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Are Angel Numbers Haram in Islam?

Angel numbers are usually repetitive or consecutive sequences like 1111, 444, 888, 999 and so on that people often recognize or feel a connection to in their day-to-day mundane lives. These often signify a connection to the Universe and a sign of protection from the guardian angels. 

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These numbers are in fact messages that are pointing people to the right path. It also takes the form of encouragement or hopes that good times are ahead and that one must not give up just yet. 

Different cultures and religions have different takes on angel numbers, their interpretations, and what it means to have the protection of angels. Islam has always been quite strict when it comes to the worship of idols or the recognition of various supernatural elements. So what’s the Islamic take on angel numbers and is it haram? 

Are there Angel Numbers in Islam? 

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Different angel numbers have been recognized by many of the Islamic faith, leading them to wonder if it has a connection to Islam as well. The Messenger of Prophets of Allah in Islam are important entities who preach and convey the words of God to the whole world. 

Numbers also hold significance in Islamic traditions since the ten angels sent by Allah to protect the Earth from evil spirits are all attributed to their own numbers. 

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The important question, however, is whether angel numbers are in fact similar to the Islamic Messenger.  

One school of thought says that according to Islamic doctrine, while the Messenger and the angel number are two different entities, they co-exist with each other. However, it is prohibited to relate the angels and the Messenger with numerical measurements.  

Predicting one’s future with the use of numbers is taboo. Those of the Islamic faith believe that using numbers in this way to predict one’s future is in fact akin to cheating with magic numbers and is strictly forbidden by the faith. 

According to this, it is believed that the Messiah never reveals a number or asks his believers to guess the future using numbers. Since Islam believes in only the one true and supreme God, any life or entities created that closely resemble this authority is considered ‘haram’.  

Many of the faith also consider angel numbers to be ‘haram’ or sinful since they believe that the spirits of the deceased lives in these numbers and that the angel of the soul and death is closely associated with these numbers, which is why they must never be used to forecast the futures. 

It is also often believed that angel numbs have a biblical connection and a close relation to Christianity since the existence of angels is emphasized in the Bible. These angels are said to be guides who protect and communicate about the path one takes in their life. 

The Different Angel Numbers in Islam 

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However, another set of believers accepts that there are some numbers that have significant meanings in Islam, and seeing these angel numbers are actually signs from higher beings that assist in going through the life journey with the help of one’s guides and ancestors. 

They believe that since the numbers are written in Arabic instead of Hebrew, it is important that one attains the help of an expert who knows the language well to be able to translate the number and ultimately the message of the angel with accuracy. 

1. Meaning of 786 in Islam 

This number is one of the most important numbers in Islam signifying the name ‘Allah’, the ever-merciful. In Islam, there is a method of calculation known as Abjad that assigns a numerical value to each letter and due to this, the number 786 is extremely significant. It is a number that relates to luck and prosperity

However, this practice commenced after the time of the Prophet and most orthodox Muslims condemn it since, in their eyes, a mere numerical value can never equate to the holiness of ‘Allah’. 

2. Meaning of 444 in Islam 

This number is one of reassurance and protection and also represents communication with a higher power. It usually spells the message that one must believe in their own inner power and start to exercise it. 444 is the number that helps to make progress in life as well as achieve all goals. 

3. Meaning of 1122 

This angel number is a prophetic number that brings a new beginning as well as many opportunities. It is one that inspires people to take action and pursue dreams. 

4. Meaning of 443 or 4437 

These numbers are closely related to manifestation and are usually brought to one’s attention when they are in their most vulnerable and unhappy state. It is a reminder to stay positive and relentlessly work towards the goal. This number is there to help in manifesting every desire with the help of the universe. 

It also means appreciation and gratitude, encouraging people to be grateful for all the good things in their lives and inviting them to have a different perspective on life and relationships. 

5. Meaning of 555 in Islam 

The number 5 is considered to be a sacred number in Islam, and this is why Muslims pray five times a day. And in this way, the number 555 is an angel number that symbolizes a positive change in one’s life. It is a message to be aware of upcoming transformation and spiritual development. It is also a reminder to not be caught up in the past and to move forward with a positive mindset. 

6. Meaning of 1629 

The angel number 1629 is a special one that motivates people to overcome any issues and encourages them to always have a positive outlook on life. It also motivates one to practice benevolence towards others which will lead to inner peace

7. Meaning of 249 

This angel number is an indicator that one is on the path to fulfilling their life mission. However, remember to remain calm when encountering this number and never act on an impulse. 

8. Meaning of 922 

This number is a mystical one that is known to combine the energies of the numbers 9’ and ‘2’ which symbolize kindness and compassion. It encourages people to serve humanity as well as have a different and higher perspective. 

9. Meaning of 777 

This number has a special meaning in Islam and is closely related to Allah and the Islamic faith. It symbolizes that God is perfect and those who see this number will not only be blessed with wisdom and knowledge but also receive the ability to reach their goals. It is also known to be the symbol of Abraham, the tenth angel. 

10. Meaning of 2117 

This angel number is a sign of expansion and growth in life. It encourages one to become more passionate about learning and researching about new things. Sometimes it also signals that one is going to embark on a new journey or studies. 

2117 is actually connected with self-discipline and it symbolizes success in a career as well as love. 

Is The Belief in These Angel Numbers Haram? 

Angel numbers are known for their mystical meanings; however, they are not a part of Islamic doctrine. Since Islam considers all superstitions taboo, even the belief in angel numbers is prohibited and thought to be haram. While it is considered to symbolize good fortune in most cultures, in the Islamic faith it is believed to cause evil spirits of the dead to inhabit people.  

While angels are symbols of Allah, using numbers to decode their message is regarded as bad luck. This is also because according to the Quran and the Islamic doctrines, one must never do actions that are inherently evil or leads to profit, wealth, or money and if this is done, they will be led to hell after death

It is believed that people in the time of Jahiliyyah or ignorance, believed that there were higher powers besides Allah that caused things to happen. This led to superstitious beliefs. But this is against the doctrine that Allah is the only true God, and nothing happens if it has not been decreed by him. This led to all superstitious beliefs, especially numerology and angel numbers to be considered ‘haram’.  

Another reason why Islam rejects angels and their messages through angel numbers is the belief that Angel’s message or guidance is not linked to the Prophet’s or even Allah’s messages. This means that to believe in angel numbers, there is no need to believe in Allah. This is against all of the Islamic teachings. 

So, the only ways in which those of the Islamic faith can actually use angel numbers is by choosing to see the angels as external signs providing guidance or as symbols of Allah but not by being completely submissive to the Angels. 

Wrapping Up 

Whether angel numbers are to be believed or not is a matter of perspective. While there are several reasons why it is considered ‘haram’ in Islamic doctrine, there are also those who still believe in the message from the universe and the angels and some who consider these angels to be symbols of Allah, propounding his message to them. 

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