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Middle Eastern Dragons and What They Symbolized

The many dragons and serpentine monsters from the ancient Middle Eastern cultures are among the oldest in the world. Some of them can be traced back to over ...

From Vritra to Naga: The Many Faces of Hindu Dragons

While dragons aren't as central in Hinduism as in other Asian cultures, it's incorrect to say they don't exist in Hindu myths. A key myth involves Vritra, a ...

Dragons Across Cultures: Tracing Mythological Roots

Dragons are one of the most wide-spread mythological creatures across human cultures, legends, and religions. As such they literally come in all shapes and ...

Two Golden Fish: A Tale of Prosperity, Balance, and Loyalty

A pair of golden fish (carp, usually) forms part of the Ashtamangala, an eight-piece suite of auspicious signs associated with Buddhism and other related ...

Are Goldfish More Than Just Pets? – Exploring Their Lucky Charm

Have you ever wondered why goldfish are among the most popular pets in the world? One reason is because they are believed to bring good fortune and ...