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Raku Reiki Symbol – Meaning and Importance

Raku (ra-koo) is a Reiki symbol used at the master level, or the final stage, of the Usui Reiki healing process. It’s a grounding symbol, also called the completion symbol or the fire serpent, and is used to ground and seal Reiki energies within the body.

Raku helps to evenly distribute Chi, or life-energy, stimulated during the Reiki healing process. Raku transports and channelizes Chi to the major Chakras on the spinal cord. The Raku symbol has a similar function to Savasana, which preserves the energy activated during a Yoga session.  

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In this article, we will be exploring the origins of the Raku symbol, its characteristics, and uses in the process of Reiki healing.

Origins of Raku

Raku Symbol wall art
Raku Symbol wall art. See it here.

The Raku symbol is not known or mentioned in older Japanese Reiki healing. Some Reiki practitioners believe that Raku originated in Tibet, and was introduced into Reiki by Iris Ishikuro, a revered Healing Master.

The symbol was brought into the western world by Arthur Robertson, a student of Master Ishirkuro. Irrespective of what Raku’s origins might be, it is considered one of the most effective and powerful of all Reiki symbols.

Characteristics of Raku

raku symbol
  • The Raku symbol is drawn in the shape of a lightning bolt that begins upwards from heaven, and leads downwards, to earth.
  • The lightening shape of the Raku symbol reflects the path and direction that chi travels in.
  • Raku can be imagined in any color, but most Reiki masters say it is predominantly visualized in pink or violet.

Uses of Raku

Raku is an important symbol of the Reiki healing process, with several uses attributed to it.

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  • To Ground a Practitioner/Receiver: The Raku symbol is used to contain the stimulated energy or Chi within the body of the practitioner or receiver. It’s a grounding symbol, that helps to adjust energy and bring the practitioner down to earth. This is why it’s used during the final state of Reiki healing.
  • Healing: Raku is a useful symbol for targeted healing, as it can heal very small places in the body and is proven to be an efficient method to treat kidney stones and blood clots.
  • Redirecting Negative Energy: Reiki healers who have mastered Raku can redirect negative energy outside the body. This is a complicated process and only a handful of Reiki practitioners are permitted to do so.
  • Separating Energy: The Raku symbol is used to separate the energy of the student from the master after the completion of a Reiki training session.
  • Detoxification: Raku healing activates energy in all the major chakras and does a complete detoxification of the body in 21 days. After this duration, the patient or receiver is re-energized and rejuvenated.  
raku symbolism

In Brief

The Raku healing symbol is a simple image but one that holds deep symbolism. The shape of the Raku represents its powerful properties, and the path of Reiki healing energy which travels from the top to the bottom. While it’s not always used in traditional Reiki healing, because of its relatively recent addition to the list of Reiki symbols, it continues to be a popular symbol and one that’s gaining more traction.

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