Greek Symbols
What Is Labrys Symbol — History and Meaning

One of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization, the "labrys" or a double-headed axe has many religious and mythological connotations. The labrys continues ...

What Is Meander Symbol – History and Meaning

One of the most common elements in Greek and Roman art, the meander symbol is a linear geometric pattern commonly used as a decorative band on pottery, ...

Ancient Greek Symbols – History and Meaning

The Ancient Greek civilization was one of the most important in history and lasted from around 800 BC to 146 BC. It has given the world some of the most ...

Greek Gods (Twelve Olympian) and Their Symbols

There are many gods in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. However, the twelve Olympian gods were the most important of the pantheon of gods in ancient ...

What Is the Phaistos Disk? – History and Meaning

The most discussed inscription of Minoan Crete, the “Phaistos Disk” features mysterious writing stamped on clay, which can be read spirally from the edge to ...

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