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A Collection of Inspirational Quotes

Finding inspiration and motivation to get through the challenges in our daily lives can be difficult, not to mention if you’re dealing with a tragedy or a ...

100 Marriage Quotes to Celebrate Your Bond

Marriage has been a part of the human experience since before recorded history. The earliest evidence we have of marriage comes from the Far East, in ...

Quotes About Hope to Make Your Heart Soar

Hope is one of the most important – if not the most important – feeling that we need to keep us going forward and looking to the future. Hope reduces feelings ...

100 Quotes on Book Reading to Make You Read More

Reading a book can evoke several outcomes for different people. Some people read as an escape from reality, some to live as the characters, and for others, ...

70 Romantic Quotes About True Love and the Stages of Love

The land of love is capricious. Although the sweetness of its fruit is something we most look forward to and hope for in life, its climate is unstable and ...