Arawn – The Welsh God of the Afterlife

According to Welsh mythology, Arawn is the ruler of the realm of Annwn, or Otherworld - the idyllic resting place of the deceased. As a responsible guardian ...

Celtic Horned God Cernunnos – History and Symbolism

In Celtic mythology, Cernunnos was the Horned God who ruled over wild beasts and places. He’s most commonly associated with forests, wild animals, ...

Rhiannon – The Welsh Horse Goddess

Rhiannon, also known as Great Queen and White Witch, is an inspiring character in Celtic mythology, who possesses deep magic and can manifest her desires ...

Brigid – Irish Goddess (Symbolism and Significance)

Brigid is an Irish goddess of spring, renewal, fertility, poetry, battle, and crafts. She’s a solar goddess and is often visualized with rays of light ...

Cerridwen – The Welsh Goddess and Enchantress

In the Celtic-Welsh lore, Cerridwen was a powerful enchantress with incredible magical talents. She possessed the gifts of Awen - poetic wisdom, ...

Spiral Goddess – What This Symbol Really Means

Just like images of the Venus of Willendorf and Michelangelo’s Pieta, renderings of the Spiral Goddess resonate with women in a primal sense. It’s clear ...

Five-Fold Symbol – Meaning and Symbolism

The five-fold symbol is an integral part of Celtic mythology and spiritual beliefs. It’s also known as the Borromean Cross (not to be confused with the ...

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