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Best Flowers for Anniversaries (A Handy List)

Flowers are popular anniversary gifts due to various reasons. For one, they exude great beauty and fragrant scent that can brighten anyone’s day. Aside from that, they also have symbolic meanings that can help convey your heartfelt emotions. To give you a better view, here is a list of the best flowers for anniversaries along with their meanings.


Sweet hummingbird bouquet
Sweet hummingbird bouquet with Pink Carnations. Check price on Teleflora.

For years, carnations have been used to symbolize young and passionate love due to their youthful and vibrant blossoms. Because they represent the beginning of love, these beautiful flowers are considered the first wedding anniversary flower. When given to your special someone, the flower conveys your promise of commitment and happiness for the years to come. 

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Keep in mind that carnations come in various hues, and they express different meanings, depending on their color. For example, red carnations signify deep love, while the white varieties represent undying devotion and pure love. You can also give pink carnations to express your heartfelt emotions because the flower conveys a sweet message that says I’ll never forget you

Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley

With its elegant blossom and fragrant scent, the lily of the valley will surely put a smile on your special someone’s face. Aside from that, this flower also conveys a heartwarming message that can melt anyone’s heart. 

Generally, the lily of the valley is used to represent purity and humility; however, it can also symbolize the strong bond and devotion of two people. For this reason, this delicate blossom is used to celebrate continual love, and it is considered the second wedding anniversary flower. Aside from that, carnations also communicate a sweet message that says you’ve made my life complete


Roses best choice for anniversary

Most people use roses to show or declare their love and affection for someone. The flower’s popularity is not surprising because it is the ultimate symbol of love and intense passion. 

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Always be reminded that the meaning of this iconic blossom will vary, depending on its color. Ideally, red roses are given to say I love you. Aside from that, a combination of white and red roses is also a great choice if you’re celebrating an anniversary because it symbolizes unity.

To celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary, you can give your partner a mixture of yellow roses and violets. The reason is that the two flowers complement each other, and they represent the beauty of a prosperous marriage. 


Sunflower for anniversary

Sunflowers may look unassuming, but they can uplift anyone’s mood because of their cheerful yellow color. In fact, these modest blossoms are a symbol of everlasting happiness.

Aside from that, the flower has several meanings relating to love and marriage. For instance, a sunflower will turn its head to follow the sun, which signifies loyalty. Additionally, the sturdy stalk of this flower represents the strong foundation of a marriage. Best of all, this blossom has a vibrant yellow color that symbolizes love and passion.

Because of these interpretations, a sunflower is an excellent gift you can give your special someone on your anniversary. In fact, this flower is considered the third wedding anniversary flower because it captures all the great qualities of a strong and long-lasting marriage.


Noel bouquet with red and white Tulips
Noel bouquet with red and white Tulips. Check price on Proflowers.

For centuries, tulips have been associated with love and romance. In fact, these lovely blossoms are excellent gifts for someone you have deep feelings for because they symbolize deep and unconditional love.

As you know, the center of the tulip is colored black. According to a common belief, it represents a lover’s heart, which is burned by the heat of love or passion.

Like most flowers, tulips come in several colors. Ideally, the red and pink varieties are great choices to celebrate your anniversary. For their specific meaning, red tulips symbolize passion and eternal love, while the pink variety represents love and affection. 


Peony flower Indiana

Another popular flower associated with love and romance is peonies. To be precise, these charming flowers are often used in a wedding because of the belief that they can bring good fortune and happy marriage.

For anniversaries, you can opt for red peonies, which represent respect, honor, love, and passion. If you’re celebrating your 12th wedding anniversary, the pink variety is the ideal choice because they symbolize a happy marriage. 


Blue and pink hydrangea flowers

Hydrangeas are best described as lush globes with small delicate petals, and they have multiple meanings, depending on their color. For anniversaries, pink hydrangeas are the ideal choice because they are associated with romance, weddings, and marriages.

To be specific, the pink variety is a symbol of true or genuine love because of its shape, which resembles a heart. Additionally, the flower also symbolizes gratitude and appreciation, making it one of the best flowers for anniversaries.


orchid flower

Orchids are among the best flowers for anniversaries not only because of their long-lasting beauty but their profound meaning as well. Generally, this exotic flower stands for steadfast love, rare beauty, luxury, and strength. They also have specific meanings, depending on their color.

For anniversaries, pink orchids are the top choice because they symbolize pure affection, happiness, and joy. Aside from that, you can also give the red-colored flowers because they represent passionate love and desire. 


Daisy delight bouquet
Daisy delight bouquet. Check price on From You Flowers.

Daisies may have a simple appearance, but they can convey thoughtful messages, especially when it comes to love. Daisies represent innocence, purity, gentleness, and faith. Aside from that, they also symbolize fidelity and forever love. Because of their special meaning, daisies are considered the fifth wedding anniversary flower. When given as an anniversary give, the flower will express your long-lasting love for the recipient. 

Like most flowers on this list, pink and red daisies are associated with romance. For their meanings, pink symbolizes love and gentleness. Red, on the other hand, signifies love and passion. Aside from that, red daisies also mean that you are devoted to your special someone. 

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies as anniversary gift

White calla lilies are often seen at weddings because they are considered good luck charms that can bring good fortune and happiness to a couple. Aside from that, this trumpet-shaped flower represents growth and pure love, making it an excellent anniversary gift. In fact, this elegant-looking blossom is the sixth wedding anniversary flower because it symbolizes the beauty of a couple’s love

For the color, you can pick white, pink, or purple calla lilies. As mentioned, white calla lilies are linked to a couple’s love. The pink variety signifies admiration and appreciation, while the purple flower symbolizes charm and passion. 


Symbolism of daffodil flower

Like the sunflower, daffodils have a cheerful color that can uplift anyone’s mood. Additionally, this small yet charming flower is an excellent anniversary gift because it can represent all the happy memories you have with your significant other.

In fact, daffodils are known as the tenth wedding anniversary flower because they symbolize respect and happiness. However, keep in mind that a single daffodil is a sign of misfortune, so you have to give this flower in a bouquet. Through this, you can remind your special someone of all the good times you have spent with each other.


Floral spring iris bouquet
Floral spring Iris bouquet. Check price on Teleflora.

Iris is one of the best flowers you can give to celebrate your anniversary due to various reasons. For one, the flower is standing straight and tall, which represents the strength of your relationship. When given as a gift, you are reminding your significant other that no matter what happens, both of you will stand tall because of the love you have for each other. 

Aside from that, the iris also symbolizes passion and promise in love. By giving this flower, you are letting your special someone know that you promise to provide a lot of happy and wonderful memories in the years to come. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, these anniversary flowers can help express the love and affection you have for your special someone. Plus, they also have other meanings that can help strengthen your relationship. However, you have to be careful when choosing flowers, especially those that come in different hues. Remember, a flower’s meaning will vary, depending on its type and color. As such, you have to pick the right kind that is not only appropriate for the occasion but will express your message clearly as well.

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