Friendship Symbols – A List

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There are many different symbols and emblems that signify friendship around the world. From hearts drawn together to yellow roses, friendship arrows and bracelets, friendship symbols vary in style. These symbols are typically engraved on jewelry, printed on memorabilia, or even incorporated in tattoos, but they all mean the same thing: loyalty and friendship. 

In every culture around the world, friendship has been recognized as one of the greatest gifts that a person can have. A strong friendship can give us strength and support for good and bad times in life. Friends keep us from feeling lonely and help us to stay grounded. With that said, if you’re looking for a way to celebrate a friendship or to give a gift to a friend, here’s a look at some of the most popular friendship symbols.

Symbols of friendship

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are one of the most popular ways to celebrate a special friendship. There are various styles and patterns because friendship bracelets are almost always handmade. Most versions are based on the same simple half-hitch knot.

They represent strong and everlasting friendships, and some are handed along with a promise to always remain a friend. If you are given a friendship bracelet, you are expected to wear it until the threads fray or break.

The process of making friendship bracelets is usually given more importance than the bracelets themselves, since it is actually the labor of love that you present the other person when you give him/her a friendship bracelet.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli, or lapis for short, is a deep-blue rock used as a semi-precious stone – a gem that has been prized since the ancient times for its rare and intense blue color. This blue gemstone is considered a symbol of friendship and is often given as a charm to remind one of good times spent with a friend. This gem is also said to contain energies that promote wisdom and truthfulness – two qualities that must be present in every friendship.


Topaz, a popular birthstone, is another traditional symbol of friendship. Whereas lapis lazuli gems focus on the importance of transparency and honesty in a relationship between friends, topaz symbolizes fidelity or loyalty – another important component of a successful friendship. It is also a symbol of love and affection and has been said to help express one’s sweetness.

Rhodonite Ball

Rhodonite is a type of gemstone often used for lapidary purposes. However, when carved into a sphere, it makes for a symbol of friendship and love.

The pink color of a Rhodonite Ball is thought to symbolize unconditional love. It is celebrated across the globe for its stunning appearance and intense pink hue. Rhodonite balls are usually given to a friend who you have a strong and stable bond with. Although also a popular representation of unending romantic love, Rhodonite Balls are more closely linked to friendship, especially in Greek culture.  

The Claddagh Symbol

The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring used to signify loyalty and friendship. It contains interlocked hands with a heart between them, and a crown perched on top of them. The hands held together is said to symbolize friendship, while the heart held between them is representative of the love between two friends. The crown lording over them all is a testament to the unbreakable loyalty between friends.

The Jade Plant

This succulent plant has small pink and white flowers and is representative of the energy and joy that comes with a deep friendship. A jade plant that contains flowers is an especially potent symbol of friendship. This sensitive plant won’t flower unless it is very well taken care of. In the same way, it is the dedicated care that makes a friendship blossom.


Small, daisy-white chrysanthemums have long been associated with joy, good health, happiness, and optimism. When it is given to a friend, these plants symbolize well wishes and hopes that your friend will do well in his/her personal life. In Asian cultures, the chrysanthemum is considered an important symbol of friendship and happiness.

Yellow Roses

While red roses are associated with romantic feelings, a yellow rose symbolizes true, close bonds of friendship. It may be given to a friend whom you feel a deep relation with. You can also give yellow roses to someone you’re already in a romantic relationship with to signify that you want your relationship to go into a much deeper level, or simply to tighten your bond with him or her.


The Pikorua is a popular Maori symbol that represents the beauty, strength, and endurance of loyal friendship. It is also symbolic of the ever connected and inter-linking paths of life of friends. The symbol is quite simple, featuring a twisted figure-8 like image.

Pikorua is usually given to a friend whom you don’t expect to see for a long period of time. It indicates that that they will not be forgotten, and the bonds of your friendship will not be severed despite differences in time and location. Pendants that contain this symbol are often given to friends in celebration of a lasting and loving relationship.

The Infinity Symbol

Despite having roots in mathematical theory, the infinity symbol has found great popularity with younger generations who love to express love and friendship in infinite terms. The infinity symbol looks similar to a figure-8 on its side. The symbol is said to signify how good friendships and relationships can last a lifetime. There are many modifications to the traditional infinity symbol, such as incorporating words, phrases, or even names to personalize the symbol.

Interlocked Hearts

Two interlocked hearts is a common modern symbol of friendship. The ease of drawing this symbol is part of its attraction – it can be made by a child just learning to draw or incorporated into a sophisticated and beautiful jewelry design for an adult. A variation of the interlocking hearts symbol is friendship necklaces that are made with one heart split into two pieces. When friends are apart, they each have a piece of the other’s heart. When they reunite, the hearts can be fitted together.

Interlocked Hands

Many people are apprehensive to present friends with symbols containing interlocked hearts, probably because they don’t want to be misconstrued as offering romantic love. For such people, the symbol of interlocked hands is a better, safer representation of the friendship they are extending. Another popular version of this is the fist-bump symbol, commonly exchanged between male friends who may not be comfortable using symbols that are also associated with romantic affairs.


This may be the best representation of a strong friendship, as it stays on the skin for life. No symbol of love, friendship and tangible gifts can compete with tattoos. Tattoos are a permanent inscription on the body, and as such are often used to celebrate relationships that are truly tested by time. People use many kinds of tattoos to show and celebrate their friendships. Some of the most popular are matching tattoos, tattoos that are two parts of a single image or famous quotes or sayings inscribed on one’s body. Many of the symbols of friendship in this list can be used as tattoos for a permanent sign of friendship.

Wrapping Up

Friendship symbols have existed for as long as there have been friendships. They’re an excellent way to remind yourself of the valuable friendships in your life and to appreciate the special people around you.

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Dani Rhys

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