Cross of Salem

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The Cross of Salem is a variant of the Christian cross, featuring three bars instead of one. The longest horizontal crossbeam is located in the center, while two shorter crossbeams are located above and below the central beam. The result is a symmetrical three-barred cross.

The Cross of Salem is similar to the Papal Cross, which also has three crossbeams but is different in how the beams are spaced out.

The Cross of Salem is also known as a pontifical cross, because it’s carried before the Pope at official events. In Freemasonry, the Cross of Salem is a significant symbol and used by the leaders of the Freemasons. It’s used to identify the rank of the bearer and their authority.

Some believe that the Cross of Salem is associated with the American town, Salem. However, this isn’t correct and there is no relationship between the two. Instead, the name Salem comes from part of the word Jerusalem. The word salem means peace in Hebrew.

The Cross of Salem is sometimes used as a design in jewelry, in pendants or charms, or on clothing.  

Dani Rhys

Dani Rhys

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