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Oni – Japanese Demon-Faced Yokai

The oni are often viewed as Japanese demons or evil spirits, or even goblins, trolls, or ogres. These beings are depicted with blue, red, or green face ...

Norns – The Mysterious Weavers of Fate in Norse Mythology

The Norns in Norse mythology are very similar to the Greek Fates and to other female celestial beings from other religions and mythologies. Arguably, the ...

8 Powerful Zen Symbols and Their Meanings

Zen symbolism is at the core of most of the ancient Chinese religions and is alive and well to this day. Popular across the world, Zen is also often ...

The Tengu – Japanese Flying Demons

The Tengu are flying bird-like humanoid yokai (spirits) join Japanese mythology as just minor nuisances. However, they evolved in parallel with Japanese ...

Tsukuyomi – The Japanese God of the Moon and Etiquette

The Shinto kami god Tsukuyomi, also called Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, is one of the very few male moon deities in the world. Some of the other male moon gods ...

The 10 Most Famous Symbols of Easter

Easter, together with Christmas, is one of the two biggest Christian holidays for people of almost every Christian denomination. Just like Christmas, ...

10 Popular Christian Symbols – History, Meaning and Importance

Throughout history, symbols have been widely used as a form of religious expression. While some Christian denominations don’t use figures or symbolism to ...

6 Powerful Confucianism Symbols and Their Meanings

Confucianism or Ruism is one of the oldest philosophical traditions on the planet and is often even regarded as a religion in and of itself. Established ...

12 Profound Masonic Symbols And Their Meanings

Masonic symbolism is as widespread as it’s misunderstood. That’s largely because the Freemasons have been the subject of countless conspiracy theories while ...

12 Powerful Islamic Symbols and Their Meanings

Islam is currently the second most popular religion in the world with nearly 2 billion followers all over the globe. With a rich history and cultural ...

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