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Itchy Left Foot – What Does It Mean? (Superstitions)

Since ancient times, superstitions have existed about itching body parts, like your right foot, right hand, and nose. An itchy left foot also has a number of superstitions associated with it.

Unfortunately, the left side of the body has always been seen as the bad side, hence the reason left-handed people have been judged harshly throughout history. In the same way, to have two left feet means to be a bad dancer.

What this means is that superstitions connected to the left side of your body tend to carry negative connotations. If you’re left foot has been itching of late, here’s what it may mean. Be warned – it doesn’t bode well.

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Meanings of Itchy Left Foot

When we say someone has itchy feet, we tend to mean that they love to travel. Itchy feet is still a prevalent expression regarding wanderlust, meaning the desire to travel and to experience adventure.

But while itchy feet may mean to travel, the meanings of an itchy right foot versus an itchy left foot are very different. In contrast to having an itchy right foot, which may indicate impending travel, the need to prepare for a journey, and the likelihood of a financially rewarding journey, a left foot that itches indicates the opposite.

Here are some superstitions associated with an itchy left foot:

  • The location of the itch carries different meanings. Itching at the top of the left foot means that the voyage may not be joyful, while itching at the bottom of the left toe indicates that the journey may be fraught with losses. These misfortunes can have a human, monetary, or temporal component.
  • An itch on the left foot indicates that you’re about to go on a journey that will cost you dearly. Even if the journey itself is worthwhile, there will be a significant price tag attached to it. In addition to financial costs, it could have an impact on your emotional, mental, or spiritual well-being.
  • Some believe that if you have an itchy left foot, you’ll soon arrive at a distant land where you’ll be met with misery, sorrow, and suffering as a welcome.
  • If your left foot itches when you’re about to start a new venture like a new business, work, study, journey, or relationship, it’s a poor sign. Look for an alternative to your current employment, course of study, or business venture since you are likely to suffer the largest loss in your career and the greatest failure in your course of study or anything else you have just begun.
  • When you feel an itchy left foot in your dreams, it indicates that you are unable to break out of a rut due of the prohibitive price of doing so. It’s common to find ourselves in situations we didn’t intend to be in at any given point in our lives.

Natural Reasons for Itchy Feet

If you’re foot itches persistently, there could be a natural, health-related reason for this. Dry skin is one of the most prevalent reasons, as feet tend to become dry easily. In this case, using moisturizer can help alleviate the itch.

Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and athlete’s foot (fungal infection between the toes) are also reasons that feet can become itchy. You may need to visit your doctor to effectively treat such conditions.

For some people, allergies to various substances can cause itchy feet. This sort of itch usually goes away on its own.

Wrapping Up

If your left foot itches, it could mean that an insect has bitten you. Worse, it could signify a skin condition. But even so, it’s still fun to look into the superstitions behind an itchy left foot, regardless of whether they’re true or not.

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