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Ba Symbol of Ancient Egypt – What Was It?

The Ba is one of the more visually strange Egyptian symbols as well as a less frequently used image. That’s because it had a very specific purpose, compared ...

Hindu Symbols – Origins and Symbolic Meaning

Hinduism is a religion rich with iconic symbols that represent the teachings, philosophies, gods and goddesses of the faith. Many of these symbols have made ...

Zoroastrian Symbols – Origins and Symbolic Meaning

Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world and is often considered the world’s first monotheistic religion. As such, it holds a ...

The Symbolic Meaning of the Paisley Pattern (Boteh Jegheh)

The Paisley pattern is one of the most popular and beautiful motifs, holding an important place in the symbolism of Zoroastrianism. While it might look just ...

Uraeus Symbol – What Was It and What Did It Mean?

The Uraeus symbol is one most of us have seen in its 3D form but it’s rarely represented in two dimensions nowadays. If you’ve ever seen an Egyptian ...

What is the Hedjet Symbol (Crown)?

The Hedjet is an ancient Egyptian symbol that isn’t technically a hieroglyph but is widely recognizable and very symbolic nevertheless. Referred to as the ...

Labyrinth Symbol and Meaning

The history of the labyrinth can be traced back over 4000 years. The ancient designs are complex, almost playful and yet highly meaningful. Although the ...

Scarab Symbol – How the Dung Beetle Became the Most Popular Symbol of Egypt

The scarab is one of the most frequently seen symbols in Egyptian culture, mythology, and hieroglyphics. That’s hardly surprising given how common the ...

What Is Ichthys Symbol – History and Meaning

One of the earliest symbols of Christianity, the “ichthys” or “ichthus” consists of two intersecting arcs, creating a fish shape. However, the fish symbol ...

What Is Meander Symbol – History and Meaning

One of the most common elements in Greek and Roman art, the meander symbol is a linear geometric pattern commonly used as a decorative band on pottery, ...

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