Fuxi – The Mythical Emperor God of China

China has a long history, rich with folk beliefs, religious stories, legends and myths. Long before the first Chinese dynasty, wise men and demigods ...

List of Chinese Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes

Traditional Chinese folklore and mythology are as rich and diverse as they are confusing for those new to them. Polytheistic and pantheistic at the same ...

Yue Lao – The Cupid of Chinese Mythology

Chinese mythology is the home of many unique deities, myths, and characters. However, even though it is so different from Western religions and mythologies, ...

The Five Great Blessings (and the Symbolism of Bats)

Cultural representations of animals as good or evil have persisted throughout history. Bats are one of the ubiquitous creatures around the world that can be ...

Chinese Dragon Horse – Longma

In Chinese mythology, Longma is a legendary creature with the head of a dragon and a horse's body covered with dragon scales. It was believed that seeing ...

What Is the Double Happiness Symbol? (History and Meaning)

Commonly used in feng shui as a love cure, the double happiness symbol is comprised of two connected Chinese characters xi and is frequently seen as a ...

Popular Feng Shui Symbols – History, Meaning and Importance

Literally translating to wind and water, feng shui is the art of placement that takes a look at how energy or Chi flows through your home and surroundings. ...

Fenghuang – Origins, Meaning and Symbolism

Sometimes called the Chinese Phoenix, the fenghuang is a mythological bird that represents peace and prosperity, as well as Confucian virtues. It’s similar ...

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