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Sobek – Egyptian Crocodile God

Sobek, the crocodile god, was an important figure in Egyptian culture, connected to the river Nile and the crocodiles that inhabited it. He had to do with ...

Vergina Sun – Meaning and Symbolism

Known as the Vergina Sun, the symbol of a stylized sun or star can be found on coins, walls, craters, vases, and visual arts from Ancient Greece. The symbol ...

World Triad: Meaning and Symbolism

One of the most common yet most mystical symbols is the world triad, found in different cultures. The symbol consists of a circle within which are three ...

Elysian Fields (Elysium) – Paradise of Greek Mythology

The Elysian Fields, also called Elysium, is a paradise in Greek Mythology. Initially, Elysium was only open to humans who had some connection to heroes and ...

Hellen – Ancestor of All Hellenes

In Greek mythology, Hellen was the mythical ancestor of all ‘Hellenes’, the true Greeks who were named after him in his honor. He was the King of Phthia and ...

Harmonia – Greek Mythology

A minor Greek goddess of the pantheon, Harmonia is famous for marrying Cadmus, a mortal hero and the first king and founder of the city of Thebes. Harmonia ...

Ajax the Great – Greek Mythology

Ajax, the son of Periboea and King Telamon, is one of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology. He played an important role during the Trojan War and is often ...

Seven Against Thebes – Greek Mythology

Many authors have shared the stories of Greek mythology with the world through their tragedies, and several plays narrate the events of the Seven Against ...

Telemachus – Son of Odysseus

In Greek mythology, Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, is known for his search for his father and for helping him recover his throne. The story of Telemachus ...

Admetus – Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, there many remarkable kings with prominent stories. Although King Admetus may not be one of the most famous characters, he is perhaps ...

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