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Kiss On Neck – What Does It Mean?

Let us enter into a romantic realm where you and your partner are kissing. Things are getting intense while your partner starts making the moves. You’re getting chills as they move slowly towards your neck. Suddenly, their lips are on your neck. Seems romantic and intimate, right?

We all know that a kiss on the neck is a sign that your partner wants to get intimate. Let’s face it – there’s something about neck kisses, something so special that every make out session starts from the lips and goes down to the neck.

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In this article let’s take a look at what a kiss on the neck represents and how to be a master in giving neck kisses.

Symbolism of a Kiss on the Neck

kiss on neck

A kiss on the neck can mean a few different things. What it definitely doesn’t mean is friendship!

  • Desire and Romance

There’s no denying it – if someone kisses you on the neck, they’re signalling that they desire you and want to be intimate with you. For a person to be kissed on the neck, they need to be open to receiving the kiss. After all, it’s not easy to get at someone’s neck to kiss it. So, while it indicates that the kisser wants to get romantic with you, it may also mean that you’re reciprocating and have opened up to them

  • Lust

But it doesn’t only mean romantic feelings. A neck kiss can indicate lust and sex and can be purely physical. It can mean a no strings attached relationship. “There’s no doubt that the neck is a tingling, sensitive body part. Thus, a kiss on the neck is an effective approach to make someone intimate and aroused quickly…” says body language expert Traci Brown.

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  • A New Chapter

If a friend gives you a kiss on the neck, you can be sure that the friendship is likely over, and the relationship has no entered a new stage. Friends do not kiss each other on the neck, regardless of what he tells you. So if he kisses you on the neck, he may be trying to test out your reaction and is hoping to take the relationship to another level.

Why is a Kiss on the Neck so Desirable?

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There’s no doubt that the neck is an erogenous zone in your body. Remember when Monica from the TV Series “Friends” told Chandler the seven erogenous zones in a female body? Well, the neck is among one of those seven erogenous zones. 

Thus, kissing the neck can easily make us feel aroused, delighted, and sensual. Forget about the kiss; even a small blow of air or a sensual touch on the neck can tremble your hormones. When it comes to arousing your partner during foreplay, there’s nothing better than starting with slow kissing on the neck.

If your partner makes this move, be sure they want to get intimate with you. And if you find yourself reciprocating and exposing your side of the neck to the partner, you’re attracted to them too. Anyone who experienced a kiss on the neck can relate to how arousing and wonderful it feels.

“Biologically speaking, there are many nerve endings on your neck, making it ultra-satisfying and pleasurable,” says Emily Morse, Ph.D., anchor of SiriusXM Radio Show.

Why Should You Include Neck Kisses In Your Make Out Moves

Kissing doesn’t necessarily have to mean closing your lips against one another. Although it’s always good to kiss your partner on the lips (of course, you can’t avoid that), you should consider their body’s other intimate, sensitive parts too.

Depending on the person, many are there who appreciate neck kisses. And why not? Besides giving you the ‘feel-so-good’ vibe, a kiss on the neck can be done easily. You won’t have to worry about the position from where to kiss on the neck. You can either stand behind or in front to tease and arouse them with neck kisses.

According to research, the neck is considered one of the most vital erogenous zones of the body. Thus, kissing your partner’s neck will take you an inch closer to turning them on. Another study reveals that a different part of the brain controls our body’s saucy parts. Although the head or forehead has the same sensory nerves as the neck, they don’t make you feel excited or aroused when kissed or nibbled.

The Right Time to Try a Neck Kiss

Anytime is perfect for enjoying the pleasure and delight of neck kissing. The most amazing thing about a kiss on the neck is that it is a subtle, romantic yet intimate gesture that both triggers your emotions and sex hormones.

So, for instance, if your partner is talking with someone over the phone, you can’t possibly kiss them on the lips. A soft neck kiss is an alternate way to be romantic and show intimacy. This will undoubtedly catch their attention, and there is a high chance they’ll disconnect the call for you.

If your partner is stressed about work and handling projects at home, you can lighten their mood by playing around a bit. The best way to get started is a kiss on the neck. This will not only relax their mood but also make them feel stimulated for some time.

But unlike a kiss on the forehead, which is quite innocent and affectionate, a kiss on the neck is flirtatious and sexy – so most people don’t engage in neck kissing in public. It might be a touch too much PDA.

How To Give the Perfect Neck Kiss?

1- Start Kissing Low

Start kissing your partner from the top of the shoulder until you reach the nape of the neck. Another great way to start is by blowing air on the neck, which will undoubtedly kick things up a notch.

2- Kiss Firm and Slow

When kissing on the neck, you must be slow and gentle. Things may go wrong if you jump onto their neck like a horny teenager or some vampire. Move your lips slowly towards the neck’s nape. The slower and more intense the kiss, the more intense it feels.  

3- Kiss Gently

While there’s a time for fast and furious, it’s not when you’re initiating a make out session by kissing on the neck. Rather, try to go slow and gentle. The neck is a sensitive area after all.

4- Hydrated and Moisturized Lips Makes a Kiss Perfect

No matter how often you’ve kissed someone or how much of a pro you are, if the lips feel harsh or like some sandpaper, things might not take off well. Keep licking those lips or use a moisturizer if possible. You don’t want to make them uncomfortable with your kiss after all.

Wrapping Up

A kiss on the neck is a popular way to show attraction towards your partner. It is a lovely romantic gesture and a great way to heighten the sexual arousal of the partner. The multiple nerve endings around the neck stimulate a thrilling and pleasurable experience for the person, making a neck kiss the perfect way to get started with making out or having sex. Be gentle and let the kiss initiate the fun for you and your partner.

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