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Seal of Solomon – Symbolism, Meaning and Importance

The Seal of Solomon, also known as the Ring of Solomon, is believed to have been a magical seal owned by King Solomon of Israel. The symbol has its roots in Jewish beliefs but later gained importance among Islamic and Western occult groups. Here’s a closer look at the Seal of Solomon.

History of the Seal of Solomon

seal of Solomon
Seal of Solomon By Abraham von Franckenberg – Own work, Public Domain

The Seal of Solomon is the signet ring of King Solomon, and is depicted as either a pentagram or hexagram. It’s believed that the ring allowed Solomon to command demons, genies, and spirits, as well as the power to speak to and possibly control animals. Due to this ability and the wisdom of Solomon, the ring became an amulet, talisman, or symbol in medieval and Renaissance-era magic, occultism, and alchemy.

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The Seal is mentioned in the Testament of Solomon, where Solomon wrote about his experiences building the Temple. The Testament begins by telling the story of how Solomon received the Seal from God. Accordingly, Solomon prayed to God for help to help a master workman who was being harassed by a demon, and God responded by sending a magic ring with an engraving of a pentagram.

The story continues that with the ring, Solomon was able to control the demons, learn about them, and make the demons work for him. Solomon used the demons to build his Temple and then trapped them in bottles that were buried by Solomon.

Image of the Seal of Solomon

Basic seal of Solomon

The Seal of Solomon is depicted as either a pentagram or a hexagram set within a circle. It is worth noting that these are simply interpretations of the Seal of Solomon, as the exact engraving that was on King Solomon’s ring is unknown. Some view the pentagram as the Seal of Solomon, and the hexagram as the Star of David.

The standard Seal of Solomon is similar to the Star of David and is a hexagram within a circle. In fact, the hexagram form of the Seal of Solomon is believed to be derived from the Star of David. King Solomon wanted to improve the symbol he inherited from his father, King David.  The interwoven triangle design was chosen as it served as a visual talisman that provides spiritual protection and control of forces of evil.

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As mentioned above, a pentagram drawn similarly is also referred to as the Seal of Solomon with no distinction between the two drawings’ meanings or name.

Seal of Solomon variation
Sacred Seal of Solomon. Source.

Another variation to the Seal of Solomon is referred to as the Sacred Seal of Solomon, and is a more complex image. This symbol depicts a circle, and within this there are smaller symbols around the edge and a tower-like symbol in the center. The tip of the tower touches the heavens, and the base touches the ground representing the harmony of the opposites.

This representation of balance is why the Seal of Solomon is said to symbolize the links between science, beauty, and metaphysics while bringing in the elements of medicine, magic, astronomy, and astrology.

Current Use and Symbolism of the Seal of Solomon

Handmade Solomon seal ring by Drilis Ring Silver. See it here.

Based on the wisdom given to Solomon by God, the Seal symbolizes wisdom and divine grace. It is also said to reflect cosmic order, movement of the stars, the flow between heaven and earth, and the elements of air and fire. Other meanings associated with the Seal of Solomon are the same as those associated with the hexagram.

In addition to this, the Seal of Solomon is used during magic involving demons, for example, exorcism, and is still prevalent among people practicing magic or witchcraft. Medieval Christian and Jewish people put their trust in the Seal of Solomon to protect them from darkness and evil. Today, it’s commonly used among Western occult groups, as a symbol of magic and power.

 For some, especially within the Jewish and Islamic faiths, the Seal of Solomon is still used and is respected similarly to the Star of David.

Wrapping it All Up

The Seal of Solomon has a complicated history and is known for its mystical properties. Whether used for magic, religious significance, or to protect from evil, the symbol of the Seal of Solomon in its variations, remains an important and respected image among various religious groups.

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