Greek Symbols
Bowl of Hygieia- What Does It Mean?

Since ancient times pharmacists and medical practitioners have used symbols to advertise and promote their services. An image of a mortar and pestle, herbs, ...

Chimera – The Origins and Many Meanings of the Hybrid Monster

The chimera appears in Greek mythology as a fire-breathing hybrid, with the body and head of a lion, the head of a goat on its back, and a snake’s head for ...

What Is the Orphic Egg? – History and Meaning

The cosmic egg is a common theme in the creation myths of many cultures. Often depicted as an egg entwined by a serpent, the Orphic Egg is found in ancient ...

Alpha and Omega Symbol – What Does It Signify?

The Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the classical Greek alphabet, basically acting as bookends to the series of letters. As such, the ...

What Is Labrys Symbol — History and Meaning

One of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization, the "labrys" or a double-headed axe has many religious and mythological connotations. The labrys continues ...

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