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Every Demon in the Ars Goetia: The 72 Demons of Solomon

The 72 demons of hell listed in the “Ars Goetia”, appear in the first section of the “Lesser Key of Solomon“, a grimoire on demonology. Compiled in the mid-17th century, this text, attributed to King Solomon, describes a system for invoking the 72 demons, harnessing their abilities, and ultimately controlling them.  

While some may view these demons with fear or skepticism, others see them as a profound testament to the human fascination with the unseen, the mystical, and the boundaries of knowledge and power. Here’s a detailed list of the 72 demons, their powers, importance, and their overall relevance today.  

A Brief Overview of the 72 Demons 

72 demons
72 demons. Source.

The demons in the Ars Goetia section of the Lesser Key of Solomon are not necessarily “evil” in the modern sense. Rather, they each have their own domains of expertise. Some can teach various arts or sciences, while others can find hidden things or tell of events in the past, present, or future. Each demon has a specific set of abilities and areas of knowledge. 

Hierarchy of the Demons 

The demons are organized hierarchically, with titles such as King, Duke, Marquis, President, and so on. These titles give an indication of their rank in the infernal hierarchy, but regardless of rank, their areas of expertise vary. 

Appearance of the Demons 

monstrous demon miniature
Monstrous demon. Source.

Each demon has a specific description or form they can take, ranging from monstrous to human-like. Some are described as powerful beasts, while others might appear as beautiful men or women. Every demon has a unique seal or sigil. These seals are crucial in rituals, as they are used to invoke and control the respective demon. 

Calling On the Demons 

demons of ars goetia package
Demons of Ars Goetia. Source.

The Ars Goetia provides detailed rituals for summoning these demons. There are protective measures and specific tools recommended, like the magical circle and triangle, to ensure that the magician remains safe throughout the ritual. The rituals usually involve using the demon’s seal and calling upon them with incantations. 

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While the “Ars Goetia” describes methods to control these demons, it’s repeatedly stressed that they are deceitful and can be dangerous. The grimoire warns of the dangers of invoking these entities. The magician must always be careful and respectful when working with these demons.  

So, who are these 72 demons? Let’s take a look at each of the demons and what we know about them.  

The 72 Demons of Solomon in the Ars Goetia  

1. King Bael   

bael demon statue
King Bael. Source.

The first principal spirit is King Bael, who rules over 66 legions of demons. He has three heads, those of a cat, a toad, and a human. Bael grants the invoker the ability to become invisible. In some sources, the names Baal and Beelzebub have been used interchangeably or conflated, but they are distinct entities in the context of the Ars Goetia. 

2. Duke Agares

demon duke agares

Duke Agares is the second spirit. Described as an old man riding a crocodile and carrying a hawk on his fist, this duke has the ability to cause earthquakes. He can also grant linguistic prowess to the invoker, return runaways and grant noble titles. He commands 31 legions of demons.  

3. Prince Vassago

demon prince vassago

Prince Vassago is the third spirit. Holding the rank of Prince, he is considered good-natured. He rules twenty-six legions of spirits and is summoned to tell magicians of past and future events, and to locate lost objects.  

4. Marquis Gamigin

demon marquis gamigin

Marquis Gamigin, the fourth spirit, is demon who takes the form of a small horse before transforming into a hoarse voiced human. He holds the title of Marquis. He teaches liberal sciences and arts and gives accounts of souls that have died in sin.  

5. President Marbas

demon president marbas

President Marbas, the fifth spirit, governs over thirty-six legions of demons. He appears as a great lion but can change into the figure of a man when requested by the conjurer. Marbas can offer knowledge about hidden or secret things. Holding the position of President, he can transform humans and is said to provide answers regarding health. He causes and heals diseases and also gives wisdom and knowledge in mechanical arts.  

6. Duke Valefor

demon duke valefor

Duke Valefor, the sixth demon, is a Duke depicted as a lion with the head of a man, or sometimes as a lion with the head of a donkey. He is known to tempt humans to steal and is in charge of a good relationship among thieves. He only governs 10 legions of demons.  

7. Marquis Amon

demon marquis amon

Marquis Amon, the seventh spirit, is a Marquis who governs over forty infernal legions. He can change into the shape of a man, but he appears like a wolf with a serpent’s tail, vomiting flames. His name comes from the god Amun, a major Egyptian deity. Amon can predict the future and reconcile controversies. He also helps friends and enemies to reconcile and brings about love. He can also enable the magician to summon and interrogate the spirits of those who drowned at sea.  

8. Duke Barbatos

demon duke barbatos

Duke Barbatos, the eighth spirit, grants the ability to understand the singing of birds, the barking of dogs, and the sound of water. He can reveal hidden treasures that have been hidden by the enchantment of magicians. Like Amon, he too helps friends and those who hold power to reconcile. Before he was cast out of heaven, Barbatos belonged to the angelic order of Virtues.  

9. King Paimon

king paimon demon
King Paimon. Source.

King Paimon, the ninth spirit, holds a King’s title. He is described as a handsome man riding a camel, preceded by men playing loud music and clashing cymbals. Sometimes, he or his camel wears a crown. He can teach all arts, philosophies, and sciences, and other secret things. He knows all the affairs of the world, making him one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable of the demons. Paimon can rekindle friendships. He is quite obedient to Lucifer.  

10. President Buer

demon president buer

President Buer, the tenth spirit, governs over fifty legions of demons. He is a cultured demon with an elevated sense of knowledge in philosophical subjects. He teaches natural and moral philosophy, logic, and herbal medicine. Buer is known to heal all health-related diseases. He has a strange appearance, described as having a lion’s head and five goats’ legs around his body that allow him to walk in every direction.  

11. Duke Gusion

demon duke gusion

Duke Gusion, the eleventh demon, can provide answers about past, present, and future events. He is depicted as a baboon or according to some, in the form of a Cynocephalus (dog-headed). He reconciles friendships and grants honor and dignity. Gusion can answer questions asked by the magician. He rules over forty legions of demons.  

12. Sitri

demon sitri

The twelfth spirit is Sitri.  He is depicted as a leopard with the wings of a griffin, but at the request of the conjurer can take the form of a very beautiful or handsome man. He can cause lust and erotic love, making men love women and vice versa. Holding a Prince’s rank, he is associated with igniting passions. He is a powerful prince of hell with sixty legions under his command.  

13. King Beleth

demon king beleth

King Beleth, the thirteenth demon, is a powerful leader in the underworld, with eighty-five legions of demons under his command. He’s often portrayed as a cat and is known for making people fall in love. He rides a warhorse, and a variety of music plays before he appears. Beleth tries to frighten the magician who has summoned him by first appearing fierce. This is to see if the magician is courageous. To command Beleth, the conjurer has to be brave and not show fear.   

14. Marquis Leraje

demon marquis leraje

Marquis Leraje is the fourteenth demon and has thirty legions of demons under his power. He is depicted as a gallant and handsome archer dressed in green, carrying a bow and quiver. He’s known for causing fights and problems in both our world and beyond.  

15. Eligor

demon eligor

Eligor, the fifteenth demon of the underworld, looks like a knight in armor, riding a strong horse. Ruling 60 legions of demons, he has two special abilities that make him different from most other demons. First, he finds hidden secrets and solutions to problems. Secondly, he gives helpers called ‘familiars’ who are spiritual aids to those who ask.  

16. Duke Zepar

demon duke zepar

Duke Zepar is the sixteenth demon, typically depicted with red clothes and armor, like a soldier. He’s famous for making men and women fall deeply in love with each other. As a Duke, he can make women barren and while he brings people together in love, he also stops families from growing. This mix of good and bad makes Zepar a very interesting character in the world of spirits. 

17. President Botis

demon president botis

Commanding sixty legions of demons, President Botis is the seventeenth on the list. He’s often described as a large viper, but he can also transform into a human with large teeth, two horns, and a bright, fiery sword in hand. With a title as grand as “President,” he has the ability to offer insights about past events, the happenings of the present, and even glimpses into the future. He can mend broken bonds, reconcile friendships, and even calm tensions between enemies.  

18. Duke Bathin

demon duke bathin

Duke Bathin, the eighteenth demon of the underworld, is pictured as a powerful figure riding a pale horse with a snake-like tail. This tail shows he’s both wise and can be dangerous. He has great knowledge about herbs and special stones, which is why many people seek his advice. He’s known for his unique skill: Moving people quickly from one country to another. Because of his knowledge and this special power, he’s a highly respected demon. He rules thirty legions of demons.  

19. Duke Sallos

demon sallos ornament
Duke Sallos. Source.

Duke Sallos, the nineteenth demon, rules thirty legions of demons. He is portrayed as a soldier riding a crocodile, wearing a crown. While many demons are associated with diseases or death, Sallos specializes in love. He has a pacifist nature and causes men and women to love one another.  

20. King Purson

demon king purson sculpture
King Purson. Source.

King Purson, the twentieth demon, holds a high rank in the supernatural world, like a king. He’s depicted as a majestic figure, riding a bear and is often shown with a group of musical spirits. Obeyed by twenty-two legions of demons, Purson has vast knowledge about hidden things and can give people helpful companions known as familiars. This makes him well-known and mysterious among the demons. He’s also known for being loyal and obedient to powerful figures in the demon hierarchy. 

21. President Morax

demon president morax

President Morax is the twenty-first demon, known for his wisdom and has thirty-six legions of demons. He’s often depicted as a man wearing a crown and carrying a scepter, signifying his authority and knowledge. He holds a high rank among demons with the title of President, showing his authority. Morax can teach people about arts, sciences, herbs, and precious stones. If you call on Morax, he can help you to understand complex things and gain knowledge in different areas. He is respected in the world of demons for his wisdom and guidance. 

22. Prince Ipos

demon ipos t-shirt
Prince Ipos. Source.

Prince Ipos is an Earl and powerful Prince of Hell with thirty-six legions of demons under his command. He’s known for showing people glimpses of the future and enhancing their intelligence. He can make men witty and valiant. He is commonly depicted with the body of an angel with the head of a lion, the tail of a hare, and the feet of a goose, less frequently in the same shape but with the body of a lion, and rarely as a vulture. 

23. Duke Aim

demon duke aim vinyl sticker
Duke Aim. Source.

Duke Aim, the twenty-third demon, is a charming and enigmatic entity. He is typically portrayed as a handsome and charismatic figure. Aim possesses a unique and valuable talent; he can enhance the wit and intelligence of those who seek his influence, making them quick thinkers and bringing humor to dull situations. He commands no specific number of legions of demons, which adds to his mystique and influence within the supernatural realm. His power to grant intellect and humor makes him a sought-after entity, often called upon by those seeking a mental and comedic edge. 

24. Marquis Naberius

demon marquis naberius

Marquis Naberius, the twenty-fourth demon, holds the title of the bravest Marquis in Hell, commanding nineteen legions of demons. Naberius specializes in making people skilled in various arts, especially rhetoric, although his voice is hoarse. He can both restore lost honors and cause their loss, a contradiction in his powers. Naberius appears in two forms: a three-headed dog or a raven, with a harsh voice that contrasts his pleasant demeanor. He conveys knowledge about graceful living and is often depicted as a crow or a black crane. Naberius is also known as cerberus. There’s speculation that he could be the same figure as Hade’s hellhound Cerberus, but it’s not clear if this is the case. 

25. President Glasya-Labolas

demon glasya-labolas

President Glasya-Labolas, the twenty-fifth demon in Hell’s hierarchy, is quite powerful. He leads thirty-six legions of demons and is known for causing violence and bloodshed. He knows about past and future events and can even make people like, dislike, or even love one another. Sometimes, he encourages people to commit murder, and he can make someone invisible. He’s often drawn as a dog with griffin wings, which makes him look powerful and fearsome. 

26. Buné

demon bune sculpture
Duke Buné. Source.

Buné is a strong demon leader in Hell, commanding thirty legions of demons. He can do something unusual, which is to move the souls of the dead and turn them into his obedient demons. Buné also gives people the gifts of speaking well, wisdom, and riches. He speaks with a pleasant high voice and looks like a three-headed dragon, with the heads of a dog, a griffin, and a man (though some say he has two dragon heads and one human head). 

27. Marquis Ronove

demon marquis ronove

Marquis Ronove is the twenty-seventh demon. He holds the titles of Marquis and Great Earl, leading twenty demon legions. Ronove is a master of art, particularly in teaching rhetoric and languages. He can provide trustworthy servants and earn the affection of both allies and enemies. While his appearance is described as monstrous with a staff, specific details are missing. He’s known to collect the souls of aging humans and animals close to death

28. Duke Berith

demon duke berith

Duke Berith, also known as Baal-berith, is a formidable Duke of Hell and the twenty-eighth demon on the list. He commands twenty-six demon legions. He offers knowledge of past, present, and future, and can transform metals into gold. To communicate with him, it’s said that one must wear a silver ring as a sign of respect. Depicted as a red-clad soldier on a red horse, he’s said to be especially powerful in the month of June.  

29. Duke Astaroth

demon astaroth design t-shirt
Duke Astaroth. Source.

Duke Astaroth, the twenty-ninth demon, rules 40 demon legions and has vast knowledge on liberal sciences and divine secrets. Often depicted as a winged, crown-wearing man holding a serpent, Astaroth seduces through laziness, vanity, and twisted philosophies. He also teaches math, crafts, offers invisibility, leads to treasures, and grants control over snakes. His name might derive from the goddess Asherah or Astarte. 

30. Marquis Forneus

demon marquis forneus

The thirtieth demon, Marquis Forneus, is esteemed for his expertise in art and communication. He has the ability to make those who summon him cherished by both allies and enemies. A prominent Marquis in Hell, Forneus oversees twenty-nine demon legions. He gives individuals a reputable name and earns them affection from both friends and enemies. Often depicted as a massive sea creature, his name likely derives from the Latin word “fornus,” meaning “oven.” 

31. President Foras

demon president foras

President Foras is the thirty-first demon, presenting as a powerful man in human form. He gives knowledge about the properties of herbs and gemstones. Knowledgeable in teaching logic and ethics, Foras can grant people certain abilities like invisibility, longevity, eloquence, and the discovery of hidden treasures or retrieval of lost items. He commands 29 legions of spirits, and it’s said that wearing his seal is recommended for those who summon him. 

32. King Asmodeus

demon asmodeus miniature
King Asmodeus. Source.

King Asmodeus, also known as Ashmodai and other variants, is depicted as the powerful king ‘Asmoday’ in the Ars Goetia, holding the thirty-second rank. He can offer mathematical insights, grant invisibility, and unveil hidden treasures. He’s often portrayed with three distinct heads resembling a bull, a man, and a ram. With a serpent-like tail and fire springing from his mouth, he rides a hellish dragon and wields a lance with a banner. He controls seventy-two subordinate spirits. 

33. Prince Gaap

demon prince gaap

Prince Gaap is a prominent Prince and President of Hell, leading sixty-six demon legions. The thirty-third demon and recognized in The Lesser Key of Solomon, he’s a ruler of specific regions in Hell and Earth, guiding four demon kings. He can invoke love or hatred, render people invisible or unaware, transport beings instantly across nations, and provide answers about time. Some believe he can also induce ignorance. He’s often shown in human form. 

34. Count Furfur

demon count furfur

Count Furfur is the thirty-fourth demon and a significant Earl of Hell, governing twenty-six demon legions. Although he often speaks falsely, he provides genuine answers within a magical triangle. He initiates love between individuals, conjures storms and reveals mysteries of the divine. Furfur is portrayed as a winged deer or an angel.  

35. Marquis Marchosias

demon marquis marchosias

Marquis Marchosias, the thirty-fifth demon, is renowned for his combat skill and leads thirty demon legions. He’s a potent and adept warrior, known for providing accurate answers to any inquiries. He once wanted to rejoin the Seventh Throne of Heaven but is now a demon in Hell. In spite of his hopes of re-ascending to heaven after 1,200 years, he remains deceived. He’s depicted as a wolf with human features, griffin wings, and a serpent tail, but can transform into a human upon request.  

36. Prince Stolas

demon prince stolas

Prince Stolas holds the thirty-sixth position and is frequently depicted as either a raven or an owl with long legs and a regal crown. This depiction reflects his deep wisdom and authority as he commands twenty-six formidable demon legions. He has intricate knowledge about the Earth’s bounties, specializing in the medicinal and mystical properties of various plants and the hidden powers of precious gemstones. This demon, while powerful, is mainly invoked for his vast knowledge and insight. 

37. Marquis Phenex

demon marquis phenex

Marquis Phenex, the thirty-seventh demon, commands twenty legions and is celebrated for his mastery in various sciences, poetry being his forte. He appears as a singing phoenix with a youthful voice. Summoners should approach him with caution because his captivating melodies have the power to bewitch people. If invoking him, it’s best not to do it alone. Avoid listening to his singing, and demand that he takes on human form, so that he can be controlled. With consistent urging, he usually agrees. Like Marchosias, he too hopes to return to hell after 1200 years. 

38. Count Halphas

demon count halphas

Count Halphas, also known as the thirty-eighth demon, has a reputation for constructing towers and stocking them with arms and weaponries. Often referred to as Malthus, Malthas, or Malthous, he is an Earl in Hell who governs 26 demon legions. With a distinctive raspy voice, Halphas is typically represented as a stork. He’s also known to send his armies to fight or to certain places as instructed by higher-ranking demons. 

39. President Malphas

demon president malphas

President Malphas, recognized as the thirty-ninth demon, has the power to construct houses, towers, and fortresses, and dismantle enemy structures. Overseeing forty demon legions, he can sense and thwart enemies’ plans and provides helpful spirits to those who call him. Often depicted as a crow, he can turn into a human if asked and has a rough voice.  

40. Count Raum

demon count raum

Count Raum, the fortieth demon, has the power to take treasures from the houses of kings and ruin cities. Leading thirty demon legions, Raum is usually seen as a crow but can become human if asked. He is known to diminish the dignity of men. He also has insights into the past, present, and future and can mend relationships or spark affection. 

41. Focalor

demon focalor artwork
Duke Focalor. Source.

Focalor, the forty-first demon, is a mighty Duke of Hell who governs three or thirty legions of spirits. Found in The Lesser Key of Solomon among the 72 goetic demons, he is described as a man with griffin wings. He has the power to end lives, cause drowning, and destroy warships. However, when directed by a summoner, he doesn’t cause harm. With dominion over both wind and sea, Focalor once hoped to ascend to heaven after a thousand years but was deceived. 

42. Vepar

demon vepar

Vepar, the forty-second demon of hell, commands twenty-nine legions of demons. This duke presides over waters, guiding ships armored with weaponry and ammunition. On request, Vepar can churn the seas, creating storms and illusions of numerous ships. He holds the power to afflict men with festering wounds that can lead to death in three days, causing worms to breed in them. However, when asked, he can reverse this instantly and heal the sufferer. Vepar is often depicted as a mermaid

43. Sabnock

demon sabnock

The forty-third demon, Sabnock, also known by various names such as Sab Nac and Salmac, is a powerful Marquis of Hell. Commanding an army of 50 demon legions, he’s known for building grand cities, castles, and towering structures, equipping them with arms and ammunition. He also has the power to inflict men with wounds filled with worms or turn them gangrenous. Often appearing as an armored soldier, Sabnock has the head of a lion and majestically rides a pale horse. 

44. Shax

demon shax

Shax, the forty-fourth demon, is a distinguished Marquis of Hell who commands 30 demon legions and is often depicted as a stork. He’s known for his deceitful nature, and he pilfers treasures from royal chambers, redistributing them among commoners. He can also expose hidden things and grant reliable familiars. When confined in a mystical triangle, his usual gravelly voice turns enchanting, compelling him to reveal truths.  

45. Count Vine

demon count vine

Count Vine is both an Earl and a King in the demonic hierarchy, overseeing 36 demon legions. The forty-fifth demon, he’s gifted with the ability to distinguish the past, present, and future. He’s portrayed as a lion clutching a snake while riding a dark horse. He excels in unearthing hidden objects and identifying witches. Vine wields the power to conjure storms, and agitate waters, and has a knack for both demolishing walls and building towers.  

46. Bifrons

demon bifrons

Bifrons, known as the forty-sixth demon, is an Earl commanding six legions. He enlightens on arts and sciences and has knowledge about the properties of gems, woods, and herbs. He also has the power to move corpses and can even make graves appear illuminated with candle-like lights. Initially manifesting as a monstrous figure, he can transform into a human shape. His name is believed to have roots in the Roman god, Janus

47. Vual

demon vual

Vual, the forty-seventh demon, is a powerful Great Duke, leading thirty-seven demon legions. He grants affection from women, fosters friendship among both allies and enemies, and has the ability to reveal events from the past, present, and future. Vual initially presents himself as a dromedary but later shifts into a human shape. He speaks using the Egyptian tongue, though not flawlessly, and has a distinctively deep voice. 

48. Haagenti

demon haagenti

Haagenti, holding the forty-eighth rank, oversees thirty-three demon legions as a President of Hell. He gives wisdom to individuals by educating them in various subjects, has the power to turn any metal into gold, and can interchange water and wine. He’s portrayed as a large bull with griffin wings and can assume a human form if summoned to do so. 

49. Procell

demon procell

Procell, also known as Crokel or Crocell, is the forty-ninth demon, taking the form of a mysterious angel who often communicates in cryptic ways. Once belonging to the Powers, he now stands as a Duke in Hell, overseeing 48 demon legions. When called upon, he imparts knowledge of geometry and other arts. He has the ability to warm waters, mimic the sound of flowing streams, and unveil hidden natural baths. 

50. Furcas

demon furcas artwork
Furcas Demon. Source.

Furcas, the fiftieth demon, is portrayed as a stern, aged man, his lengthy beard billowing like ancient scrolls. He rides a ghostly pale horse, brandishing a razor-sharp weapon, a symbol of his dominion over knowledge. Respected as a sage, Furcas bestows knowledge in practical philosophy, fluent rhetoric, and the arts of logic and astronomy. He’s also a seer through chiromancy and pyromancy, interpreting the secrets of hand and flame. He rules twenty formidable legions of lesser demons. 

51. Balam

demon balam

Balam is the fifty-first demon, overseeing over forty demon legions. This three-headed demon looks like a man, a bull, and a ram, with eyes that burn with fire and a snake-like tail. Known to offer precise insights into the past, present, and future, Balam also grants individuals the ability to become invisible and sharpens their wit. He is often depicted as a robust bear, with a hawk perched on his hand. In some depictions, he appears as a naked man on a bear.  

52. Allocer

demon duke allocer

Allocer, is the fifty-second demon, holding the esteemed title of Great Duke of Hell, commanding a force of thirty-six demon legions. He’s known for leading people down sinful paths and he also bestows knowledge on the arts and the celestial secrets. Johann Weyer paints a vivid picture of Allocer as a knight, riding a gargantuan horse, his face bearing lion-like features with a flushed hue and intense, fiery eyes.  

53. Caim

demon caim tank top
Caim Demon. Source.

Caim, the fifty-third demon, is a prominent President of Hell. Overseeing thirty demon legions, he bestows the ability to understand animal voices and predicts the future. Initially appearing as a thrush, he transforms into a man wielding a sharp sword, often standing on smoldering ashes. The title “President” hints at a leadership role similar to a college head.  

54. Duke Murmur

demon duke murmur

The fifty-fourth demon, Duke Murmur, is both a Great Duke and an Earl in Hell, commanding thirty demon legions. He communicates knowledge in Philosophy and can summon the spirits of the dead to answer questions. Murmur appears as a soldier atop a vulture or griffin, wearing a ducal crown. He’s heralded by two ministers sounding trumpets. His name refers to soft sounds, emphasizing the association with whispered secrets and the trumpet’s call. 

55. Orobas

demon orobas

Orobas, the fifty-fifth demon, is a potent Great Prince of Hell who commands twenty demon legions. He gives truthful insights into the past, present, future, divinity, and the world’s creation. Orobas also bestows titles and positions and can influence both friends and enemies. He’s loyal to those who summon him and protects them from deceptive spirits. He initially appears as a horse but can transform into a man upon request. 

56. Gremory

demon gremory

The fifty-sixth demon, Gremory, is a powerful Duke of Hell ruling twenty-six demon legions. He reveals knowledge of the past, present, future, and hidden treasures. He can attract the affection of women, particularly young maidens. Gremory takes the form of an attractive woman wearing a duchess’s crown around her waist and riding atop a camel. 

57. Ose

demon ose

Ose, also known as Oso, is the fifty-seventh demon and President of Hell, commanding three legions. As a high-ranking demon, he can transform humans into any shape, making sure they believe they have truly become the creature they’re morphed into. Ose provides insight into divine and secret knowledge, revealing the mysteries of the universe. He often manifests as a leopard. However, if asked, he can take on a more human form.  

58. Amy

demon amy

Amy, sometimes known as Avnas, ranks as the 58th demon and holds the title of President. He appears as a fiery blaze, but later assumes a human form. Skilled in astrology and the liberal arts, Amy can make people exceptionally knowledgeable in these domains. He provides excellent familiars and reveals treasures guarded by other spirits. With thirty-six legions under his control, he straddles the realms of angels and potestates.  

59. Orias

demon orias

The fifty-ninth Great Marquis of Hell, Orias, oversees thirty legions of demons. He’s proficient in cosmic secrets, he imparts wisdom about the celestial bodies and their effects according to zodiac signs. Not only can he bestow honors and ranks, but he also holds sway over both alliances and conflicts. He has the unique capability to morph individuals into any chosen shape. He’s typically described as appearing as a lion with a serpent’s tail.  

60. Vapula

demon vapula

Vapula is the sixtieth demon and rules over a legion of thirty-six demons, showcasing his might and authority. Among his unique abilities, he imparts knowledge in the realms of philosophy, mechanics, and various sciences. Vapula helps people who want to learn about deep thinking and how things work. As a demon of great intellect and influence, he is often depicted as a creature with the majestic form of a lion, adorned with the wings of a griffin.  

61. Zagan

demon king zagan
Zagan Demon. Source.

Zagan, the sixty-first demon, holds the titles of Great King and President, with authority over thirty-three legions of demons. He bestows intelligence upon people and performs incredible transformations, like changing wine into water or blood into oil. One of his unique powers is the ability to turn metals into coins made of the same metal. Zagan is typically represented as a creature with griffin wings and a bull’s body, which can transform into a human appearance over time. 

62. Valac

demon volac valac altar cloth
Valac Demon. Source.

Valac, the sixty-second demon, is a Great President, leading thirty legions of demons. He is known for providing accurate information about concealed treasures. He also has the ability to locate serpents and present them safely to the conjurer. Valac takes on the form of a young, impoverished boy with angelic wings, riding a two-headed dragon. 

63. Andras

demon andras print
Andras Demon. Source.

The sixty-third demon, Andras, is a Great Marquis of Hell, commanding thirty legions of demons. His purpose is to sow discord among people. In the Ars Goetia, Andras is described as having a winged angelic body with the head of an owl or raven. He rides a powerful black wolf and wields a sharp, bright sword.  

64. Flauros

demon flauros

Flauros, the sixty-fourth demon, is a Great Duke, ruling thirty-six legions of demons (or twenty in some sources). He reveals truthful answers about the past, present, and future, but it’s said that he must be confined to a magic triangle to prevent deception. Inside the triangle, he shares insights about divinity, the world’s creation, and his fellow fallen angels. Often depicted as a fierce leopard, he can transform into a man with fiery eyes and a fearsome expression.  

65. Andrealphus

demon andrealphus

Andrealphus, also known as Androalphus, is listed as the 65th demon. Depicted as a Marquis resembling a loud peacock, he’s skilled in astronomy and geometry. He commands thirty demon legions and can transform men into birds. In the Goetia, he has similar qualities but also gives expertise in measurements. 

66. Kimaris

demon kimaris

Kimaris is the sixty-sixth demon, pictured as a warrior on a black horse. He can find hidden treasures, teach grammar, logic, and rhetoric, and turn a man into a similar warrior. He’s a marquis with 20 legions serving him and oversees all spirits in Africa. 

67. Amdusias

demon king amdusias

Amdusias, the sixty-seventh demon, commands 29 legions of demons. He looks like a human with clawed hands and feet, a unicorn’s head, and carries a trumpet. He’s linked with thunder, and his voice is heard during storms. Some say trumpets sound when he appears, and he can play invisible instruments. He’s responsible for the loud music in Hell and can bend trees as he wishes. 

68. Belial

demon belial statue
Belial Demon. Source.

Belial is the sixty-eighth demon. He’s a King in Hell who leads 130 legions, including demons and spirits. He was the first angel created after Lucifer. He can give out important positions to men and provides helpful familiars if needed. It’s said that those who want to get honest answers from him, must give him offerings or gifts. Belial is often depicted with a menacing appearance, having dark, fiery eyes, sharp horns, and cloaked in shadows. 

69. Decarabia

demon decarabia statue
Decarabia Demon. Source.

Decarabia, the sixty-ninth demon, is called a Great Marquis of Hell in some sources, while others label him a King and Earl. He commands thirty demon legions. Decarabia knows the properties of all herbs and gems and can transform into any bird, mimicking its song and flight. Typically shown as a pentagram star, he can become a man if asked by the summoner. 

70. Seir

demon seir

The seventieth demon, Seir, is a Prince of Hell who leads 26 demon legions. He can quickly travel anywhere on Earth to fulfill a summoner’s wishes, help find treasures, or assist in theft. Unlike many demons, he’s not evil but rather good-natured and neutral. He’s shown as a handsome man on a winged horse. Historically, Seir has been summoned for his ability to guide and inform.  

71. Dantalion

demon dantalion statue
Dantalion Demon. Source.

The Seventy-first demon is Dantalion, a powerful Duke with the unique appearance of a man displaying various male and female faces, clutching a book in his right hand. He bestows knowledge in all arts and sciences, reveals deep secrets, and can influence anyone’s thoughts. Dantalion can also foster love, replicate anyone’s appearance, and present visions of them, regardless of their location. He commands 36 Legions of Spirits.  

72. Andromalius

demon andromalius

Count Andromalius, the seventy-second demon is a powerful Earl who’s depicted as a man holding a big snake. He can retrieve stolen items, find the thief, reveal deceit or hidden wrongdoings, and punish those who commit crimes. Andromalius can also locate hidden treasures. He leads 36 legions of spirits and has a specific seal that can be worn for connection. 

Are the 72 Demons Evil? 

72 goetia demons
72 demons of Solomon. Source.

The 72 demons of Solomon showcase a wide range of abilities, from imparting knowledge to influencing emotions and even causing destruction. These abilities don’t label things like love or knowledge as negative. Instead, they suggest that aspects of life, such as love or information, have both positive and negative sides. 

These demons are like tools in a toolbox. Just like a hammer can build or break, they represent different aspects of life and how they can be used or misused. The stories about these demons teach people to use such “tools” wisely and carefully. 

Importance of the 72 Demons Culturally 

ars goetia demon cards
Demon of Ars Goetia. Source.

Culturally, the demons play a crucial role. They offer a window into historical perceptions of power, morality, and the unseen world. By studying them, we can understand ancient beliefs, fears, and hopes, as well as the moral lessons of the time. 

What’s more, the demons highlight the human desire to understand and possibly control the mysteries of the universe. The fact that they’ve been discussed and revisited over centuries indicates their lasting impact on human culture and our fascination with the unknown. 

Do People Try to Summon the Demons Today? 

techniques of solomonic magic book
Techniques of Solomonic Magic. Source.

Yes, there are individuals and groups even today who take an interest in the 72 demons of Solomon. Solomonic magic is still practiced in various regions of the world. For those who believe in the magic and power of the demons, they are seen as dangerous entities that should be taken seriously and treated with respect. They may engage in these rituals with the aim of summoning demons for various purposes.  

While modern adaptations in movies, music, and literature might present these entities in a light-hearted or fictionalized manner, for many, these demons hold profound spiritual, historical, and esoteric significance.  

Wrapping Up

The 72 demons of Solomon continue to captivate and intrigue individuals across generations. To some, it’s a journey into pop culture and fantasy; for others, it’s a deeply serious exploration of the unknown.

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