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Chinese Mythology
Yu the Great: Legendary Hero of Ancient China

An important figure in both Chinese mythology and history, Yu the Great has a reputation of being a wise and virtuous ruler. Ancient China was a land where ...

The Five Great Blessings and the Symbolism of Bats

Cultural representations of animals as good or evil have persisted throughout history. Bats are one of the ubiquitous creatures around the world that can be ...

Longma: The Majestic Dragon-Horse of Chinese Mythology

In Chinese mythology, Longma is a legendary creature with the head of a dragon and a horse's body covered with dragon scales. It was believed that seeing ...

The Fenghuang: Chinese Symbol of Harmony and Prosperity

Sometimes called the Chinese Phoenix, the fenghuang is a mythological bird that represents peace and prosperity, as well as Confucian virtues. It’s similar ...