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Veldismagn – An Icelandic Magical Stave

Iceland is renowned for its rich heritage of magic and mythology. Many of these magical beliefs are represented through signs and symbols, which are an integral part of ritualistic traditions.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the symbolic meanings of Veldismagn, its characteristics, and the differences between Veldismagn and Vegvísir.  

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What is the Veldismagn?

veldismagn symbol

The Galdrastafir, or magical staves, are among the most important sigils from Nordic culture. They are used in everyday life to harness and regulate the various aspects of nature.

Of these, the symbol of Veldismagn is often overlooked but is one of the more important magical staves, and is used for strength, defense, protection and safe return from travels.

The Veldismagn is drawn with eight straight lines which meet at a central point. Each of these spokes contain runes along their length.

Veldismagn vs. Vegvísir 

Vegvisir symbol

Many people confuse the Veldismagn for the Vegvísir due to their similarity in appearance. Both are magical staves, but each has a different role and function.

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The Veldismagn is used predominantly as a protective charm for long journeys and travels. On the other hand, the Vegvísir acts as a symbol of protection from bad weather. The Vegvísir is drawn on Irish ships to protect the crew from storms.

However, both the Veldismagn and Vegvísir can be used for all round protection during a journey or trip.

Veldismagn Symbolism

Veldismagn pendant rune magic necklace
Veldismagn pendant rune magic necklace. See it here.

The Veldismagn is a symbol for protection, health and luck especially for travelers. Here’s why:

  • Symbol of protection: The Veldismagn is used as a protective charm for travelers. Travelers who tattoo the symbol onto their skin, or wear it as a chain around their neck, are said to be shielded and protected from danger.
  • Symbol of good health: The Veldismagn was traditionally drawn over the doors and windows of houses as a symbol of good health. It was believed that the Veldismagn prevents diseases and germs from entering the house.
  • Symbol of luck: The Veldismagn is used as a lucky charm by those who are going on long journeys or have challenging errands to complete.

In Brief

The Veldismagn symbol, while not as popular as some other Icelandic magical staves such as the Helm of Awe or the Vegvisir, is often featured in jewelry, as amulets and in modern tattoo designs. It’s positive and universal symbolism makes it an appropriate design for many occasions.

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