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Symbolism of Turquoise Color

Turquoise is a unique and attractive color that brings images of exotic beaches and unique gemstone jewelry to the mind. The unique combination of blue and ...

Symbolism of Beige Color – What Does It Mean?

The color beige is a somewhat neutral shade, often considered dull and monotonous. However, it's a beautiful, calm and relaxing color that has many positive ...

White Wedding Gown- What Does It Symbolize?

When one thinks of wedding gowns the image that comes to mind is a long white gown paired with a matching veil and bouquet of roses. Even those who have not ...

Silver Color Symbolism – What Does It Mean?

Silver is a metallic gray color that occurs quite often in nature but usually tends to go unnoticed. It’s the color of silverfish, birch trees and the metal ...

Web of Wyrd Symbol – What Does It mean?

The Web of Wyrd is one of the lesser known of the Nordic symbols though it is found in a number of sagas and poems. When you look at the symbol you see an ...

Symbolism of Wedding Rings – What Do They Represent?

Wedding rings are ubiquitous and have existed for thousands of years. These are circular metal bands worn commonly on the ring finger of either the left or ...

Svefnthorn – Origins and Meaning

The Svefnthorn is a popular Nordic symbol, believed to possess the power of causing someone to fall into a deep sleep. Though in folklore some people woke ...

Kolovrat – Norse Symbols

The kolovrat is an ancient symbol that was initially used to symbolize positive concepts. However, as with most symbols, over time it’s acquired some ...

Helm of Awe – What is this Symbol?

The Helm of Awe. The name itself sounds remarkable and powerful. Yet it is known by a range of other names such as the Helm of Terror, Aegishjalmur, and the ...

Pink Color Symbolism and Meaning

Pink is a color that occurs quite rarely in nature, much like purple. Since it’s not a color of the visible light spectrum, some say that it doesn’t ...

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