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Dreadful Possessions: 7 Most Terrifying Demons to Avoid

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Throughout history, demons have been feared for their power to possess and torment humans. While many are mentioned in ancient texts and grimoires, some stand out for their particularly dark reputations.

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Here’s a look at seven of the worst demons to be possessed by, each with a history of causing chaos and despair.

1. Pazuzu 

Pazuzu, from ancient Mesopotamian mythology, is a demon known for both his terrifying appearance and paradoxical role. As the lord of wind demons, he brings about storms, locust swarms, and droughts, devastating agriculture. 

Characterized by a humanoid body, a scorpion’s tail, and wings, Pazuzu embodies a fearsome figure. Feared for his ability to cause sickness and epidemics, he represents a dual threat of natural disasters and health crises. 

Being possessed by Pazuzu is particularly dreadful because of his power to inflict both physical ailments and mental torment, making him one of the most feared demons. Interestingly, despite his malevolent nature, people sometimes sought Pazuzu’s protection against other evil spirits, highlighting the complex dynamics with the supernatural in ancient times.

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2. Valac 

valid in the dictionnaire infernal
Value in the DIctionnaire Infernal

A demon that can control serpents, Valac stands out as one of the most terrifying entities to be possessed by. In grimoires like the “Lesser Key of Solomon,” he is described as a powerful demon who commands legions of spirits, emphasizing his significant influence and control in the demonic hierarchy.  

Valac has the ability to control, trick, and scare people using his snake helpers. He causes mental suffering and this, along with the physical risks from his snake minions, highlights why being possessed by him is seen as particularly horrifying.

3. Paimon

pain in the dictionnaire infernal
Pain as depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal

Paimon is one of the most formidable of all demons because of his high rank in the demonic hierarchy. As a King of Hell, Paimon has command over a vast number of demons, which places him in a highly powerful and influential position. 

Being possessed by Paimon has its benefits as he grants knowledge to those who summon him. But this comes with a high, often catastrophic cost. This knowledge is harmful, laced with the potential to corrupt, leading people down a path of destruction. His loud and thunderous voice can cause great unease or fear in those who hear it, making him all the more intimidating.  

In popular culture, notably in the horror movie “Hereditary,” Paimon’s portrayal highlights his desire for a human host to gain power in the physical world. This shows the extreme lengths he will go to achieve his goals. 

This depiction of Paimon has cemented his status as a symbol of ultimate evil, showing why he is one of the worst demons to be possessed by. 

4. Beelzebub 


Beelzebub, one of the most notorious demons, is feared for his immense power and high standing in Hell. He is sometimes considered equal to Satan.

His name, meaning ‘Lord of the Flies’, symbolizes negativity, including decay and destruction. Beelzebub encourages pride, rebellion, and adherence to misleading doctrines, diverting individuals from righteous paths.

His capability to inflict diseases heightens the fear surrounding him, as possession by Beelzebub can lead to harm not only to the mind or spirit but also to the physical body. The dread associated with Beelzebub stems from his capacity to damage an individual’s soul, cause mental anguish, and bring about physical suffering and chaos.

This combination of spiritual, mental, and physical distress renders Beelzebub a particularly dreaded demon, representing a multifaceted threat to human well-being.

5. Zozo 

zozo the demon

Zozo is a unique demon in that it doesn’t have a clear historical lineage. It’s a terrifying and feared entity, associated with modern paranormal folklore, especially surrounding the use of Ouija boards. Zozo comes through the board as practitioners try to to contact the underworld. 

Zozo targets Ouija board users, attaching to them and inducing prolonged psychological and emotional distress. Once a link has been established with Zozo, he lingers around. His main aim is to inflict harm. 

Reports of misfortune, depression, and various negative impacts are common among those who have encountered Zozo. This unpredictability and tendency to harm make him especially dreaded.

6. Asmodeus 

asmodeusu teh demon

Asmodeus is a feared demon, known for his association with lust, anger, and deception. He’s a well-known demon, and appears in popular grimoires and ancient texts. under his possession, individuals are influenced towards desires that are harmful, leading them to make poor decisions that damage their relationships and moral integrity. He escalates conflicts and intensifies anger, intensifying situations for all involved.

The prospect of being dominated by Asmodeus is alarming because people fear losing self-control, potentially engaging in actions that are harmful to themselves and others. 

Asmodeus is also infamous for disrupting marriages, fostering jealousy and hatred. His negative influence goes further than just behavior; it can deeply impact a person’s inner self, making it extremely difficult to break free from his control.

7. Baal

baal the demon

Baal, originally a title meaning “lord” used for various deities across the ancient Near East, was transformed within Judeo-Christian demonology into a representation of a formidable demon. 

In these later traditions, Baal is often depicted as a powerful leader among demons, associated with fertility but also with destructive forces such as storms and droughts. 

This dual nature makes him particularly dangerous, as possession by Baal can result in both physical devastation and spiritual corruption.

His ability to manipulate the natural elements means that those possessed might not only suffer from personal turmoil but could also unwittingly cause wider environmental and societal harm. He is also a demon that demands sacrifices, which can lead a person possessed by him to commit unthinkable acts, simply to appease the demon.  

Wrapping Up 

The stories of the worst demons to be possessed by are more than just frightening, they shed light on deep fears and important lessons in our cultures. These tales warn us about hidden forces and the darkness that might be within us. Whether you’re just curious or deeply interested in the occult, treat these stories as both interesting folklore and serious warnings. 

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