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Genesa Crystals – What Does It Symbolize?

Geometrical shapes and designs are present in all aspects of the universe. A few patterns can be found in all living organisms, and they connect one being with another. One type of geometric pattern that exists in all living beings is the eight-cell cluster. This design has been reformulated and developed as the Genesa Crystal, a shape which has various layers of meanings and is renowned for its powerful energies.

Origins and History of Genesa Crystals

The Genesa Crystal was discovered and invented by American agricultural geneticist Dr. Derald Langham.  Langham created his Genesa Crystal based on a recurring geometric pattern in cells. He noticed that all living organisms had eight-cell stages of development. After closely observing this pattern, Langham replicated the structure in his Genesa Crystal. For further analysis and research, Langham established the Genesa foundation in the 1950s. 

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The Genesa Crystal is a spherical octahedron cube, which has 14 faces, 6 squares, and 8 triangles. The crystal consists of 5 different types of platonic solids, or polygons, which have the same size, shape, and an equal number of faces meeting at the vertex.

The triangles of the crystal represent masculine energies or Yang. They are used to remove energy from a particular place or to transfer energy to a person in need.

The squares of the crystal symbolize femininity or Yin. They are used to attract energy to oneself or one’s surroundings. 

Uses of the Genesa Crystal 

Genesa Crystals can be used for various purposes depending on the distinct needs of the individual.

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The Genesa Crystal is predominantly used for meditation and yoga. It helps the practitioner develop greater concentration and focus. It also removes negative energy and replaces it with positive vibes, for the practitioner to feel rejuvenated and healed. 

Love and Peace 

Many people keep large Genesa Crystals in their homes to attract good energy. The crystal also fills the place with love and peace. In many countries, peace poles are kept in the streets, to promote tranquility and harmony. When the poles are topped with Genesa Crystals, the message is further amplified and intensified. 



The medical information on is provided for general educational purposes only. This information should in no way be used as a substitute for medical advice from a professional.

Genesa Crystals are great for spiritual and emotional healing. The crystal absorbs energy, purifies it, and radiates it back to the practitioner. The practitioner is then said to experience a surge of positive emotions when the Genesa energy hits them. 

Gems and crystals can also be kept on top of the Genesa for an intense healing experience. For example, rose quartz is placed to increase love, Italian Quartz for peace, Amethysts for intuition and perception, and Tiger Eye Citrine for prosperity and wealth. 


Genesa Crystals are used to balance feelings and emotions. The crystal is believed to regulate the mind to keep it healthy and under control.

Symbolic Meanings of Genesa Crystals

Genesa Crystals are highly sought after for their symbolic meanings and representations. 

  • Symbol of Harmony and Integration: Genesa Crystals are a symbol of harmony and integration. They help to connect the mind, body, and soul. They also bring unity and harmony to the external environment, by preventing conflict and strife. 
  • Symbol of Energy: Genesa Crystals are believed to be able to capture, purify, amplify, and radiate energy. They produce very high vibrations that can send energy across time and space. Genesa Crystals can also connect the energy of one organism to another, creating a bond between all living things. 
  • Symbol of Life: Genesa Crystals are a symbol of life, and their geometric patterns serve as the building blocks for all living organisms. 
  • Symbol of Infinity: Genesa Crystals are a symbol of limitlessness and infinity. They represent infinite love, faith, wisdom, energy, velocity, and time. 

Genesa Crystals for Gardens

Dr. Derald Langham placed a gigantic Rainbow Genesa Crystal in his garden, to see if it aided plant growth. He believed that Genesa Crystals would attract energy and transfer it back to plants, resulting in greener and healthier vegetation. Langham also noticed that certain crops in South America were planted in the same geometrical structure as Genesa Crystals. He observed that these plants had better growth and development than those without the crystal.  

Many gardens have emulated the technique of Dr. Derald Langham. For instance, the garden of Perelandra uses a Genesa Crystal to purify the air, prevent pests, and keep away frost. The owner of this garden believes that her plants are healthy due to the powerful vibrations and energy from the Genesa Crystal. 

Where to Buy Genesa Crystals?

Genesa Crystals and pendants can be purchased online. Etsy has a very good collection of Genesa Crystals in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can browse Genesa Crystal products here.

In Brief

The Genesa Crystal remains a slightly mystical, beautifully symmetrical shape that is believed to hold metaphysical properties. It can be kept in one’s home or garden to amplify positive energy and vibrations.

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