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What Is Metatron’s Cube Symbol and Why Is It Significant?

Most recognized for its complex geometric figure composed of circles and lines, Metatron’s cube is regarded by many as sacred, and has been used for ...

Mictlāntēcutli  – The Aztec God of Death

Mictlantecuhtli is one of the principal gods of the Aztecs and one of the strangest characters in the world’s many mythologies. As a god of death, ...

Eye of Ra vs. The Eye of Horus – Are They the Same? 

Egyptian mythology and hieroglyphics are full of fascinating symbols. Two of the most popular are the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus. Although ...

How the Romans Influenced Modern Education

Many western societies today view themselves as “descendants” of ancient Rome in one way or another, be it literally, culturally, or linguistically. And ...

10 Most Expensive Products from The Ancient World

We know, at least in principle, that the ancient world was quite different from the world we know today. We think that we have some basic ideas of what ...

Hlidskjalf – The High Seat of the Allfather Odin 

Hlidskjalf is a name most people haven’t heard about unless they have delved deep into Norse mythology. The special throne of the Allfather god Odin, ...

7 Famous Hand Signs Used in Movies

Like any good art, much of cinema is full of bizarre and unique fictional inventions, from whole languages and worlds to small but fascinating details ...

Color Theory –  Symbolism of Colors in Movies

Color theory in film can help tell a story. It’s no secret that color is incredibly rich in symbolism but it can also feel complicated at times, as color ...

Who Are the Jötunn (Giants) of Norse Mythology?

Norse mythology is full of fantastic creatures, many of which have been the basis of beings and myths in other religions as well as in much of the modern ...

Muspelheim – the Realm of Fire That Created and Will End the World

Muspelheim, or just Muspell, is one of the core Nine Realms of Norse mythology. A place of ever-burning hellish fire and the home of the fire giant or fire ...

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