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Greek Symbols
The Bowl of Hygieia: Medicine’s Time-Honored Symbol

The Bowl of Hygieia is a classic symbol in pharmacy, steeped in history and ancient myths. It represents the heart of healing and medicine. Let's find out ...

Beyond Greek Myth: The Chimera in Art, Science, and Beyond

The chimera appears in Greek mythology as a fire-breathing hybrid, with the body and head of a lion, the head of a goat on its back, and a snake’s head for ...

The Orphic Egg: A Journey Through Myth, Mystery, and Meaning

The cosmic egg is a common theme in the creation myths of many cultures. Often depicted as an egg entwined by a serpent, the Orphic Egg is found in ancient ...

Alpha and Omega: Exploring the Ancient Symbols

The Alpha and Omega symbols, representing the beginning and the end, have transcended their linguistic roots to embody profound concepts across various ...

The Labrys Symbol: Tracing its Roots and Cultural Impact

One of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization, the "labrys" or a double-headed axe has many religious and mythological connotations. The labrys continues ...