Flowers That Say Thank You

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Nothing says thank you quite like a well-chosen bouquet of flowers and a thank you card to go with it. However, choosing the right flowers to symbolize your gratitude and appreciation is key, if you want to get the message right, because not every flower will convey the same message. In this article, we go over the best flowers to say thank you, be it to a close friend, a family member or your significant other.


Blue and pink hydrangea flowers

Known for their lavish blooms and burst of color, hydrangeas are associated with gratitude and appreciation. They’re also symbolic of heartfelt praise. This makes hydrangeas an excellent choice if you want to simply say thank you to a loved one or friend. They’re also perfect to give to someone after a disagreement, as a way of saying thank you for understanding.  

According to a Japanese legend, an emperor gave hydrangeas to the family of the woman he loved, to thank them for their understanding and acceptence although he had neglected and hurt her. These flowers simply say “Thank you for understanding” or “Thank you for forgiving me”.

Sweet Peas

What is the sweet pea

Sweet peas are known for their subtle scent and ruffled petals, which look like butterflies on a stem. They’re an ideal filler flower in bouquets, but work well on their own too. Sweet peas are believed to symbolize gratitude and loyalty, and are an excellent way to say thank you without using a word. These flowers are a lovely thank-you flower to give to anyone who has helped you in some way, showing your gratitude and appreciation towards the person.

Pink Carnations

Carnation flower

One of the most popular flowers of all, carnations have been cultivated for over 2000 years. They come in a range of colors, and are believed to be native to the Mediterranean region. Of all the carnation colors, pink is the most common. It’s also the carnation color that symbolizes gratitude. Giving pink carnations to someone indicates that you appreciate them and thank them for being in your life.


Yellow chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum’s are known for their stunning hues and lush petals which add color to any garden or floral decoration. While the flower has several connotations, one of its symbolic meanings is gratitude. Because chrysanthemums are also called ‘mums’ and have an association with mothers, they’re the best flower to say thank you to your mom, especially on Mothers Day.

Yellow Calla Lily

Yellow calla lily

Calla Lily is an elegant looking flower often chosen for wedding décor and bridal bouquets. It comes in a variety of hues but it’s best known color is white. The yellow variety of calla lilies symbolize gratitude and joy. These flowers are perfect to give in a bouquet or even individually, because of their striking and distinct look. For a groom, yellow calla lilies are ideal to give to the bride-to-be as they imply gratitude that she said yes and joy at the prospect of your whole life together.

Pink or Yellow Roses

Yellow rose flower say thank you

Roses feature on almost every flower list because of their versatility, beauty and symbolism. Naturally, there’s a rose that means thank you too. While red roses stand for passionate love, pink and yellow roses signify gratitude and appreciation, especially for friends. A bouquet of fully bloomed yellow roses is perfect to say ‘I appreciate you’ and ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for me’.

A Word to the Wise

While the above list features flowers known for symbolizing gratitude, you don’t have to feel restricted to this list. Remember, these are simply guidelines, not hard and fast rules. If the recepient loves black tulips, they’ll probably appreciate a bouquet of those over any of the above flowers!

In general, yellow flowers tend to convey gratitude, joy and appreciation, so if you’re unsure, you could always go for yellow blooms. It’s best to avoid red flowers, however, as they tend to symbolize passion and romantic love.