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Gáe Bulg: The Powerful Celtic Spear of Death

The Celtic mythology of Ireland and Scotland is home to many fascinating weapons but none can match the gruesome Gae Bulg. The spear of the feared Irish ...

Kumiho: Korean Nine-Tailed Fox vs. Other Mythologies

Kumiho spirits in Korean mythology are fascinating and incredibly dangerous. They are also often confused with the Japanese Kitsune nine-tailed foxes and ...

Inugami: The Terribly Tortured Japanese Dog Spirit

Shintoism and Japanese culture as a whole are abundant with fascinating gods (kami), spirits (yokai), ghosts (yūrei), and other mythical beings. One of the ...

Ragnarok: The Cataclysmic End of Norse Mythology

The famous “End of Days” event in Norse myths, Ragnarok is the culmination of all myths and legends of the Norse people. It’s one of the most unique ...

12 Types of Metal and What They Symbolize

Like gemstones, natural elements, philosophical concepts, animals, and virtually anything else in the world, metals have also been given different symbolic ...

Jörð: Earth Goddess and Mother of Thor

Thor’s mother in Marvel comics and movies may be Odin’s wife Frigg (or Frigga) but that’s not actually the case in Nordic mythology. In the real Norse ...

Zoroastrianism: How This Ancient Iranian Religion Changed the West

We are often told that “The West is the product of Judeo-Christian values”. And while it’s true that these two out of the three Abrahamic religions have ...

Aegir: Norse God of the Sea

The Greeks have Poseidon, the Chinese have Mazu, comic-book readers have Aquaman, and the Norse have Ægir. Anglicized as Aegir or Aeger, this mythic ...

Mercury: What Do a God, a Metal, and a Planet Have in Common?

Mercury has meant many different things across various histories, cultures, and academic disciplines. Today, Mercury could refer to three main things: the ...

Mímir: Norse God of Wisdom

In Norse mythology, there's an emphasis on intelligence and wisdom. It's an important aspect of existence, which is why even the most important Nordic god ...

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