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Superstitions About Left and Right Ear Ringing

Have you ever experienced a random buzzing or ringing in your ear? You may have heard others saying that it’s just a sign that someone is talking about you. Some people believe that our body greatly contributes to predicting a certain event that may happen. Ear ringing is one of the most common body part superstitions out there. 

Way back in ancient times, superstitions about ear ringing circulated in different countries, and those eventually reached us today. In this article, we will check out some of the ear ringing superstitions and their meaning in science and folklore.

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Science Behind the Ringing of the Ears

The buzzing, hissing, whistling, or ringing sounds you hear that aren’t coming from any external source is called “tinnitus.” The sound may vary from high to low pitch and can be heard in one or both ears. 

Tinnitus is not a disease but may be a sign of other existing health conditions. The possible causes of tinnitus are loss of hearing, exposure to loud noises, ear infection, or ear wax blocking in the ear canal.

In some cases, the ringing sound may only last for few seconds or minutes. But if it happens frequently over a long period of time, you should see a specialist for a possible hearing problem.

The Origin of Ear Ringing Superstition

If we look back more than 2000 years ago, there was an encyclopedia entitled “Natural History” written by Roman philosopher Pliny.

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In that account, it was mentioned that if people experience ear ringing, someone, or their angels, is talking about them.

During the reign of the Roman empire, any symptoms on the body was considered omens. If it happened on well-known figures and people, the case was dealt seriously and with intensive care.

Naturally, these ancients didn’t have the scientific knowledge that we have today, and had no other way to explain this strange phenomenon than by talking about the supernatural and the metaphysical.

Different Ear Ringing Superstitions

Left right ringing ears

The ringing of the left and right ear could have either good or bad meanings, according to superstitious beliefs. Let’s check some of them out.

A Guide in Choosing Who to Marry

When you hear some ringing sounds in your ear, ask anyone at that moment to give you a random number. Right from there, count on the alphabet up until the given number. The corresponding letter you’ll have is believed to be the initial letter of your future partner’s name.

A Sound of Celebration

High-pitched ringing sound in your left ear means a good fortune is coming to you. It is believed that you are going through an important phase in your life, and it will eventually lead to success. If the sound is both high-pitched and quick, it can be your sign to enjoy positive vibes and manifest good things.

Talking Bad or Talking Good About You

According to an old wives’ tale, ringing in your right ear means someone is talking good about you, or a person you cherish, and love is thinking about you. On the other hand, left ear ringing is believed to be a warning that someone is talking bad on your back. Much worse, if that constant ringing is accompanied by fatigue or depression, it could be a sign that the connection you have with that person is draining you.

Counteract When Someone Talks About You

The right ear ringing is basically a good sign, so wish that person who talks about you well. But if it’s your left ear that is ringing, tug your left earlobe to send negativity away. Gently biting your tongue is also believed to do the trick.

Symbolisms of Left and Right Ear Ringing

Ringing ear myths

The left ear and right ear ringing have different meanings. Generally, the ringing of the right ear will bring you positive outcome, while the left ear will only cause you bad omen. Here are few symbolisms of ear ringing that could help you distinguish the two sides.

A Symbol of Warning

If your left ear buzzes, it is most likely a warning that you should pay attention. Some decisions we make may not be the right way for us, and it might cause us stress later on.

A Symbol of Success and Positive Result

Ringing of the right ear symbolizes success and positive outcome for you. It is believed that you should expect something good will be brought according to what you manifest.

A Symbol of Goodness in People Around You

It is also thought that the right ear ringing symbolizes goodness as it means someone is talking good about you. 

Wrapping Up

Take time to breathe and be aware in your surroundings. This way, you can find the meaning behind the ringing of your ears. However, you should always prioritize your health above all and don’t dwell too much on these superstitions. If needed, have your condition checked by medical specialists.

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