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American Mythology
Cuetzpalin: The Sacred Lizard Day in the Aztec Calendar

Cuetzpalin is an auspicious day of the fourth trecena, or unit, in the Aztec calendar. It was the first day of the 13-day period and was believed to have an ...

Coatl: Exploring the Sacred Serpent Day in the Aztec Calendar

Coatl, meaning snake, is the first day of a 13-day period in the Aztec calendar, represented by the image of a stylized snake. It was an auspicious day ...

Exploring the Significance of Cuauhtli in Aztec Culture

Cuauhtli, meaning eagle, is an auspicious day in the sacred Aztec calendar, commemorating the Eagle Warriors of the Aztec army. It’s a day of fighting for ...

Cipactli – Symbolism and Importance in Aztec Mythology

Cipactli, meaning crocodile, was the first day in the Aztec calendar, associated with honor, advancement, recognition, and reward. In Aztec cosmology, ...

Exploring the Amaru: Incan Dragon of Power and Change

The Amaru, a mythical two-headed serpent or dragon, is an important figure in Incan mythology. It has special powers and could cross the boundaries between ...

Piasa Bird: A Journey Through Native American Mythology

The Piasa bird is an important and iconic image within Native American culture, referring to a mythical dragon-like monster painted on a cliff facing the ...