The Abhartach – Ireland’s Vampire Dwarf Wizard King

Few mythological creatures bear as many fascinating titles as Abhartach – one of Irish mythology’s most famous tyrants. Viewed as a possible origin for Bram ...

Far Darrig – The Leprechaun’s Evil Cousin

One of the lesser known but quite curious fairies in Irish folklore, the Far Darrig looks similar to a leprechaun but is much more ill-mannered. While ...

The Changeling – A Disturbing Fairy with A Dark Truth

Not all Irish fairies are beautiful and mysterious women who dance in the woods or sing songs under the sea. Some fairies are mischievous or outright evil ...

Celtic Mythology – An Overview of a Unique Mythology

Celtic mythology is one of the oldest, most unique, and yet least well-known of all ancient European mythologies. Compared to Greek, Roman or Norse ...

Púca (Pooka) – The Mysterious Celtic Horse-Goblins

A galloping black stallion is a gorgeous sight to behold but not if you’re in Ireland after dark. The mythical púca black horses of Irish mythology have ...

Andraste – The Celtic Warrior Goddess

Andraste was a warrior goddess in Celtic mythology, who was associated with victory, ravens, battles and divination. She was a strong and powerful goddess, ...

Nodens – Celtic God of Healing

Nodens, also known as Nudens and Nodons, is the Celtic god most commonly associated with healing, sea, hunting, and wealth. In medieval Welsh legends, the ...

Badb – The Celtic Goddess of War

In Celtic mythology, Badb, also known as Battle Crow or Death-Bringer, was the goddess of death and war, creating confusion and fear on battlefields in ...

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