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A Brief History of Abortion Around the World

When it comes to controversial socio-political topics, few are as contentious as abortion. What sets abortion aside from many of the other hot-button ...

Women Rights Movement – A Brief History 

The Women's Rights Movement is one of the most influential social movements of the past two centuries in the Western world. In terms of its social impact ...

History and Origins of Easter – How This Christian Holiday Evolved

Easter, Pascha, or just “The Great Day” as the holiday is called in many cultures, is one of the two biggest holidays in most Christian denominations, ...

Hoenir – A Major Norse God and a Lot of Contradictions

The mysterious Norse god Hoenir is often cited as a brother to the Allfather Odin. He is one of the oldest deities in the Norse ...

The 10 Most Famous Symbols of Easter

Easter, together with Christmas, is one of the two biggest Christian holidays for people of almost every Christian denomination. Just like Christmas, ...

What Is The Caduceus Symbol? — History and Meaning

Known as the symbol of medicine, the Caduceus depicts the image of two serpents wrapped around a staff with wings. It might seem ironical that destructive ...

Thunder and Lightning Gods – A List

For thousands of years, thunder and lightning were mysterious events, personified as gods to be worshipped or considered the acts of certain angry gods. ...

Symbolism of the Three Wise Monkeys

Throughout the world, the depiction of the three wise monkeys has been a cultural trope representing the proverb of seeing, hearing, and speaking no evil. ...

Hindu Gods and Goddesses – A List

While Hindus believe in a Supreme Being (Brahman), there are numerous gods and goddesses who represent different aspects of Brahman. As such, the religion ...

Eye of Ra vs. The Eye of Horus – Are They the Same? 

Egyptian mythology and hieroglyphics are full of fascinating symbols. Two of the most popular are the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus. Although ...

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