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Mmere Dane – Symbolism and Importance

Mmere Dane is a West African Adinkra symbol representing the transience of all things as well as life’s dynamics.

Symbolism of Mmere Dane  

Mmere Dane is an Akan phrase meaning ‘time changes’ or ‘times change’. The symbol features an hourglass-like image with a horizontal line at its center and a circle behind.

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Created by the Akan people of Ghana, this symbol represents the transient nature of fortune or luck, and the temporariness of any situation. To the Akans, it’s a reminder that all things are transient and to be humble at all times.

It suggests that those who are fortunate should not boast since good fortune is never permanent. In the same way, as bad situations are also transient, those who are less fortunate should persevere.

Since nothing is permanent in life, humans should always be cooperative, humble, and hopeful in everything they do. It’s important for everyone to recognize this pattern in life and to appreciate it. It also encourages people to be supportive of each other.


What do the words ‘mmere dane’ mean?

These words mean ‘time changes’ in the Akan language.

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What does the symbol mean?

The Mmere Dane symbol represents the impermanence of life and everything in the world.

Mmere Dane symbol meaning

What Are Adinkra Symbols?

Adinkra are a collection of West African symbols that are known for their symbolism, meaning and decorative features. They have decorative functions, but their primary use is to represent concepts related to traditional wisdom, aspects of life, or the environment.

Adinkra symbols are named after their original creator King Nana Kwadwo Agyemang Adinkra, from the Bono people of Gyaman, now Ghana. There are several types of Adinkra symbols with at least 121 known images, including additional symbols that have been adopted on top of the original ones.

Adinkra symbols are highly popular and used in contexts to represent African culture, such as artwork, decorative items, fashion, jewelry, and media.

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