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25 Crystals for Anxiety to Help You Find Calm

In today’s world, not many of us remain without some form of anxiety or the other. The trap of stress and anxiety is inevitable to everyone whether men or women and from school students to regular office workers. Crystals play an important role in healing both your body and mind and act as the calming agent to soothe your anxiety and help to manage yourself by grounding you. 

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Here are some of the best crystals known for their calming effect for the next time you experience anxiety that you need help with. These are natural tools that will help you to have better energy in your life and can help you gain the reigns to control your own life. 


Amazonite Crystal Necklace
Amazonite Crystal Necklace by ARTIBY. See it here.

This crystal is known to be a healer, especially for those with a tense mind and body. It can quickly turn any negative emotions into positive ones and helps to ease tension in your body. It can ensure that you only make decisions out of love and not out of fear. 


Gold Amethyst Necklace
Gold Necklace with Amethyst Druzy Pendant by Curiousoddities. See it here.

Also known as the anxiety alleviator, this crystal is known for its powers to calm your nerves and is one of the most popular crystals when it comes to its soothing power. It has a gentle nature that envelopes you in a calm aura. It’s used in times of emotional swings and ensures that you have clarity is things you do. It is a natural tranquilizer. 

This crystal also has roots in Greek mythology where it’s known as the stone of sobriety and is said to be helpful for those trying to recover from an addiction. It’s also used in Chinese feng shui due to its calming attributes. 

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It has an aura of protection, healing, and purification it dispels negativity and attracts positivity simultaneously. This crystal keeps nightmares at bay and lets you sleep without any mind chatter with tranquility. It connects to your crown chakra which is related to your spiritual awareness and inner peace. 


Baltic Natural Amber
Baltic Natural Amber Ring by M J Baltica. See it here.

Although technically not a crystal but a fossilized tree resin, this beautiful golden crystal-like stone is as effective as any other crystal at healing any anxiety-induced symptoms. It has been used since the ancient Greek era and even in Chinese traditional medicines. It’s usually used in crystal healing sessions and the best way to use it is by keeping it in direct contact with the skin and most commonly as jewelry. 


Angelite Bracelet
Angelite Bracelet by Spirit Roots Company. See it here.

This glacier-blue crystal is a dehydrated mineral believed to pull away feelings of anger, fear, and anxiety. It’s said to be most effective on the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. 


Raw Aquamarine Necklace
Raw Aquamarine Necklace by Delicate Layers. See it here.

When you have an unruly mind that does not seem to calm down, this crystal should be put to use as it has the effect of calming your mind and also keeping your heart steady. It is like the calm lulling of the waves and washes over you with its calmness and keeps you feeling safe. 

Black Tourmaline 

Raw Black Tourmaline Bracelet
Raw Black Tourmaline Bracelet by Soul Inspired Co. See it here.

This crystal protects you from all negative atmospheres and is also a great tool to prevent panic attacks. It is especially great at relieving negative energies at workplaces and keeps you calm on your rough days. It is like a coat of armor shielding off negative energy from you.  

This shiny black crystal has a deeply calming effect on those who use it. It keeps you from being overwhelmed and keeps you grounded. It absorbs all bad energies and improves your work, relationships, and other external influences that cause you anxiety. 

Blue Lace Agate 

Blue lace agate necklace
Blue Lace Agate Pendant by Fromthestarsjewels. See it here.

This crystal ensures that you can communicate with the world even in your most anxious state when you feel something stuck in your throat. It not only helps you speak up but also nurtures your self-confidence to wash away all your fears.  

Blue lace agate helps you to see the world with deep intentions and a clear mind. It also is very helpful in keeping a calm mind and healing your broken emotions. It also opens the door to spirituality. When kept in your space, it can reduce tension and helps to improve communication. 


Angel Aura Celestite Spheres
Celestite Sphere with Metal Stand by Daisy Love Crystal. See it here.

Known as the celestial, celestite is believed to be sent directly from the heavens. It connects you with your spiritual self and with the angelic realms helping you connect with a divine frequency.  

Celestite has the ability to suppress and relieve all stress, obsessive behaviors, and anxiety. It is also helpful for those suffering from nervousness, fear of crowds, or stage fright. It is a crystal of balance and harmony and will ensure you find inner peace. 

Clear Quartz 

Crystal Perfume Bottle Necklace
Clear Quartz Perfume Necklace by Angel Natural Gemstone. See it here.

Also known as the master healer, this is one of the most versatile crystals in existence and helps with a variety of issues and this includes anxiety. It amplifies positive energy and thoughts.  

Clear quartz crystal radiates positivity to every corner of your being as well as your space and clears your mind bringing focus to your intentions and goals. It also brings you closer to your spirituality. It helps you remain centered even in the tensest circumstances. 


Citrine Gold Earrings
Citrine Earrings by Crush 4 Rings. See them here.

Also known as ‘the Composer’, it ensures that you are enveloped in warmth, clarity, and motivation. Citrine crystal with its bright sun-like warm energy is the best at filling you up with positive energy, especially on those days when negativity is in the air and is called the golden optimizer of life.  

It counters anxiety by keeping your emotions in check and in balance. It ensures that you have faith in your decision-making and have no regrets. It also clears away any anxiety from your body, mind, and emotions.  

This energizing crystal also gives you courage and confidence when it comes to any performance-related anxiety. It is the best crystal to regain your concentration motivation and focus. 


Blue Fluorite Ring
Blue Fluorite Ring by Meinsha. See it here.

Also known as the rainbow stone due to its colorful nature, it is the stone that brings joy to your mind just with a glance. It has great soothing effects and ensures that it leaves you relaxed and ready to start your journey with a fresh mind as it assists you in letting go of any burdensome or anxious thoughts from your mind. 


Hematite Pendant Necklace
Hematite Pendant Necklace by From Lewa with Love. See it here.

This dark crystal is best to keep you aligned and balanced in all endeavors you take up. It is known to keep you grounded and in check. It soaks up all the negative energy around you, leaving only positive feelings behind and also takes away all confusion from your mind so you can be clear-headed. 


White Howlite Bracelet
White Howlite Bracelet by Mika Jewelry Studio. See it here.  

Howlite is said to be better than most sleeping pills, as it ensures you always have a good night’s sleep and are well-rested without any thoughts keeping you up. It is known to clear any anxiety plaguing your mind in an instant and also helps you shift your feelings of anger or any other icky emotions.  

This crystal helps you cope with the pressures and frustrations of the world by easing all your raging emotions and bringing about clarity of thoughts. Another feature is that it breaks any barriers to effective communication. 


Lepidolite Bracelet
Authentic Lepidolite Bracelet by I Atelierde Rachel CA. See it here.

A natural stress reliever, lepidolite is known to be a natural anti-depressant and is very popular amongst those who wish to heal themselves from depression. It ensures that your mood is always at its best regardless of what situations you are going through.  

Its best effect is to envelop you in a warm feeling of calmness that is not affected by any external factor. It also opens up your crown chakra and ensures that only positive forces enter your mind. 


Pink Morganite Ring
Pink Morganite Vintage Ring by Helenis Jewelry. See it here.

This crystal is known to bring forth a Zen-like feeling with its loving and calm energy right into your soul. It is believed to even heal the heart physically. It is a gentle stone that helps in calming the heart of those who suffer from heart palpitations or any ups and downs in their energy levels. 


Raw Moonstone Ring
Raw Moonstone Ring by Gem For Jewelry. See it here.

Also known as the mellow, moonstone harnesses positivity from divine feminine energy. It ensures that all dark clouds of anxiety around you are blown away. It’s also an excellent guide should you be feeling lost and confused, it paves the path to exactly where you need to be.  

It’s said to be a great stone for motherhood as it helps you connect to your feminine side. It also encourages new beginnings with the growth of inner strength and helps you let go of the fear and stress of the unknown typical for those starting afresh. 

Red Jasper 

Red Jasper 12 Point Healing Star
Red Jasper 12 Point Healing Star by UKGE. See it here.

Commonly known as the Supreme Nurturer or the Nurturer’s stone, red jasper is an essential part of the crystal healing toolkit. It helps with your nerves and suppresses all anxiety.  

It ensures that your confidence is boosted and also that you develop some patience and understanding during challenging times in your life. It is a crystal that improves your sense of self and enables you to make peace with your past even if you have been a victim of some form of abuse. 


Rhodonite Ring
Natural Rhodonite Ring by Silver Hub Jewels. See it here.

Also known as the releaser or the stone of compassion, rhodonite is a powerful nurturing crystal that is known for its effectiveness in helping you overcome a deep-set trauma. It heals any past emotional wounds and scars with nurturing love. 

It acts as a release from all the things that no longer serve you. In times of panic, it helps settle you down and feel secure in your skin and suppresses all stress. This is especially helpful for those who have the tendency to get bouts of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. 

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz Ring
Rose Quartz Ring by Iva Jewelry Design. See it here.

Also called the relisher, rose quartz is known not only for its ability to attract love but in fact amps up your self-love making sure that you have only positive feelings and a positive impact. It leaves behind a feeling of inspiration and creativity and lets you love yourself even in times of stress and anxiety letting you face all challenges of life. 

These crystals of universal love are popular for their gentle energy and their properties that welcome calming energy into any space where its kept. It resonates with your heart chakra and also stimulates your root chakra to ease the root cause of anxiety which are pain, fear, heartache, and trauma. 


Vintage Blue Sapphire Necklace
Vintage Blue Sapphire Pendant by Deercity Jewelry. See it here.

Known for its detoxifying and purifying abilities, sapphire promotes your well-being and peace of mind. Used in Vedic astrology in countries like India, it is popular for its healing and calming effect. It alleviates depression and anxiety for those battling these frustrations. 


Selenite Crystal Pendant
White Selenite Pendants by Olympus CA Jewelry. See them here.

Selenite is best used when you have trouble sleeping. It’s a powerful crystal that even purifies other crystals. This delicate crystal which is either clear or white brings everyone who uses it a sense of relaxation, peace, and calm. It clears the air of negativity. But ensure that you keep it away from water, as it melts like candy in your mouth when it comes in contact with water.  


SHUNGITE Obelisk Tower
Shungite Obelisk Tower by Crystal Shops USA. See it here.

Shungite is one of the best for purifying and cleansing all the negativity around you. These are the best crystals for those undergoing emotional distress and difficulties. This black crystal relieves not only anxiety but also insomnia when used in the right manner. It is an ancient healing stone used to attract tranquility, protection, and peace. It emits a revitalizing energy that benefits its user. 

Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz ring
Smoky Quartz Ring by 23 Summers. See it here.

Also known as the bravery stone, smoky quartz is known for its quality of giving our inner strength the kickstart it needs and is most commonly used as a cleansing stone. Especially since our anxieties are rooted in our fears, it makes sure that you have the strength to face your fears and makes sure you remain grounded in all situations thrown your way. 


Sodalite Crystal Pendant
Sodalite Crystal Pendant by Wildvineshop. See it here.

This beautiful blue crystal is known for its ability to keep your mind from falling into chaos and ensures there is calm and order in your thoughts. Sodalite encourages rational thoughts, truth, intuition, and objectivity even in the most anxiety-inducing situations.  

It also ensures that your communication skills are at the top of your game and that you can verbalize your feelings with ease so that you can bring about understanding in everything you say with better self-expression. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye Bracelet
Tiger’s Eye Bracelet by Asana Crystals. See it here.

This unique crystal is known to be the best at keeping you grounded at all times. It is a stone of hope with an earthly warmth that keeps you away from any anxious thoughts. Tiger Eye ensures that you make the best decisions with a clear mind and not solely based on your emotions and ensures that you keep moving forward in life.  

Bonus: How to Use these Crystals 

A girl using a crystal

There are several ways that these crystals can be used to ensure that all your anxiety is dissolved.  

1. Placing it in your bedroom:

When suffering from insomnia or when heavy thoughts are getting in the way of your beauty sleep, keep these crystals beside you on a nightstand for a better night’s sleep. Placing it under your pillow is also a great way to ensure peaceful sleep. You can also place it by the windowsill of your room to invite love and peace into your space.  

Keeping these crystals on the door also absorbs and cleanses the room. Some crystals are also available as an ornament or even a lamp to use in your room to bring a glow and warmth to your space. 

2. Meditation:

The best way to use these crystals is while manifesting and meditating by placing it in your palm or on the ground near you while you visualize and match the frequency of the crystal which will also fill you up with its energy. Make sure you speak words of affirmation when meditating to best bring out your intentions with the crystals for the universe to reciprocate. 

3. At work:

To ensure that you get through your rough days at work, make sure you keep one of these crystals at your desk. This will keep you calm and let you make decisions with a clear mind. 

4. Self-care ritual:

Some crystals like Citrine can be used in your bath water as small stones before you enter. This will not only give you a relaxing bath but will cleanse your body and mind from all negative energies. It can also be used to pamper yourself if in the form of facial rollers or even a gua sha

5. As jewelry:

These crystals make the best jewelry with their beautiful aesthetics but best of all their powers will keep you calm and positive throughout the day as it is closest to you. You can wear it as a necklace, a bracelet, or even a ring, the options are endless. 

6. Place on heart or root chakra:

Another way to use these crystals is by placing them in direct contact with your skin at your root chakra. This will ensure that you are kept rooted and grounded even when the situation causes you anxiety. This means keeping it on your head while lying down and breathing deeply to absorb its warm and positive energy. 

Wrapping Up 

There is a crystal for everything and the crystals above are the best to help you relieve your stress and anxiety. They absorb and rid your space of bad energy that keeps you down and lift your spirits with their soothing and calming nature.  

So, ensure you use these crystals to the best of your capabilities, and you will not only make the best decisions but also keeps on top of your game with the best performance. 

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