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Superstitions About Moles

Moles are not only beauty marks on a person’s face, but they can also tell a great deal about their fortune and future. At one point in the past, moles were so popular that women resorted to putting fake moles on their faces to be considered attractive. But these moles have been interpreted in various ways across various cultures.

Moles are also used to predict the future of a person by many astrologers. This is done depending on the shape, size, color and where the mole is situated. In many cultures, the mole on a person is also thought to say a lot about the person from their personality, their attitude towards life to their destiny.

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Lucky Moles and Their Locations on the Body

Mole on face superstition

A mole on the forehead means that the person is a very active and enterprising individual, who is also pious and kind, while a mole on the hairline of the person denotes early marriage and may even signify an unexpected arrival of money.

A person with a mole on their wrist actually signifies that they are a strong individual who has had nothing when growing up but persevered to become successful at present.

If a person has a mole on the right side of their stomach, they are bound to make plenty of money but will tend to have some drama in their love lives.

A mole on the elbow is a lucky sign as anyone who has one is said to be successful and also an avid admirer of art. It also means that the person will have the ability to cultivate strong relationships of mutual benefit.

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A mole between the lips and the nose signifies that the person will have a large happy family.

A mole on the eyebrow signifies that the person will inherit a big fortune after they get married and a mole right between the eyebrows means that the person will enjoy great wealth and health in their life.

A person with a mole on their eyelid or their right palm is said to not only become rich but also famous and successful.

Those with a mole on their right shoulder are said to be resourceful and manage their financials well.

A mole on the right-side of the forehead signifies that the person will not only make a lot of money as they grow old but will also be fated to travel abroad a lot.

Unlucky Moles and Their Locations on the Body

unlucky moles

A person with a mole on the left side of their forehead is said to be stingy and unlikely to help others even when they have accumulated a lot of wealth and riches.

A person with a mole on the inner part of their lower eyelids or on their ears will have a hard time saving the wealth they amass and tend to be over spenders.

A mole on the lower lip signifies a tendency to gamble.

Unfortunately for those with moles on the middle of their tongues, they may never become great orators and also are believed to have a slow start to education.

A mole on the arm may be unlucky to some as it means that they may not be given the due recognition they deserve even after having to work hard on everything they do.

A mole on the back means that the person will have to face many obstacles and overcome setbacks.

People with moles on the left side of their stomachs are said to be lazy and unfortunately deal with jealousy issues.

According to the Gypsies who traveled Europe, moles on the buttocks of a person meant that they were destined to be poor.

Moles in Chinese Culture

Girl with mole on her face

Chinese Astrology has used moles on the body to predict the future of a person since ancient times. They have given deeper meaning to moles depending on where they are located on the body and whether the person is a man or a woman.

  • While women with moles on their lower leg and around their ankle are said to be heartless, men who have moles on their lower leg are said to suffer from a lot of hardship.
  • A woman with a mole on her shoulder is unlucky as she is believed to have many heavy responsibilities to shoulder, but a man with a mole on their shoulder will only be popular and efficient.
  • Men with moles on their armpit are lucky as there are said to be very successful in their careers and destined to occupy top positions. Women on the other hand are said to be successful if they have a mole on their lip.
  • Anyone with a mole on their scalp is said to have an extremely lucky life and is said to be the envy of all around them.
  • People with moles on their chest are said to be not only ambitious but also generous.
  • A mole right in the middle of the forehead shows wisdom of the person.
  • A sincere and brave person tends to have moles on their cheek and such people are also likely to be athletic and non-materialistic in nature.
  • But a mole on the right cheek may mean that the person is a sensitive soul who values family over all else. If it is on their left cheek, then they may be an introvert but likely to be arrogant.
  • A person with a mole on their chin is usually believed to be stubborn and determined but can also be very adaptable to their surroundings. If the mole is on the right side, they are not only logical but of diplomatic nature. If the mole is on the left chin, the person is most likely very honest, blunt, and straightforward in their demeanor.
  • Unfortunately for those who have moles on their backs, they are most likely to be betrayed.
  • If the mole is on the base of their necks, it signifies that their life is bound to be short and that they are highly stressed out in need of some relaxation.
  • A woman with a mole on her hand is believed to be an over spender and of unstable characteristics.

Depending on the shape of the mole, the meaning changes.

If the mole is round and circular, it signifies kindness and goodness within people. While an oblong mole depicts modesty of the person. On the other hand, an individual with an angular mole is said to have both positive as well as negative characteristics.

Colonial Superstitions about Moles

moles and witches

Many Englishmen believed that if a person had a visible mole in certain places, it meant that they had summoned and made a pact with the devil and that they were a witch. In 17th century England, a hairy mole and a mole on the left cheek was considered very lucky.

The superstition that those with a mole on the lips would be wealthy began in the 18th century in England. There were many sayings about moles as well, such as “A mole above yer glove, ye’ll marry the man you love.”

The Danger of Moles

Remember when Enrique Iglesias had his mole removed and caused an outcry? While moles can be a beautifying feature, they can also pose health issues.

Moles are growths on your skin that are typically benign. Most moles show up during the first 25 years of a person’s life, and according to, it’s normal to have between 10-40 moles by adulthood.

However, sometimes moles can be cancerous. If a mole changes in its color and shapes over time, it’s best to have the mole examined by a dermatologist to see whether it poses a risk. Moles that don’t change over time are not considered dangerous.

Wrapping Up

So regardless of where the mole may be, there is a deeper meaning attached. But what the mole means when it is found somewhere on the body may differ depending on which culture the person is a part of as the interpretation changes.

However, some moles can be cancerous, so it’s best to have your mole checked and removed if necessary.

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