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Sparrow Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

One of the most common birds in the world, the sparrow carries lots of superstitions and is associated with many legends, folklore and mythologies. Most recognized for its sharp beak and plump body, this little brown bird is adorable in tattoo designs. Let’s take a look at the symbolism of sparrows in tattoos, types of sparrow tattoos and the significance of this bird in various cultures.  

What Do Sparrow Tattoos Mean?

Sparrow symbolism

A Symbol of Self-Worth

Sparrows are a reminder of self-worth. The basis for this symbolism comes from Christianity, where the sparrow is mentioned several times in the Bible as a reminder of God’s care. Accordingly, two sparrows sell for a coin of small value, but God never forgets them. The story only shows that these small birds of such little worth are valued by God, so by extension, how much more would you be valued? Even though this has a religious context, a sparrow tattoo can also remind you to love yourself.

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Simplicity and Contentment

The sparrow might not catch the eye the way more colorful birds do, but they’re fascinating on their own. They just need a little amount of food and leave nothing to waste, reminding us to be content in the things that we already have. A sparrow tattoo can be a great reminder for you to focus on the good things in your life.

Joy and Compassion

Sparrows are fun-loving birds and they’re accomplished songsters, bringing joy to their surroundings. Like other birds, male sparrows sing to attract females and seem to always be in a good mood. It’s thought that dreaming of chirping sparrows would be a testament to someone’s joy despite the chaos they experience in his life. A sparrow tattoo can remind you to sing your song even when life gets hard.

Companionship and Friendship

These birds are very sociable, as we normally see them in the company of other sparrows, especially during the breeding season. Also, they love to nest in houses, trees and buildings. In some Native American cultures, it’s believed that sparrows were friends of the peasants and common people.

Persistence and Hard Work

If you’re observing these birds, you’ll know that sparrows are always on the move. From constantly building nests to feeding the young, they remind us to be more productive in life and be creative in solving our problems. No wonder, they’re associated with values like diligence, persistence and hard work. If you want to avoid procrastination, a sparrow tattoo is a great choice.

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A Symbol of Freedom

The bird’s capability of flying despite its small size associates it with freedom. On the other hand, dreaming of a caged sparrow is thought to signify repression, in which the goals, desires and dreams are controlled.

An Omen of Death

Before the 19th century, the British widely anthropomorphized birds, attributing characteristics to them. Unfortunately, sparrows were regarded as a bad omen of impending death, especially when they flew into one’s home. There was even a superstition that a person who saw the bird must kill it, or else it would bring death to them or their loved ones.

Sparrows vs. Swallows

swallows tattoo

These two birds are often confused as they’re both small in size, but there are many differences between these two varieties. Sparrows are smaller than swallows. You can distinguish the two by their colors, as sparrows have gray, brown and black plumage, while swallows typically have a bright blue color on the back. Also, sparrows have distinct markings on the head and a brown mottled plumage.

However, it can be tricky to differentiate them in black and white tattoos. As a rule of thumb, sparrows have a small, rounded tail—and it’s never forked or separated by a wide space like that of the swallow. Sparrows also have a stockier build and broader wings than swallows.

Types of Sparrow Tattoos

Sparrow tattoo

In spite of its small size, a sparrow has the ability to do wonders in tattoo designs. Whether you want to go big or stay small, here are some of tattoo designs to inspire you:

Realistic Sparrow Tattoo

A sparrow is a charming little bird, so why not depict its realistic image in your body art? A house sparrow generally has a grey crown and cheeks, while the Eurasian tree sparrow has a chestnut cap and whitish cheeks. Their pointed beaks, rounded eyes and tiny tails are adorable too! This tattoo design is perfect for those who want to make a visual impact on their body ink.

3D Sparrow Tattoos

If you want to take your sparrow tattoos to the next level, you can opt for 3D or hyper realistic designs. As the name suggests, it takes realistic designs into 3D versions as if they jump out at you. This technique is achieved with strategic detailing, highlights and shadows, making it photorealistic.

American Traditional Sparrow Tattoo

If you’re into an old school tattoo design, an American traditional sparrow features vivid colors, black outlines, less details and minimal shading. The color choice in this style is limited to simple colors, so expect browns, along with black and white.

Minimalist Sparrow Tattoo

Who says bird tattoos should be colorful and elaborate? Instead of taking its realistic depiction, think of a sparrow’s silhouette in a minimalist design. It’s a great way to express yourself without drawing too much attention. Also, a simple sparrow outline can make a bold statement just as strong as a full colored design. You can even have it in paintbrush strokes or in thin, delicate lines.

Patterned Sparrow Tattoo

If you want to infuse some art in your sparrow tattoo, think of incorporating different patterns, such as paisley, lace, checks, geometric shapes and tribal motifs. It reminds us of the Spirograph with mathematical roulette curves, yet it can be as creative as you want. It’s more approachable than a blackwork style tattoo, yet edgier than watercolor designs.

How the Sparrow is Viewed in Different Cultures

Sparrow in different cultures

Sparrows are found throughout the Americas, Europe, Northern Africa and Asia, and has appeared in literature for centuries across a variety of genres.

In European Culture

Apart from death omens, the bird has gained different symbolism in European literature. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, sparrows are used to denote lustful behavior. Also, in William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, the sparrow is used to refer to promiscuous behavior.

A great thing, the sparrow is also depicted as a loyal friend in the Grimms’ fairy tale The Dog and the Sparrow. The bird becomes a great friend of a starving dog, and even risks its life to steal bread and pieces of meat for the dog.

In Chinese Culture

During the rule of Mao Zedong in China, sparrows were regarded as a great pest, along with flies, rats and mosquitoes. These birds eat grains, which affected the crop production at the time. It’s said that there were hundreds of millions or billions of them, so the ruler commanded his countrymen to kill them.

Although they thought that the country would experience prosperity once these birds died, greater consequences occurred. While crop production increased for some time, there were several insect pests that appeared, which greatly affected the production of rice and other food staples.

Eventually, scientists discovered that sparrows were beneficial even if they were regarded by the Chinese as pests. While an adult tree sparrow eats grains, their babies eat insects. For this reason, Mao commanded to conserve these birds, as he later saw the value in them.

In Japanese Culture

The bird is the highlight of the traditional Japanese fable Shita-kiri Suzume, which translates as Tongue-Cut Sparrow. It tells the story of a kind man, his greedy wife and an injured sparrow. One day, the man had found an injured sparrow in the mountains, so he decided to take it to his home and help the bird recover.

During his absence, his wife discovered that the bird had eaten all of their grain, so she cut its tongue and sent it back into the woods. The man went searching for the bird and saved it, with the help of other sparrows in the forest. Before he left, the sparrows presented him a choice between a small basket and a large basket as a gift.

Since the small basket is lighter to carry, the man chose it over the heavy large basket. When he arrived home, he was surprised that it was filled with treasure. The wife knew that there was a larger basket, so she went into the forest in hopes of gaining more treasure for herself. The large basket was given to her by the sparrows, but she was instructed not to open it before returning home.

Greedy for the treasure, the wife opened it immediately and discovered it was full of deadly snakes. Surprised by the basket’s contents, she stumbled down the mountain and died. The moral of the story is that the purity of friendship overcomes jealousy, and the greed itself can lead to one’s misfortune and even death.

In Indian Culture

The Panchatantra, a collection of Indian animal fables, narrates a story about a sparrow that took its revenge on an elephant that destroyed its nest and eggs. With the help of a frog, a gnat and a woodpecker, the little sparrow successfully outwitted the powerful creature. The story highlights the value of teamwork and cooperation, as it’s said that the gnat buzzed in the elephant’s ear to close its eyes, while the frog lured the creature into a nearby pit.

In Middle Eastern Culture

These birds are abundant in Israel, especially the common house sparrow. During 301 CE, the inscription of Emperor Diocletian’s tariff law reveals that sparrows were used for food and they were the cheapest among birds. In the modern times, these birds are still sold in the markets of the Middle East as food and they’re commonly roasted like kebabs.

Celebrities with Sparrow Tattoos

Even if sparrow tattoos are less common, these little birds are meaningful and also gender neutral. In fact, the Game of Thrones’ star Lena Headey has several tattoos across her back and one of them is a sparrow. Her tattoo depicts the bird in flight, surrounded by flowers. Many fans speculate that it represents her freedom and hard work in pursuing her ambitions in life.

In Brief

Relatively common in both urban and rural areas, these little birds are often taken for granted. As we have learned, they can teach us valuable lessons in life. From being a symbol of self-worth to an embodiment of simplicity and contentment, a sparrow tattoo will serve as an inspiration in your life.

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