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Hindu Mythology
Hinduism’s Divine Pantheon: The Devas Explained

Devas are celestial beings that appear in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism (evil spirits and are known as 'daevas'). They are described as complex ...

Indra in Hinduism: God of Thunder and Rain

A powerful deity in Vedic literature, Indra is the king of the gods and the most important deity in Vedic Hinduism. Associated with water-related natural ...

Shatkona – Meaning and Symbolism of the Hindu Yantra

Star symbols have been used as a magical sign or a decorative element in many civilizations around the world. A hexagram symbol used in Hindu yantra, the ...

Rakshasa- Everything You Need to Know

Rakshasas (male) and rakshasis (female) are supernatural and mythological beings in Hindu mythology. They are also known as Asuras in several regions of the ...

Lakshmi – The Story of the Hindu Goddess of Wealth

Hinduism is known for being a polytheistic religion with many influential deities. Lakshmi is a primordial goddess in India, known for her role as a mother ...

Goddess Kali: The Hindu Mother, Warrior, and Protector

Kali was a mighty and frightening deity in Hinduism, a complex goddess with both negative and positive meanings associated with her. Today, she is seen as a ...