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Forehead Kiss – What Does It Really Mean?

There are many ways to show someone how much you value them. Winking, writing love notes, holding hands, and constant and intimate eye contact are just some of them. Kissing the forehead is another. But what does this gesture actually mean?

Context is key when it comes to decoding what a forehead kiss really means. According to experts, you need to consider who was involved and what the situation was when the forehead kiss was given. This is the only way you can truly comprehend the true meaning of this gesture.

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The Start of Romantic Feelings

You are chatting with your friend or walking when he or she suddenly stops to kiss you on the forehead. The kiss left you wondering, especially since you went back to normal as if nothing had happened.

Consider the quickness with which the kiss occurred in public.

All of these point to the fact that he or she likes you more than a friend. It is their way of admitting their romantic feelings for you. It might be that he or she isn’t good with words or maybe they aren’t brave enough to tell the truth.

But he or she hopes that this gesture shows what their real feelings are and perhaps you can reciprocate them too.

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Show of Comfort

The gesture could also be a way of comforting someone. Perhaps you are going through some tough times, and the best way the kisser expresses sympathy is by kissing you on the forehead.

Perhaps they want you to lean on their shoulders or their chest after the forehead kiss. He or she simply wants you to feel safe and to know that they won’t be taking advantage of your current vulnerability.

A Sign of Respect

Forehead kiss appreciation

Many times a kiss on the forehead is a sign of respect. His kiss is simply a promise not to harm or hurt you in any way.

Being kissed on the forehead is also a non-sexual way of showing one’s respect. To your partner, the forehead kiss is a way of telling you that you are not a sexual object, but a person who is cherished and adored.

An Expression of Appreciation

Occasionally, a forehead kiss can also convey appreciation. Whether it’s a friend or your partner, they may want to say thanks without using words, so he or she kisses your forehead instead. While they may not use words, in their heart and head what they’re really saying is, “I’m grateful for what you’ve done.”

Post Lovemaking Gesture

When you’ve just finished making love and your other half leans forward to give a soft kiss on the forehead, it’s a gesture that makes you melt.

In this scenario, it’s not hard to deduce what this kiss means. They are telling you that they loved your quality time and lovemaking and are pleased to have you in the most intimate way possible.

A Serious Commitment

When a guy kisses you on the forehead in front of others, he is likely staking his claim. He is showing the world that he is serious about the relationship and that you are involved with him. It’s an intimate gesture to demonstrate your closeness and others should know better than to pursue you.

A kiss on the forehead is also a way of conveying that he is in it for the long haul.


What does a forehead kiss mean

Not everyone is comfortable engaging in public displays of affection, or what we call PDA. Some couples are fine with PDAs while others avoid them altogether.

A forehead kiss can be a good compromise for couples who aren’t quite comfortable displaying their affection in public but want to remain touchy-feely even when in front of others.

A forehead kiss is viewed by many as a tasteful and sweet gesture. Even in a public place, it can be a way for each other to say goodbye or to express their feelings.

 A Lack of Interest

Many forehead kisses convey positive emotions, but some also signify something unwelcome. The other person may pull away in response to your intention to kiss on the lips, indicating a lack of reciprocity on their part.

A Way of Saying Things Have Changed

Sometimes forehead kisses also mean that things are not what they used to be. Perhaps you are used to kissing each other on the lips, but lately, your partner would just rather settle for a forehead kiss. It’s a sign that things have changed. Your partner sees you in a different light now as romantic feelings have already faded.

Many also give forehead kisses when saying goodbye after a breakup. It means that while there is some affection and even love, the feelings are no longer as deep or as romantic as before.

A Manipulative Move

Some men use forehead kisses to manipulate women.

This happens when they pretend to be the gentlest and sweetest men when they in fact only want you sexually. These men use the forehead kiss as a way of gaining one’s affection and trust before landing a kiss in more intimate parts of the body.

Sometimes men test their ability to get a woman into their bed. He wants to know if the person is careful and protective of herself. In many cases, forehead kissing is not really a sign of love or affection, but rather an action driven by lust.

A Meaningful Connection

Forehead kiss old couple

Forehead kisses aren’t limited to romantic relationships. Many people receive this kind of kiss from their parents, grandparents, siblings, and even friends. Forehead kisses, after all, also signify emotional fondness.

A Happiness-Inducing Gesture

Forehead kisses may convey different messages. And often they feel great and can make a person feel happy. But keep in mind that not all forehead kisses are motivated or will result in positive feelings. Some use it as a manipulation tactic while for others it’s their way of saying goodbye for good or that their feelings have changed.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve stuck with us to the end, you’ll see that there are many reasons a person would give a forehead kiss. To properly understand what it means, you have to focus on the context and possible feelings involved. In general, forehead kisses are associated with affection, protection, appreciation, and platonic feelings.

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