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Karuna Reiki Symbols and Their Meanings

Karuna Reiki is a type of healing that is based on the principles of compassion, love, and empathy. Karuna is a Sanskrit word which means the empathetic actions of an individual to one who experiences pain. Practitioners of Karuna Reiki attempt to become one with the receiver for a smooth transmission of positive energy.

Karuna Reiki makes use of verbal chanting to create a healing vibration that penetrates deep into the mind and body. At its core, it’s about accepting, forgiving and understanding. Those who have been healed by Karuna Reiki say that they have experienced nothing of this magnitude before.

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This Reiki system was developed by William L. Rand and is considered to be more powerful than traditional Reiki, with its intense vibration and higher energy. Karuna Reiki is used along with Usui Reiki to connect individuals at the deeper level of the soul.  

Karuna Reiki symbols are found in various alternative medical practices, but the intentions behind their usage are distinct and unique in Reiki healing. Let’s take a look the most important Karuna Reiki symbols and their significance.


om symbol

Om is a sacred sound and symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The word is chanted during meditation or is used as an incantation at the beginning of a religious ceremony. Om is the very source of life itself, containing within it, the past, present, and future. It represents the universal life force energy, which flows inside all living creatures.

Om is used by Karuna Reiki healers to connect to the receiver on a deeper, spiritual level, transcending beyond time, place and distance. The symbol aids the practitioner to become one with the receiver, and treat their ailments, as though it was their own. Om is chanted during a Karuna healing session to cleanse and purify the mind, soul, and spirit.

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zonar symbol

Zonar is the first symbol that a Karuna Reiki healer learns to use, and is used to heal painful memories, trauma, and emotional scars in both the past and present. Zonar is considered to be one of the most powerful Karuna symbols because it penetrates deep into the mind and body to get rid of negative energy. It stretches all the way to the very root of the problem and provides support for deep, emotional healing.

This symbol is thought to even alter mental scars that are imprinted in the DNA and cells. The Zonar is the most useful symbol to remedy relationships, drug addiction, insecurities, and trauma.


Halu symbol

Halu is a Karuna Reiki symbol that is used in combination with Zonar to strengthen the Karuna healing process. Halu is used as a safeguard for preventing harmful energy from entering the mind and body.

This symbol has a pyramidical structure which provides all round protection from psychic and emotional manipulation and reacts to even the smallest strands of negative energy by forming a protective shield around the healer or receiver.  The symbol is particularly useful for throwing off the evil eye and thwarting undesired hypnosis.


Harth symbol

In Karuna Reiki, Harth is the symbol of love, compassion, and empathy. Harth is believed to be directly connected to higher spiritual entities such as Mary, Lakshmi, and Kwan Yin. This symbol taps into the feminine energy that is present within everyone.

The Harth symbol reveals feelings of care, protection, and empathy towards other fellow beings, and kindles the purest emotions of the soul to bring a positive and wholesome change. Harth is also evoked by Karuna practitioners to foster and develop feelings of self- love and confidence.


Rama symbol reiki

Rama is a Karuna Reiki symbol of balance and equilibrium. The symbol is a reflection of Lord Rama, an avatar of Vishnu in Hindu mythology. Hindus believe that Vishnu is continuously reborn on earth to restore balance between good and evil. The Rama symbol is evoked for a similar purpose, to bring balance within the body.

The Rama Reiki heals mental trauma by removing and clearing negative energy. It restores and rejuvenates the mind for a happier relationship with oneself and others. The Rama symbol also brings balance between the six main chakras and creates a harmony between the masculine and feminine energies within the body.


Gnosa symbol

The Gnosa Reiki symbol helps the practitioner to reach his/her higher spiritual self. The symbol clears the mind of unwanted thoughts and paves the way for intellectual and spiritual enlightenment, enabling a deep understanding of oneself and instigating awareness and intuition.

By activating the Gnosa symbol, the healing practitioner is aware of their duty and purpose to humanity. The Gnosa merges the conscious and unconscious mind to awaken a heightened sense of clarity and mindfulness within the practitioner.

This is one of the most important symbols in Karuna Reiki because it strengthens self- realization of the practitioner and supports the healing process.


Kriya reiki symbol

The Kriya symbol features two Usui Cho Ku Rei symbols facing each other. In Karuna Reiki, it’s evoked to materialize wishes and desires into realistic actions. It creatively works to transform ideas into the material world.

The Kriya serves as a connection between the mental and the physical realm. For those who have trouble fulfilling their goals, the Kriya symbol can be drawn on the crown chakras. The Kriya can also be meditated upon for deeper concentration and focus.

The symbol is considered to be feminine energy which provides encouragement and confidence to achieve one’s purpose.


Iava reiki symbol

The Iava symbol is used in Karuna Reiki to achieve a better perception of reality. It removes falsities and misconceptions to foster a greater clarity of thought and intuition.

The Iava is an important symbol to free the mind of confusion and emotional manipulation. The shape of the Iava symbol reflects the harmony between the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and spirit.

Meditating upon the Iava symbol calms the mind and brings greater clarity to ideas and perspectives, as it shatters false spiritualities, superstitions, and illusions, to prevent manipulation of the mind.


Shanthi symbol

Shanthi is the symbol of peace, calm, and tranquility. It is the last symbol to be learnt in the Karuna Reiki healing process. Shanthi is considered to be the most powerful Reiki symbol with its high level of vibration. It is used in Reiki healing to open up emotional traumas and heal them with peaceful thoughts.

The Shanthi symbol is very often used in meditation to rid the mind of fears and stress. Also, it’s believed that chanting the symbol in a rhythmic manner makes the atmosphere peaceful and harmonious. Shanthi can heal even the deepest of wounds and fill it with a bright, soothing light.

In Brief

Karuna reiki symbols meaning

Karuna Reiki can be used along with traditional Reiki for a more intense and powerful healing process. Those who’ve gone through the Karuna Reiki healing process consider it highly effective, as it teaches how to accept, forgive and understand.

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