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Dreaming About Cats – What Could It Mean?

Dreaming of cats is fairly common. In fact, according to some sources, cats are one of the most common animals to appear in dreams.  

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Dreaming of a cat or cats has strong symbolism in the world of dreams. For centuries, cats have been associated with people who are artistic, and they also appear in many mythologies.  

Many believe that cats in dreams are a symbol of intuition and health. They are also a sign of whether our intuition is well-developed or not. Other interpretations, however, consider that cats are associated with the symbol of independence and wild spirit, creativity, the power of deception, and vulnerability.  

Cat dreams are common, but they’re not always easy to understand. Many books throughout history talk about how cats are associated with religious symbols and how they can be interpreted as related to faith. Keep reading to uncover the true meaning of dreams related to cats. 

Dreams about Cats – Common Scenarios  

Symbolism and Meaning of Dreaming About Cats

1. Expenses are Coming 

If you see a cat in your dream, it indicates that you will soon have unnecessary expenses. It’s possible that you will not be realistic about your financial situation and that you will buy things that you don’t currently need. You will not take care of the money at your disposal, so it may happen that you will run out of your coins in the middle of the month. 

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2. Dreaming of Beating a Cat 

If someone resents you on a professional or personal basis and tries to take something that is yours, you will probably get them to understand that you are not to be played with. If you can’t do it with love, you’ll be compelled to be quite forthright and honest. You’ll try to persuade them with kind words but eventually, you will be very direct.  

3. Dreaming of a Black Cat 

Although black cats are generally regarded as unlucky, seeing a black cat in your dream could be a sign that you don’t need to be concerned. If you’re superstitious, you may avoid doing things like turning bread upside down and sitting on the edge of the table because you fear terrible things will happen to you. You may also worry about others and constantly monitor their whereabouts and activities to make sure that they’re safe.  

In ancient Egypt, there was a ton of legendary cat iconography that was quite common. The black cat is frequently said to represent our secret power, knowledge, sexuality, as well as good or bad luck. Black cats are also said to bring ill luck from a superstitious standpoint, especially when they cross your path. 

4. Dreaming of a Colorful Cat 

If you dream of an unusually colorful cat, it could be a sign that someone with dishonest intentions will soon reveal themselves. Whether you allow them to harm you or stay away from them will depend entirely on you and the choices you make.  

5. Dreaming of a White Cat 

A white cat in your dream is a cautionary sign to avoid flatterers. People who prefer to say what others want to hear and appease everyone are probably present around you and want to capitalize on your kindness. In doing so, they may hurt you and others who listen to them because they become subjective and sensitive to criticism, even if you display no animosity. 

If a white cat attacks you, it could be because there’s someone around you who wants to hurt you. If the cat is dead or dies in the dream, it means that you’ll soon find someone who wants to betray you. 

6. Dreaming of a Yellow Cat 

A dream about a yellow cat indicates the jealousy of a loved one. Jealousy can be both friendly and loving but also damaging. You may want to be careful and keep a safe distance from others.  

7. Hearing the Meowing of a Cat in Your Sleep 

If you hear a cat meowing in your dream, it’s a warning of unpleasant events. It may happen that you will have a conflict with a person who wants to air your dirty laundry in public. They may put you in an awkward situation and demand something that you are unable to fulfill in exchange for keeping quiet and pretending that you never met. 

8. Dreaming about a Male Cat 

sleeping cat

If you dream about a male cat, it could mean that you’re currently being too selfish toward someone. You may want to pay more attention to the people closest to you and do something nice for them to make them feel loved and appreciated.   

9. Dreaming of a Cat and Kittens 

A dream about a cat with kittens could represent misery and temptation. It’s possible that you will receive people in your home who have financial difficulties and you want to help them. However, the situation may get out of control and you may have to let go of your privacy, peace, and time for rest. It’s likely the agreement you made will not be respected, so they will stay with you much longer than you predicted. 

10. Dreaming of Kittens  

If you have a dream about kittens, it’s likely you will soon hear the news that will be difficult to accept. Although difficulties and temptations may arise, your trademark cheerful outlook and winning mentality will help you. 

11. Dreaming of a Cat Scratching You 

If you dream that a cat scratched you, you may soon have an unpleasant surprise. It’s possible for someone who has always been friendly and welcoming to you to suddenly put on a different face and attack you for no apparent reason. There may be issues inside the family, such as property division, where everyone will be adamant about getting their way. 

 12. Dreaming of Eating Cat Meat 

If you see yourself eating cat meat in a dream, it could be a sign of adultery or that you have problems in your marriage or relationship. It’s possible that you or your partner will not be satisfied with the atmosphere in your marriage, which can cause a third person to interfere. You may notice that something strange is happening, but to preserve the family, you may need a lot of effort to overcome disagreements. 

13. Dreaming of Many Cats 

If you dream of many cats, it could have various meanings. If the cats approach you and play with you, it could mean that you’re lucky. It could also mean that your current financial situation will improve. If the cats run away from you or around you, it could mean that you need to take control of your life.  

14. Dreaming of Petting a Cat 

a cat and lights

If you pet a cat in your dream, it implies that your kindness will be returned with ingratitude. You probably met someone because, on one hand, you’re generous, and on the other, you expected help with something you needed. However, it’s likely you’ll turn out to be the villain in the story, which is why you will take matters into your own hands and cross paths with those who do not suit you. 

15. Dreaming of a Dead Cat 

Dreaming of a dead cat could be a sign of loneliness and defenselessness while a dead white cat can represent problems that may seem insignificant at first but can become massive later.  

If the dead cat is decomposing, it could mean that you will be reminded of some unpleasant events from your past. In some cases, the cat could be covered in blood, which represents danger. It could be a sign that you or your family members are in danger, and you may want to be careful.  

16. Dreaming of Feeding a Cat in Your Sleep 

If you feed a cat in a dream, it’s a warning that you will have unforeseen and unavoidable expenses. Although you will have less money as a result, it’s a great consolation that your face will remain clean and unblemished. 

17. Dreaming about Petting a Foreign Cat 

If you dreamed of a strange cat warming up to you, it’s a sign that you will spend more money than you’re used to. It will simply “pull” you to “grab your wallet” more often than usual, and you may be disappointed that you spent that money on unnecessary things. 

If, on the other hand, you dreamed that you were chasing a cat and trying to deal with it physically, it could mean that you successfully eliminate enemies from your life. 

18. Dreaming of Calling a Cat 

an orange cat

A dream in which you call a cat and it avoids appearing, announces that you’ll have to work much harder than you planned on a certain project. 

If you dream that you’ve lost your pet cat, think about how much you give to others and how much time you devote to yourself. You may put yourself and your needs on the back burner for the sake of the people you care about. 

19. Dreaming of Injured Cats 

Such dreams can make you feel bad especially if you’re a cat lover, but these dreams also usually represent wounds caused by some betrayal or disloyalty of those people you trusted. An injured cat in a dream can also represent something that could be going wrong in your waking life and needs to be fixed. If you’re unfazed by the cat’s injury, it could mean that you have a strong personality.  

20. Dreaming of Children and Cats 

If you dream of a child holding or petting a cat, it can mean that you will soon go through certain experiences that will teach you a lot. Adopting a cat in your dream means that you will soon communicate and exchange ideas with others. It can also suggest hidden wisdom

21. Dreaming of a Fluffy Cat 

A dream with a fluffy cat indicates that you are looking for a comfortable life. It’s time to take better care of yourself. If a cat scratches or bites you, it may mean that you will encounter a tricky situation with a woman. If you are chasing a cat, it shows that obstacles are currently in the way. 

22. Dreaming of a Red Cat 

Dreaming of a red cat could imply that you’ve been mean to the people around you and need to stop doing so. The cat may also suggest that you need to balance your own life and stop taking the blame for things. 

This dream can also be an indication that your relationship has become unstable, and you may end up arguing. If you find it difficult to continue with those relationships, then it could be time to sit down and try to work out your differences.  

Cat Dreams and Inner Creativity 

To dream of a cat can relate to your inner self in a psychological sense and represent creativity, independence, and intuitiveness. The interpretation of this dream is mostly influenced by your feelings in the dream as well as the impression when you woke up. 

Cats are a symbol of happiness as well as a representation of our inner strength and power. In addition, it’s not yet well known why they behave the way they do. They’re both mysterious and curious animals to the extent that our minds manage to create good or not-so-good stories, depending on how we feel at the moment. 

Cats, Love, and Trust 

a tiger and a child

The foundation of any connection, whether it be one of love, friendship, or business, is trust. Without trust, there can be no proper connection. A cat in your dream can be a symbol of deceit. It’s important to understand that there’s no connection between you and someone else and that there is only dishonesty. 

Every connection is built on trust and honesty, which is also the best way to keep a close relationship with someone. Lying and deception are unacceptable behaviors, but the cat is there to remind you that it occurs so frequently. 

One of the most common connotations of a cat appearing in your dreams is to be wary of deceit. Keep an open mind and look for consistency in someone’s actions. In any case, it is especially crucial to fight the impulse to feel foolish or duped if fraud occurs. 

Examine the matter honestly and wonder why someone would want to fool you or have you believe something. Perhaps the issue is how you would respond to reality.  

Dreaming about a cat suggests that the liar’s motives may not have been all that evil; perhaps they were only attempting to shield themselves. Even if telling a lie goes against every moral standard, you must accept it sometimes because we are all just human in some ways.  

Wrapping Up 

The meaning of your dream can differ depending on the context of the dream, the cat you saw, what it was doing, what you were doing, and even your emotions during the dream. Dreams about cats symbolize your creativity, power, and sexuality, but also chaos. It’s as you can see, a wide field of symbols, and the explanation depends on whether the cat in your dreams is a sign of creativity, power, or misfortune. 

We hope we helped you understand your dreams better and that the next time you see these fluffy creatures in your slumber you will know what it means. 

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