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Alpha and Omega Symbol – What Does It Signify?

The Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the classical Greek alphabet, basically acting as bookends to the series of letters. As such, the ...

What Is Labrys Symbol — History and Meaning

One of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization, the "labrys" or a double-headed axe has many religious and mythological connotations. The labrys continues ...

Symbolic Meaning of Yellow

Yellow is the most luminous of all colors in the visible light spectrum. It catches our attention more than any other color. In nature, it’s the color of ...

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Orange

Orange, like green, is a color that’s commonly found in nature. It’s the color of vegetables, flowers, citrus fruits, fire and vivid sunsets and is the only ...

Holy Grail – Origins and Symbolism of an Enigmatic Symbol

The Holy Grail is a highly enigmatic symbol, connected with Christianity. It has inspired and captivated human imagination for hundreds of years and has ...

Latin Cross – The Most Used Symbol in the World?

The Latin cross is not just one of the most recognizable religious symbols, it’s the most used symbol around the world. It’s characterized by its plain and ...

What Does the Anchor Symbol Mean?

Anchors are practical objects, used to keep vessels in place. But they’re also a beautiful symbol, often used on jewelry, clothing and for decorative ...

Green Color Meaning and Symbolism

Being the color of nature, green is literally all around us. This is one color that people find vitalizing and inspiring in all it’s different hues and is ...

What Is the Eye of Ra? — History and Meaning

The symbolic eye had an overwhelming presence in ancient Egyptian iconography. Not to be confused with the Eye of Horus, the Eye of Ra is often depicted as ...

Cross vs. Crucifix – What’s the Difference?

The terms cross and crucifix are often used to refer to the same symbol, but there are fundamental differences between these two words. There are many types ...

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