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16 Little Known Facts About the Eiffel Tower

When you hear the word Paris, the Eiffel Tower almost always comes to mind. A towering steel structure located in Paris, France, it serves as a symbol of ...

Samadhi – The Ultimate State of Mindfulness 

If you are at all familiar with yoga or with any of the major Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, or Sikhism, you’ve ...

What Does Moksha Mean in Eastern Religions?

The religions of the Far East share key concepts between them, albeit with a few differences in their interpretations. One such crucial idea that’s at the ...

Native American Flags – What They Look Like and What They Mean

Many people in the US and Canada don’t fully realize just how many Native Americans still live in North America and how many different tribes there are. ...

The Four Main Egyptian Creation Myths

One of the many amazing things about ancient Egyptian mythology is that it’s not made out of just one mythological cycle. Instead, it’s a combination of ...

The Osiris Myth – And How it Changed Egyptian Mythology

The Osiris myth is one of the most fascinating and surprising myths in Egyptian mythology. Starting long before Osiris’ birth and ending long after ...

A (Very) Brief History of China 

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, boasting over four thousand years of history. Granted, many of those years were spent as a ...

Principles of Native American Art – Explored 

Different people imagine different things when they hear about Native American art. After all, there is no one type of Native American art. The Native ...

History of Slavery – Over the Ages

Different people imagine different things when they hear the word “slavery”. What you understand by slavery can depend on where you’re from, what type of ...

Women’s Suffrage – A Brief History of Its Twists and Turns

The history of the women’s suffrage movement is long and full of many successes, disappointments, twists, and turns. This history is a fascinating window to ...

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