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Erik the Red – From Exile to Founding of Greenland 

Erik Thorvaldsson, or Erik the Red, is one of the most legendary and historically pivotal Norse explorers. A discoverer of Greenland and the father ...

15 Powerful Symbols of Magic and Their Meanings

Magic comes in many different shapes and forms depending on which ancient religion or culture choose to look at. However, magic is always enchanting, ...

What Is Metatron’s Cube Symbol and Why Is It Significant?

Most recognized for its complex geometric figure composed of circles and lines, Metatron’s cube is regarded by many as sacred, and has been used for ...

Izanami and Izanagi – Japanese Gods of Creation and Death

Just like Zeus and Hera in Greek mythology, Odin and Frigg in Norse myths, and Osiris and Isis in Egypt, Izanagi and Izanami are the Father and Mother ...

Amaterasu – Goddess, Mother and Queen

In Japan, also known as The Land of the Rising Sun, the Sun Goddess Amaterasu is regarded as the Supreme Deity in Shintoism. Viewed as the mother of the ...

What Is Sukkot And How Is It Celebrated?

There are many Jewish holidays commanded by the Torah that are still celebrated today and Sukkot is one of the most joyous ones. A 7-day holiday (or 8-day ...

Legendary and Mythological Japanese Swords

Japanese history and mythology are full of amazing weapons. Spears and bows were favored by many mysterious Shinto and Buddhist deities as well as many ...

What Does Moksha Mean in Eastern Religions?

The religions of the Far East share key concepts between them, albeit with a few differences in their interpretations. One such crucial idea that’s at the ...

Important Hindu Gods and Goddesses – and Their Significance

While Hindus believe in a Supreme Being (Brahman), there are numerous gods and goddesses who represent different aspects of Brahman. As such, the religion ...

The Four Main Egyptian Creation Myths

One of the many amazing things about ancient Egyptian mythology is that it’s not made out of just one mythological cycle. Instead, it’s a combination of ...

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