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What Does It Mean When a Dragonfly Visits You?

The buzz of a dragonfly may sound annoying and or even scary, but there is no cause to fear these insects.

Dragonflies are gentle giants who carry vital messages for you and paying attention to them may be just what you need to nudge your life toward a more positive stance.

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You may be wondering what meaning these insects with elongated bodies, spotted wings, and googly eyes be carrying. To find out, it’s important to understand what dragonflies represent and what they’re all about.

What Are Dragonflies?

Dragonflies are predatory insects that belong to the Odonata order and the Epriprocta suborder. They are characterized by a pale body, reflective wings, and large multifaceted eyes that can look in all directions except behind them.

By the time a dragonfly reaches maturity, it will have undergone an incomplete metamorphosis with these stages:

  • Egg – Adult dragonflies hunt for mating partners after which the female carries her egg and places them in still water where they take between 1-5 weeks to hatch
  • Larvae – The eggs hatch into larvae with a hinged jaw, six little legs, and winged sheaths which remain under water. Interestingly, dragonflies spent most of their lives in this stage, as they can live as larvae for 2-3 years.
  • Adult – At the end of the larvae stage, the dragonfly larvae find a spot at the edge of the water where they learn to breathe for the first time. After this, they push out of their shell to emerge as adults. Unlike most insects, dragonflies can fly vertically and horizontally without any trouble, and they can even mate in mid-flight. However, once in this stage, they only live for 5 – 10 weeks.

Dragonfly Visit – What Does It Mean?

Considering that there exist close to five thousand dragonfly species worldwide, it’s no surprise that their presence carries strong meaning. Here is what it means when you are visited by a dragonfly.

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Transformation – Dragonflies are masters of transformation. As we mentioned before, their larvae stay underwater for years growing and altering into the stronger form that is the adult. When one visits you, it’s a sign that you are either undergoing a transformation or that you will soon. Let yourself go through the motions because the product of this metamorphosis will be a better, stronger version of yourself.

Adaptability – Dragonflies are very good at adapting. Their larvae can stay underwater for years, yet at the end they train themselves to breathe out of the water and fly over land. Moreover, an adult dragonfly’s color varies depending on the angle from which you view it. Therefore, seeing one is a call to use creativity and available resources to adapt with ease to different situations based on your needs.

Change – Change is one of those inevitable things that we should embrace every now at then. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to define when there is a need to change. As humans, sometimes we find ourselves at crossroads, not knowing if we should persevere or make changes. This is when a sighting of a dragonfly serves as an aide. One of these gentle giants may visit you to tell you that it’s okay to take that leap and make changes. These changes may vary from perspective to attachment or worldview.

A Call to Introduce Variety – A dragonfly’s flight is quite impressive because it can fly in all directions. Therefore, when one visits you proudly demonstrating its skills, you are simply being told that there is more than one way to live. It’s a nudge to adapt variety into your life and use different paths to reach the same goal. If the visit happens when you are in the middle of a project, maybe it’s time to get a new perspective and approach things differently

Self-discovery – As spirit animals, dragonflies are the embodiment of self-identity. This aspect of self-realization is derived from the grace with which they fly through the air as if they own it. A visit by the majestic dragonfly may therefore be the spirits saying, ‘power to you’ for reaching a level of self-actualization, or any an encouragement for you to take the necessary steps towards the same.

Spiritual Growth – Because of the transformations and changes they undergo, dragonflies symbolize spiritual transformation. They represent spiritual growth through change and transformation. Therefore, seeing one means that you are being alerted to imminent spiritual growth. 

Power – Dragonflies are powerful predators even as larvae. They are lethal and smash their prey with vigor leaving no room for survival. Therefore, a dragonfly sighting can serve as an encouragement to approach life with strength and agility.

A Reminder to Remain Calm – They also come to teach us to remain calm as we wait for resolution just as they remain calm in the water waiting for their glory days.

A Call to Embrace Freedom – Once an adult leaves the water, they fly and live like there is no tomorrow. Once in a while, they come to us to encourage us to embrace freedom and enjoy life while we can.

Message From a Loved One – As one of the travelers of realms, dragonflies sometimes come to us bearing messages from our loved ones who have passed. 

A Positive Sign of a Soul’s Transition – Similarly, the dragonfly is believed in numerous cultures to be one of the winged creatures that serve to carry the soul of the newly departed to the other side. Seeing one shortly after a loved one has passed is a message that their soul made it to paradise.

A Dragonfly in Your House – This one serves as an encouragement that whatever trouble you are going through will soon come to an end. Your past mistakes will be erased, and you will rise as a new improved being. 

A Dragonfly Visit in Your Dream – Seeing a dragonfly in your dream is a message that even though you are going through a hard time and things still have the potential to get worse in the coming days, you should not let yourself go under. You are being told that as long as you keep your head high, you will eventually get to a place of victory and peace. 

Wrapping Up

Dragonflies are strongly spiritual animals with a lot to teach us. If you see one, don’t reach out for your broom or wave it away. Instead, warmly welcome your guest and search yourself so that may understand what message or lesson he bares for you.

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Rose Mulu
Rose Mulu

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