the crystals. 

2. Wear as Jewelry  

These gorgeous crystals are not only a piece of accessory that will make you look beautiful but it actually attracts romantic attention towards you by inviting feelings and activating energy so that you can choose your right partner. 

3. Place Them Under Your Pillow 

Crystals like Moonstones are protective in nature and can give a good night’s rest if kept under the pillow. Sometimes other crystals also attract love and other good intentions when kept under the pillow and helps you manifest even when you are sleeping. 

4. Place on the Heart/ Your Chakras 

The best place to keep your crystals is on your heart chakra to activate its powers to the fullest extent. This will ensure that you are protected from all negativities around you and will also add that sparkle to your love life. Keeping these crystals against your skin helps the healing process. 

Wrapping Up 

While there are different types of loving relationships in this world, the most important one is the one you have with yourself. Love involves many things including trust, selflessness, and compassion, all these crystals help you to attract abundance, prosperity and loving relationships. Most of all, these crystals not only help you find love in others but also within yourself. 

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