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Superstitions About Itchy Nose – And Why

You may have experienced having an itchy nose at a random time of the day. This can be allergy-related or just a reaction of your body. However, itchy nose, which is a common irritation, has a lot of interesting folklore and superstition behind it. 

Let’s look into this famous superstition and its various meanings that you might find silly and interesting.

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An itchy nose could be a sign of good or bad luck to you. It can be a warning that you should give attention to or a light to encourage you in life. Nonetheless, take these superstitions with a grain of salt.

Itchy Nose Superstitions

Itchy nose

A Sign to Drink Alcohol

A red, itchy nose is believed to be a sign that you’ll drink wine or any alcoholic beverage in the near future. In the past, this was probably used as an excuse to drink a couple of glasses more in a gathering. Yes, it seems a silly belief, but some actually believe in this superstition.

A Warning for Backstabbers and Fake Friends

An itchy nose could be a signal to reexamine your relationship with other people. You have to be mindful of people that surround you and remove them from your life if needed. Hypocrites are known for acting nice in front of you but talking bad about you as soon as you look back. If you feel uncomfortable in their presence, better listen to your body that sends you a signal to get away from them.

A Sign of Quarrel or Fight

An itchy nose is really annoying, and the itchier it gets, the worse a fight could happen in the future. If the itching is unbearable, that could be a sign that you will have a real fight with someone, but sadly, it is more likely to mean having a big quarrel with someone close to you, which could lead to “friendship over.” The tension can be high, and you might hurt each other emotionally. Some believe that throwing a light punch or having a handshake will help in cooling down the conflict.

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A Signal that Someone Gossips About You

Other people talking behind you is definitely a bad thing, and your body may have been warning you all this time. If people talk about lies and bad things about you, your nose will itch. Right then, take that time to scratch your nose lightly. It is believed that rubbing your nose could help to get rid of the negative energy and leave you at peace.

A Warning of Deception

The itching of your nose is thought to be a signal that someone is trying to deceive you or take advantage of you. That person can be someone from your family, friends, or close acquaintances. If your nose suddenly itches, take some time to be observant and figure out the situations that you might experience trickery from other people.

Be a More Considerate Person

Aside from giving you warnings on the people around you, an itchy nose could also mean that you should be better as a person. You might have been less careful when dealing with things that are related to other people’s feelings, so your body may send you a warning to be more considerate. The itching of your nose also occurs when you’re being too loud, so take that as a sign to keep it low and be considerate towards other people.

Difficulties in Decision-Making

Do you find yourself as an indecisive person? An itchy nose could be a sign that you have to make a concrete decision soon. Having difficulties in deciding which option to choose can hinder you from moving forward in your life. Consequences and reactions of people around you might be the possible reasons why you’re hesitating to decide right away, but the itching of your nose could be a sign that it’s time to make a choice!

A Warning of Wrong Path

Lack of courage and determination can prevent you from progressing and doing your tasks. But an itchy nose could also be a sign that whatever you’re doing is not for you, and that you should look for something that will match you the best and make your life easier.

Be Grateful and Appreciative

Nose itching could be a reminder for you to look back and appreciate the blessings you have received in your life. Having the ambition and passion to achieve things is a great mindset, but being thankful for the things you have, the people around you, and the life you have been enjoying all this time is even more beautiful.

Itchy nose around the world

A Signal of Change in Your Life 

A significant change in your life might happen soon! An itchy nose is believed to be a sign of change or events that may happen to bring you luck. That change can give you happiness and contentment. So the next time your nose itches, think about the things that might have changed your perspective in life.

Good Fortune Awaits You

The superstition of itchy nose suggests financial abundance for you in the future. But it doesn’t mean that money will miraculously show up in front of you. An itchy nose could be a sign that something good will happen to you financially, or something you want will eventually materialize.

A Signal of True Love

Some people believe that an itchy nose means someone you’ve been waiting for or your one true love is just somewhere close to you! While it’s common to follow your heart in love, why not pay attention to that itchy nose of yours that might have been signaling for your “the one”. After all, love will always find its way when we least expect it to come.

Meanings of Superstitions in Different Parts of the Nose

Boy with itchy nose

Some believe that the meaning of itchy nose depends on where it specifically itches. Take a look on this breakdown of superstitions.

Itch on the Nose’s Left Side

It could mean that a man will visit your property soon. It is also believed that itching on the left side could be a sign that your heart is opening to welcome new opportunities, and great success is already along your way.

Itch on the Nose’s Right Side

It could be a sign that a woman will come visit you. It could also mean that you have to practice socializing to make more friends and be less lonely. The itch on the right side of your nose is also believed that someone close to you will change or move away from you.

Itch on Your Nasal Bridge

You might have been too outspoken, and your body warns you about it. Being too strong with your opinions might get you in trouble later on. Another interpretation of this superstition is that you might realize something important soon, like a lightbulb lit up above your head. It could also mean that you will hear good or bad news soon.

Itch on Your Nostrils

This is believed to be a sign of change in your life. It can either be a sudden change of perspective or even a romantic encounter with someone you don’t actually expect to come.

Itch on the Tip of Your Nose

This could be a signal that someone far away from you might call on you soon. They could be traveling and wanting to reach you to share some stories and updates with you. Generally, the itchy tip of the nose means someone will contact you in the near future.

Itch in Your Nasal Septum

This is believed to be a sign of financial abundance for you soon! If you have been working hard on something, it is most likely that you’re going to gain what you deserve.

Itch on Your Domes

It is believed that if you experience an itchy nasal dome, someone you cherish and love will soon reach out to you. This is usually in the form of letter writing, but it could also be in other type of communication.

The Origin Behind Itchy Nose Superstitions

Girl with itchy nose

Our body is well-known as the “material form of our mind,” so we can say that every part of our body has its own role in revealing something within us. Nose, probably the most noticeable part of our face, emphasizes facial features and symmetry. So, it’s no wonder that people associate our nose with beliefs that could affect our whole body and our whole life.

Since people in the past didn’t actually have much knowledge of scientific facts than we do nowadays, they ended up having some superstitious sense on common events like nose itching. 

The itchy nose superstition in the west may have started way back in the 17th century in a magazine entitled Astrogaster. Accordingly, when a man’s nose itches, it is a sign that he will drink wine. He also added that an itchy nose could mean that one would meet someone new.

Drinking wine was very common in those times, and this superstition was probably used as an excuse to drink even more. However, drinking at the pub was more usual than drinking at home, so it was very likely to meet some stranger along the way, and it could impact your life, positively or even negatively.

But while this is one of the most well-known origins of the itchy nose superstition, myths and tales surrounding itchy noses have existed for a long time.

In ancient times, people also believed that itchy nose have some spiritual background to it. As it is a common belief that God created humans by breathing life into the person’s nose, our nose is believed to have a significant influence on one’s life.

The meaning of an itchy nose can be different depending on the place of origin. In France, it is believed that an itchy nose is a sign that people are talking about you positively, so it’s a good omen as they say.

In Wales, an itchy nose could be a sign that there’s a job waiting that leads us to a successful future.

On the other hand, there is a belief in some parts of North America that itchy nose suggests that you will be kissing someone silly or that you have bad temper.

Wrapping Up

The key to interpreting what an itchy nose means in your life is by honest reflection. These superstitions may sound silly, but if you use it to change your perspective to a positive light, they can work on your advantage and lead you to a better outlook in life. 

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